TM151-BossEvents 3.0.0

Mods made for AKI 2.3.1 or older are NOT compatible with 3.0.0.
Please do not spam mod comments with requests for mods to be updated - repeat offenders will be muted at moderator discretion.

Disable Pre-wipe Boss Events

TM151-BossEvents is a small modification to disable the pre-wipe boss events that are present in AKI 1.5.1 without editing base files.

1)Killa on Factory

2)Gluhar on Labs

3)All bosses on Reserve(and related quest)

4)Labs Entry Keycard Requirement

Default configuration disables the events, should you wish to re-enable one or more of them, you can do so in the config file.

  • Version 3.0.0

    Fixed: Disabling Gluhar on Labs no longer removes all raiders and PMC's from spawning. (Thanks to Fin for the hotfix in comments until I could update this).

    Added: Option to reenable Labs Entry Keycards. Is set to require keycard again by default.

    Added: Disabled "The Bosses Gathering" quest when option for all bosses on reserve is set to false.

    This will likely be the last update to this mod as migration to AKI 2.0.0 continues with other mods. Thanks for the support!

  • Version 2.0.0

    Updated release to fix trace errors reported with Reserve Event removal. Reproducing the error on my end took much longer than anticipated, I apologize for any inconvenience.

    This release also adds a fix for Gluhar's spawn chance and spawn zones. During the wipe his chance to spawn was increased to 100 and his spawn zones reduced. You can disable the fix in the config, should you desire to keep him confined and spawning every raid.

  • Anyone know how long it generally takes for SPT-AKI to be updated to the most recent major Tarkov update?

    • And also.. how the hell am I supposed to join the discord server? Every time I click the invite, it acts like it is working but just sends me to an empty page

  • Cant download because the file was archived for a prolonged period of inactivity

  • ThurmanMurman!

    The 2.0 link can't be opened because I'm getting an error and at 3.0 the file has expired in principle and can't be downloaded unless I'm paying. You might not be able to put it on mediafire or google drive? I really want this mode. I hope you read this.

  • hm thats weird I never had issues with Gluhar/raiders or pmcs spawning on labs with the last update of the mod :/

  • I can't wait to play the 3.0.0 version of this mod.

    Thanks again @ThurmanMurman, huge props ! :love::thumbup:

  • Maybe someone can reupload this&

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  • The redirect/link does not work for me. I get the message " redirected you too many times." I have cleared cache and cookies and tried on another browser and get the same message.

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  • Link for download seems to be broken with the website update. Just letting you know :)

  • How do I install this mod? I am new to the SPTarkov wold, so help will be appreciated

    • " Mods archives (.zip) content need to be extracted into Server/users/mods/ "

      AKA "Server/" is where your SPTarkov is located, inside you will found a users folder then a mods folder (if there isn't a mods folder, create one), put the extracted mod here and play.

      check the FAQ if you want screenshot :

  • The mod seems to work as intended however bosses now have a chance to spawn even with the "Enable Bosses" checkbox disabled on map start. Is there a way to change that? Thank you.

  • The Glukhar on Labs option disabled each and every enemy on labs for me. I was wondering why nothing spawned for 3 rounds. Setting Glukar on Labs to "true" made raiders and PMCs spawn again

    • If anyone else is having this problem, here's how you can fix it:

      Open up bossevents.js, and look for this section of code:

      if (config.options.GluharOnLabs === false) {

          if(locations["laboratory"].base.BossLocationSpawn !== []){

            locations["laboratory"].base.BossLocationSpawn = [];

  "TM151:Removed Event(Gluhar on Labs)");



      and replace it with this:

      if (config.options.GluharOnLabs === false) {

         for (let bossWave in locations["laboratory"].base.BossLocationSpawn)

            if (locations["laboratory"].base.BossLocationSpawn[bossWave].BossName.toLowerCase().includes("boss"))

            locations["laboratory"].base.BossLocationSpawn.splice(bossWave, 1)
"TM151:Removed Event(Gluhar on Labs)")


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    • Fin, thank you for handling this for me! I've been slacking on checking the website since I linked up with KMC and have been busy trying to pull my weight before the next big update.

  • I still recieving Prapor's quest to meet the bosses and survive. Is that supposed to happen with this mod?

    I have no other mods. Only base SPT-AKI 1.5.1 and this mod

    • More of an oversight, you should still be able to complete the quest by surviving and extracting Reserve I would think. If not, please let me know and I will attempt to take care of it. I'm hoping the dev team will be able to move us to a new stable patch soon which will make this mod obsolete.

    • Yep, it workes that way. For some reason i thought that this mod will deisable this quest completley

  • For me, it works flawlessly. Thank you!

  • I get this error on the server when I install the mod:
    [ERROR] Trace:

    TypeError: Cannot read property 'BossName' of undefined

    at Object.RemoveBossEvents [as TM151-bossevents] (D:\Games\OFFLINE TARKOV\user\mods\TM-151BossEvents\src\bossevents.js:42:60)

    at Function.executeMods (D:\Games\OFFLINE TARKOV\obj\bundle.js:51867:28)

    at Function.load (D:\Games\OFFLINE TARKOV\obj\bundle.js:51815:15)

    at Object.load [as aki-mods] (D:\Games\OFFLINE TARKOV\obj\bundle.js:43618:15)

    at Function.load (D:\Games\OFFLINE TARKOV\obj\bundle.js:52921:27)

    at Function.main (D:\Games\OFFLINE TARKOV\obj\bundle.js:42371:9)

    at Object.161../Lib.js (D:\Games\OFFLINE TARKOV\obj\bundle.js:42376:9)

    at o (D:\Games\OFFLINE TARKOV\obj\bundle.js:1:265)

    at D:\Games\OFFLINE TARKOV\obj\bundle.js:1:316

    at Object.245.../Program.js (D:\Games\OFFLINE TARKOV\obj\bundle.js:51758:1)

    The Killa on Factory and Gluhar on Labs events seem to be removed fine, the issue seems to be caused by the all bosses on reserve event

    • What other mods do you have installed with it so I can try to reproduce this? I've not been able to do so with the mods I have installed currently.

    • I'm running into the same problem with no other mods installed

    • I have

      BSG 12.11 Content
      Ereshkigal AkiConfigurator
      Revingly BiggerKeytool
      Revingly MICC
      SamSWAT EOTechVuduOverhaul
      Ereshkigal AllinOneMod

      KMC Core
      KMC Gear

    • Same i get an error with following mods:


      [ERROR] Trace:

      TypeError: Cannot read property 'BossName' of undefined

      at Object.RemoveBossEvents [as TM151-bossevents] (E:\EFT (live)\user\mods\TM-151BossEvents\src\bossevents.js:42:60)

      at Function.executeMods (E:\EFT (live)\obj\bundle.js:51867:28)

      at Function.load (E:\EFT (live)\obj\bundle.js:51815:15)

      at Object.load [as aki-mods] (E:\EFT (live)\obj\bundle.js:43618:15)

      at Function.load (E:\EFT (live)\obj\bundle.js:52921:27)

      at Function.main (E:\EFT (live)\obj\bundle.js:42371:9)

      at Object.161../Lib.js (E:\EFT (live)\obj\bundle.js:42376:9)

      at o (E:\EFT (live)\obj\bundle.js:1:265)

      at E:\EFT (live)\obj\bundle.js:1:316

      at Object.245.../Program.js (E:\EFT (live)\obj\bundle.js:51758:1)

    • A new version with this issue fixed has been uploaded. Thanks for the reports!