Fin's Automatically Balance Levels to Equal Skills 1.5.0

Mods made for AKI 2.3.1 or older are NOT compatible with 3.0.0.
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It is what it's labeled. Don't like having some skills level super fast, and others taking forever? This mod sets your skills to be equal to your PMC's level.

I'd write more of a description, but that pretty much says it all.

You can change the multiplier in the config if you want to speed things up or slow them down. A multiplier of 2 will set all your skills to 2x your PMC's level. Decimals are fine too.

This does not affect weapon mastering.

  • Version 1.5.0

    Version 1.5.0 for AKI 3.0.x

    1.5.0 - (June 26, 2022)

    • Updated to work with AKI 3.0.x
  • Version 1.4.1

    Version 1.4.1 for AKI 2.x.x


    • Added a config option to have this mod also affect your player scav's skills. This option is still experimental!
  • Version 1.4.0

    Just a package file update for 2.x.x compatibilty

  • Version 1.3.0a

    Version 1.3.0 for AKI 2.2.x


    • Thanks to Vampyrn for both pointing out a bug with Skills_to_level_normally and Skills_to_set_to_specific_level, as well as providing this fix


    • Compatibility changes for 2.2.x
  • Version 1.2.0a

    Version 1.2.0 for AKI 2.1.X


    • Fixed the config file


    • Added a blacklist option in the config, called Skills_to_level_normally
      • Any skill names entered here will be excluded from this mod, and will be allowed to level normally
    • Added a config option, Skills_to_set_to_specific_level, for skills that the player wants to set to a specific level at all times
    • Bot-only skills can now be affected by this mod if they're specifically added to the Multiplier_for_specific_skills config entry
  • Version 1.1.0

    Version 1.1.0 for AKI 2.1.X

    • Expanded the config options to allow multipliers to be set individually for all skills
      • This stacks multiplicatively with the config's overall multiplier
  • Version 1.0.0b


    • Fix added when using this mod with a brand-new profile
  • Is there any way you could add the "troubleshooting" skill to the mod when you have the chance?


  • Hey, Can you update your mod for 3.0.0?

    • It's barely been a day. It'll be updated when I have time.

    • Thanks for your reply.I'm waiting for the update.

  • I Have no idea how to install this mod from dropbox

    • In the upper left-hand corner, there should be a download button you can click that says "Download". Clicking that should start the download...

  • Hello, fin.

    First of all, thank you for always providing us with good mods.

    Is it possible to apply this feature, which is currently valid only for PMC, to SCAV as well?

    I don't know the detailed internal specifications, but I am aware that SCAV levels are also recorded separately.

    If this is technically possible, I would be happy to consider it.

    • I've just put out an update that should do that. I haven't tested it yet (..Bad, I know >_>;), but looking at the profile setup it ought to work.

  • Any chance this would be updated to ver. 2.3.0.

    No rush, was useful for me in previous ver.

    • It still works, it just needs the package.json updated.

      X.X Which I'll try and get around to any day now!

    • Thank you! Again no rush. Not a priority mod for me.

  • Once I download this, which folder do I place it in?

    • It should be the same as any other mod ^ ^

  • Hey Fin,

    Just something I've picked up on.

    The mod seems to work fine, however it only applies once the server starts/login

    It will not update during in between raids until the server is restarted.

    Thanks mate

    • Hmn, that's interesting. -It's supposed to run between raids, so I'll look into that. Thanks ^ ^

  • If you plan on updating this, can you give us an option to 'configure' what botsound and botreload are locked at individually? I use botsound to reduce to the volume of my footsteps, as a QoL thing.

    • I've added some new config options that should let you do that.

    • Thank you so much!

  • Does this mod conflict with any others? I keep getting told that there is a package.json missing causing the mod to be invalid.

    • That error usually means there's been an installation error of some sort, usually as a result of the mod not being placed in its own folder, though it could also be an error extracting the files from the .rar archive.

    • So the mod doesn't get put into the same mods folder?

    • Wondering this as well

    • It goes into the same mods folder as all the rest, but it needs to be inside its own folder within your mods directory. EG: Your file structure should look like "user/mods/Fin-AITweaks/[src, donottouch, config folders, etc.]"

  • In the original game, I found that the Hideout management and Crafting skills have always been 0. No matter what I do, they do not upgrade. It is normal for other skills to gain experience, so I want to control only these two skills and follow the level upgrade. Is there any way? Or how to let these two skills acquire experience normally? ^^

    • Oops, sorry. I missed this comment before, but to answer that: There is not a way to do that at the moment.

  • What happens with quests that award skill points?

    • They won't have any effect, as upon entering or leaving a raid your levels will update according to whatever multipliers are being applied.

  • Phenomenal mod, man, great work. Really helps give leveling up a bit more purpose beyond just getting trader Loyalty Levels.

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    Imma try to re-download this but this is a new profile and i tried deleting documents aswell. im on 2.1.1

    • Oh, oops. I don't think I considered how it would handle brand-new profiles. I'll patch that in a minute.

    • Fix is up

      Thanks 1 Haha 1 Like 1
  • seems like its affect Skill BotReload, or idn. but reload speed too high

    • It does, yes. -Someone else commented last night about increased reload speeds, but I think they must have deleted it in the meanwhile, but it turns out I was increasing all skills, including the bot-only ones.

      I've updated the download link to a new version, however, that filters out any skills with "Bot" in their name. It also resets any Bot-only skills to zero, so it'll also fix any accounts previously affected by the bug.

  • The best way to utilize leveling in Tarkov.


  • Levels Mean Something

    Fantastic mod. No apparent errors at least up to level 17 so far. Now it feels like leveling up has a purpose other than for unlocking trader levels. The grind is now rewarded and you can properly feel what progressive levels of skills like mag drills actually feel like without always maxing them or doing insane grind tactics to level them up.