Oxers Colt 10mm Barrels 1.0.1

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Colt Double Eagle style

10mm 1911 Mod by Oxers for SPT-AKI 2.0.1

Important Notes:


Needs KMC-Core for 10mm Ammo

Current Content:

- added 10mm Barrels to 1911 and M45

- added 10mm Magazines



Known Issues:

If ammo types are added after this mod it might be able to fire it but all barrels will be able to fire it.

How to install:

To install, drop the folder in your user/mods folder

To remove, sell or remove everything this mod added and delete folder.


You can reach me on the SPT-AKI Hub or in the SPT-AKI discord.


All coding done by me inspired by the SPT-AKI modding community.

Kaiju-API by Le Kaiju

KMC-Core by the KMC Team

  • Looks like the only ammo the 1911 mags allows is the 10mm soft tip. And the mags are still 7 and 11 round capacity instead of the 9 and 14 that it says.

    • Regarding the ammo types are you using the latest KMC-Core? There have been some changes

      Regarding the capacity you are right, fixing it right now.