AKS-74U attachment pack 1.0.0

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A really small pack with nothing meta-changing.


All this mod really adds is a rail mount that can be mounted on the AKS-74U and AKS-74UB dust cover that I really wanted to add because of the AKSU from Contract Wars/Hired Ops and a AK-74M handguard cut down to fit the AKS-74U dimensions that I added simply because of this pic. Really recommend you to get the Makes Sense mod along with this, full black AKSU with a AK-74M stock is looking surprisingly beautiful. Also changes AKS-74U(B) dust cover bundles in order to make the installation of the scope mount possible.

Both attachments are available at Skier.

All models are modified Escape from Tarkov models.


  • Would be nice having a plum handguard, maybe a 20 round mag too?

  • Can you restore tula tt10000?

  • :) I always wanted kind of this MODs thanks for create the mod :)

  • You can also add "Gepard SMG" to the EFT arsenal. If anyone has a desire, I can give a model ;)

    Youtube Video


  • Hi guys! If anyone has the time and desire, then here is the prepared AKMSU model.

    Please add it, and these two (double and round) stores in the game!




    • That handguard/foregrip looks neat! (Maybe someone can add it as a one piece handguard that functions like a handguard/foregrip combination that is already possible in the game in terms of animations?)

    • It would be nice! And a new animation is needed for a double magazin (reload animation can be pulled out of CoD Warzone, for example)!

    • That drum is already ingame

  • any possibility for foregrips and lights like 100 series handguards?

    • I just realized im describing AK-105 :D

    • i saw a pic with AKSU in similar configuration, hmm...

  • krinkov's cousin


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    • oh god what is this

    • LTC... that's airsoft

    • Hell.. I Needed This Now, lol.

    • dont know how to change animations, so underfolder is a no go. don't know how to access survarium assets and i cant make models myself so I don't even know where to get this handguard and muzzle brake. sorry, the best i can do is add a 7.62 AK mags to a custom krink and call it a "AKMSU" in quotes

    • Yugoslavia Zastava M92 more easily