REAL Realistic damage and health. Bread and butter config. 1.0.1

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This mod just makes the damage realistic (in my opinion). Health and damage has been rebalanced so that the difference between the damage to the chest and stomach and limbs is realistic. And dont freakin one shots to the chest by 9x18 or something.

THE MOD IS A CONFIG FOR Bread and butter.

THE MOD CONFLICTS WITH ANY MOD THAT AFFECTS AI HEALTH. It is recommended to start the game with a new profile, if such have been used.


Don't forget that the fights will become much more deadly not only for bots, pmc, bosses, but also for you. 1 random injury in this mod can be fatal if you ignore it. So you will have to use tactics and treat medicine with respect. This is no longer just a patch for another hole in your body, untimely use or ignoring and entering into another battle with a wound, in 90 percent of cases it will cost you your life. (unless of course you have a surgical kit)


In real life, the speed of stopping a person with bullets is influenced by many factors.

Preparedness, adrenaline level, stress, concentration on the combat task, caliber, hit area, distance, etc.

I regularly watch PoliceNetwork and am generally fond of Military topics, so I know about cases (I saw on video and read)

when one bullet was enough to stop a person in battle, but also about cases when 10 was not enough.

What does this mean?

There is no realistic damage system in any game.

In this case, the player's HP should depend on the multipliers of different states, increase or decrease depending on different conditions, there should be a dynamic value of damage resistance or something like that.

There should also be the effect of a severe injury that occurs when hp drops to a certain level. A person should not die instantly (except for shots in the head), he should fall, lose his capacity or be able to shoot lying down, crawl until he receives help.

Unfortunately, there are no such games, and I think no one really wants to implement such a thing. Because this is a shooter, not a simulator, and there should be balance, predictability and all that. Although I remember something similar in a game called Swat4. There was a meaning there called Morality.

This factor could be randomly applied to NPCs, and it depended on how quickly they would surrender to you or die from bullets.

I can't do such a system, but I was able to balance the damage and health of bots, and in my opinion this is the closest to reality, I'm getting to the point.

In vanilla tarkov, to stop a person, you will need 2 bullets of most types of ammunition. Only 2, in the chest. Okay, what about the excellent health redistribution system?

Let's do the math together. Let's take a PS ammunition and shoot them into a person's stomach.

Damage 50, health 440.

Stomach health 70.

1 shot. Stomach hp 20, total 390.

2 shot 390 - 20 (stomach health) and the remaining 30 hp* 1.5 = 325

Next, all shots are fired with a multiplier of 1.5 50 * 1.5 = 75, and 325/75 = 4.33 ...

It turns out, in order to lay a man with a steel army bullet without a bulletproof vest, 7 bullets must be fired into the stomach from a distance of 10 to 100 meters (the most common in most gaming situations in Tarkov).

What about BS or 7n31? about 10+ bullets. And I'm not talking about limbs and armor, where these values grow twice. If such a thing were possible in life, no one would ever die on the battlefield, everyone would have time to help. I don't like it, I don't think it's realistic, although I couldn't bring dynamics with my modification, but I was able to balance damage and health so that the number of bullets fired into the stomach did not differ from the chest by 3-7 times.

It can be said that I created an imitation of the fact that the damage does not go to the chest or stomach, but along the torso. In 1 area.

I will give examples.

5.45x39. Most of the ammunition stops a person with 3 hits in the chest or 4 in the stomach. HP, Sp with 2 in the chest or 3 in the stomach.

Armor-piercing with 3-4 in the chest, 4 in the stomach. See? That's what I was talking about. Health is balanced in such a way that you can kill,

for example, with 3 shots in the chest or 3 shots in the stomach, 3 in the chest or 4 in the stomach etc.

Next, I will list the stopping power of all calibers so that you know what you will encounter.

The number of shots will depend on the type of ammunition. At the same time, I did not touch the armor damage and armor penetration.

Instead of a chest and a stomach, I will write - a torso.

9x18 3-5 bullets in the torso.

7.62x51 2-3 bullets in the torso.

7.62x25 4-5 bullets in the torso.

9x19 2-5 bullets in the torso.

5.56 2-4 bullets in the torso.

7.62x54 1-2 bullets in the torso.

4.6x30 4-6 bullets in the torso.

.366 2-3 bullets in the torso.

7.62x39 2-3 bullets in the torso.

9x21 2-4 bullets in the torso.

9x39 3-4 bullets in the torso.

12.7x55 1-2 bullets in the torso.

5.7x28 2-5 bullets in the torso.

.45 2-3 bullets in the torso.

.300 3 bullets in the torso.

.338 lapua magnum 1 bullet in the torso.
12.7x108 1 shot in the torso.

Shotguns: 1-2 slugs in the torso. 4-8 buckshots in the torso. (1-2 shots)

Explosives just simple balanced for a new health system.

Unfortunately, the mod does not use the health of YOUR scav. This is because it is impossible to change the health value of your scav without changing the value of all scav. It will just break the whole balance of mod. I hope to make a separate mod in which this will be adequately implemented. So far, you can enjoy the mod only by playing for PMCs. You can still play as a SCAV, but you will lose limbs very quickly and die a little faster than PMCs.

  • Version 1.0.1

    Added realistic explosive damage.

    Added realistic damage for shotguns. Slugs 1-2 in torso. Buckshot 4-8 in torso (1-2 shots).

    Added realistic damage for stationary weapons (AGS and Utes).

    Fixed a bug where armor sometimes dont get damage.
    Fixed a bug where grenades sometimes is not damaging.

    Trace error on server startup is fixed now, im sorry ;(

    This is the finished version of the mod, download it. The next version will be a separate script mod (i dont know when i will be able to make it.)

    If you already have a previous version of the mod installed, then just make ammunition.json to user/mods/butter/db with replacing (you dont need a new profile).

  • Does this mod work with custom ammo and guns?

    since scavs are almost impossible to kill with mod weapons

  • this mod works on 2.1.0.

  • 7.62x51 Should be a potential 1 shot to the torso, not 2-3. It was deemed excessively powerful for killing people, and during the famous "Black Hawk Down" incident, one of the Delta guys specifically used it to drop drugged up Somali fighters in a single hit.

    • i heard that too. fuckin epic

  • as for "no such games" - look up dayz dude im sure you've heard of it?
    Leg shots and falls can break your leg allowing you to only crawl and roll until you use a splint.
    Most of the time you just knock players unconscious as opposed to them just being "dead"

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  • when it will be released as a separate mod?

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  • Hey tried it out and it I really like it but, is there a way to implement the same for you pmc as well? Been playing as a scav and the health system is solid. It really push you to use tactics and movements and think what to do next.

    • This mod is made to play for PMC. So I don't understand what you're talking about, I think you haven't done everything that was written in the readme instructions. Check the Readme file in the archive, if you have done everything, then everything should work well.

    • If you have completed everything written in the readme, then please explain in more detail what exactly works wrong.

    • Hi! It seems like I have something that is affecting my pmc health thing, so I'm not experiencing any changes on the pmc. Sorry about that. Will check it out later today again thanks!

  • Many Thanks!!!! :)

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  • beautiful :kannatiredofthis:

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  • Can't wait to try... :thumbup:

  • This seems like a really cool idea.

    Realistic damage is something that Tarkov sorely needs and they're getting there, such as with the armor rework they're planning so it only protects the area it actually covers.

    About the description, it was a little hard to understand....due to how it was typed out. BUT .... I think that was a combination of translation limitations and possibly a bad copy/paste.

    If you don't mind, I would be willing to rewrite it for you so it's easier to understand/read. But if you already have someone for that, then please disregard. I just want to help mod makers be able to present their mods in the best way possible so others can enjoy them.

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    • I have slightly corrected the description, I hope it has become more understandable.

    • It is. I have some writing training/background, so writing errors kind of trigger me. :D

      Sadly, I can't use the mod right now. I'm currently using mods that affect AI health. Something you warned would be conflicted with.

      When I start a new profile, I will definitely try this out.

  • Is there also a way the change the HP of your scav ?

    • You can do this, but unfortunately it will break the entire balance of the mod. Because if you change the health of your scav, you will change the health of all scav. I am now trying to learn scripts and stuff, later I will be able to release a separate mod, with a more adequate implementation of my ideas.

    • You can still play as a SCAV, but you will lose limbs very quickly and die a little faster than PMCs.

    • Thanks for the reply !

  • I will give it a go and come back with a review :) Your description looks good and has a lot of info