Fin's AI Loader (FAIL) 1.0.0b

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A standalone and customizable AI mod, based on FAIT.

I've been asked a few times about the possibility of separating FAIT into smaller and more purpose-built mods, and so I've adapted some of its code into FAIL. FAIL can work independently or in conjunction with FAIT, and its purpose is to not only be a series of standalone AI changes, but to allow users to completely customize their difficulty settings beyond what FAIT would allow, without having to muck around in AKI_Data or mod.js.

The readme goes into details on how it all works, but I'd like to emphasize this part:

If you are using this mod alongside FAIT: The config settings inside FAIL will be ignored, but the AI Template you create will be used by FAIT instead of its usual hard-coded one.

If anyone creates a particularly interesting or fun AI Template that they'd like to see included inside of FAIL's releases, please let me know, I'd be happy to package a wider variety of preset templates into the mod.

  • Version 1.0.0b

    Version 1b for AKI 2.1.x

    Instructions can be found inside the readme file. The default AI template is (Nearly) identical to the one found in FAIT 1.19.4c.

    Version 1.0.0b

    • Game-breaking bug fixed, no longer attempts to create proper square / square root values for bots with no AI values to start with, which would cause the game to hang when trying to load into a map

    Version 1.0.0a

    • Small fix to prevent boss AI from being accidentally changed
  • This make the game perform better? Because we all know the bot's are real laggy..

    • what actually cause the lag is when spawn event occurred. FAIT and FAIL itself does not make difference in performance. The less wave you create the less laggy it would be .

    • Thank you animeokay

  • Good job Fin, This feels a lot better than FAIT. There was just too much going on in FAIT

  • Hello Fin. First of all, thanks for your great work. I just tested FAIL using SPT v2.1.0 and all I can tell you, it just amazing. PMC's spawn, both BEAR and USEC(finally). AI seemed good. Also, to let you know, I think maybe your mod conflict with SPT-Aki Configurator . I use both, and PMC's rarely spawn. When I use your mod only, PMC's spawn accordingly and AI seemed smart. I've turned off setting for PMC's difficulty at Aki Configurator, and back to square, PMC's will rarely spawn. Anyway, great job Fin on AI Loader project!

    • That's very odd, I wouldn't expect this mod to affect spawn rates at all, but there's always room for weird conflicts between mods. -Thanks for the heads up, I'll take a look at that when I have a bit of time : )

    • Much appreciated and thanks Fin!

  • Just a sanity check, the default setting of current FAIL is based on the current setting of FAIT correct? Just want to set a default setting point before digging into detail setting.

    This is some good shit! complicate, but good shit.

    Finally can fiddle pmcs' reaction time without giving freebie to scavs.

    • More or less. There are a handful of small differences, largely where FAIT interacted with its various difficulty multipliers (As some of them are a little more complicated than you'd expect), but it's as close a copy of FAIT's standard AI as I was able to make it.

    • Let me know if I am understanding this correctly. When combining FAIL with FAIT. The function of FAIL will be ignored except the template of the detail setting. So for setting that is in an array, how would FAIT apply to those value? Would the +/- in LevelAIDiffultyMod apply to the array?

    • When FAIT and FAIL are both being used, FAIT's difficulty modifiers will be applied to the template.

      (For ease of reference, I'm going to colour the parts referring to FAIT red, and FAIL blue)

      -So, for instance, if you set the 'Base difficulty level' in FAIT (referred to in FAIT's config as 'overallDifficultyMod') to 5, and 'overallAIDifficultyMod' in FAIL to 2, you'd wind up with a base difficulty of 5.

      To go a little further, if, in FAIL's config, you had 'assault' set to a difficulty of 10, but in FAIT 'assault' is a low level AI, and 'Low level AI difficulty' ('lowLevelAIDifficultyMod_Neg3_3' in FAIT's config) is set to 1, then 'assault' bots will be set to the base difficulty + 3 (Because internally low level AIs start at 3, mids at 4, and highs at 5) + 1

      So essentially, the only part of FAIL that will be used, if both are present, is the template itself. All the modifiers of FAIL will be ignored, and all the modifiers of FAIT will be used.

  • I tried using this on AKI 2.1.0 and I can't tell if it worked. Seems like it loaded because the server just warned about it being outdated. The other mods I used haven't been updated yet plus setting back up my save is such a hassle.

    Can anyone tell me if they're using it on AKI 2.1.0 and if its compatible? Thanks.

    • It should be fully compatible with AKI 2.1.0, yes.

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  • Is this mod replacing Fin's AI Tweaks (Fait)? Should i delete it and get this mob instead??

    • It is not, no. -This mod is for people who only want the AI changes, or who want to make detailed changes to the AI's settings, but if you were to download both FAIT and FAIL, and not alter FAIL's AI template, you wouldn't notice any difference compared to just using FAIT.

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    • oh okay, I'll just keep the one i have then and not worry about this one.. Thank you for the imformation.

  • Hey Fin I am curious. Are the values in 'default.json' under the aiTemplate default values or did you configure these? :/

    • They're the FAIT defaults (Mostly). The default AKI difficulties don't have any scalable difficulty values x3

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  • This looks awesome.

    I'll start messing around and configuring things and see where it takes me :kekw:

  • Fin - with your mod I am getting stuck at the deploying screen at 00:00:00. I am not seeing any errors in any log. I tried Shoreline about 10 times as I removed all mods and then added them back one at a time and it consistently failed to deploy into a raid with your mod. Am I the only one to report thus far?

    • I am experiencing this too, just downloaded. I have 8-10 other mods and they all run fine, adding FAIL causes stuck at 0. Sever log reports:

      (Bunch of singleplayer/settings/bot/limit/xxxxxxx lines)

      [d0f04bbd5ce2c80a0bca3ad2][] /singleplayer/settings/bot/limit/bossBully

      [d0f04bbd5ce2c80a0bca3ad2][] /singleplayer/settings/bot/limit/followerBully

      [d0f04bbd5ce2c80a0bca3ad2][] /client/game/bot/generate

      [d0f04bbd5ce2c80a0bca3ad2][] /launcher/profile/info

      [d0f04bbd5ce2c80a0bca3ad2][] /client/game/keepalive

      [d0f04bbd5ce2c80a0bca3ad2][] /launcher/profile/info

      [d0f04bbd5ce2c80a0bca3ad2][] /client/game/keepalive

      [d0f04bbd5ce2c80a0bca3ad2][] /launcher/profile/info

      And it will just alternate profile/info and game/keepalive in perpetuity.

      It appears to be hanging on bot/generate, so I imagine it has to do with this mod.

    • X.X Ack. -I remembered some values needed to be squared / square rooted right before I uploaded it, and it looks like I goofed that up.

      Fixing it now.

    • Legend, you are...

  • If using FAIL, does difficulty settings pre-raid work or disabled like FAIT? The way FAIL is configured out of the box, what would you estimate the difficulty to be equivalent to in pre-raid difficulty settings?

  • oh my Fin... what have I done...

  • Wow that's awesome Fin! I'm still wanting to go to Fin University to learn more about this stuff.

  • is the name a coincidence or a foreshadowing to something?

    • I'll wait a day or two for bug reports, then let you know! xD

    • It took me a second to realise that's a short form of this mod :D

      Haha 1
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