AKGuy Super Shop 3.5.2

In 1947 Mikhail Kalashnikov revolutionized warfare forever. In 2022, we honor his legacy with infinite AKs for everyone! This shop has everything you need to make any AK in SP-Tarkov.

A comprehensive update to DonutLord's old mod that added a quick and easy AK shop.

This one is a whole lot more in depth, has a shitload more parts, some great presets (and some memes) and is generally awesome. This shop isn't balanced, and does have many infinite money presets - if you feel guilty for that, just buy some items and scrap it until you feel like you've paid your due! XD

  • Version 3.5.2

    Updated to include the SR-2M, all related parts and ammo, as well as two presets - one exactly as Prapor sells it, and another that's a little more 'high speed, low drag' - all black, silenced, Perst3 LAM, Aimpoint T1 (should be T2 but Tarky hasn't added that one.)

    Some bugs addressed, hopefully stamped out for good.

  • Version 3.5.1

    Fixed lmao

  • Version 3.5.0

    I think it works now? AK-47 for everyone!

  • Version 3.3.0

    >updated to work on 3.3.0

  • Version 3.2.5

    >updated to work on 3.2.5

    >mod is in a 'maintainance phase' until I get a real zust for tarky again.

    >will continue to update as new versions release, no new content for a while though.

  • Version 3.2.4

    Updated for 3.2.4

  • Version 3.2.3

    Sep 13, Ver 3.2.3

    >updated to work for 3.2.3

  • Version 3.2.2

    Aug 30, Ver 3.2.2

    >updated to work for 3.2.2

  • Version 3.2.1

    Aug 18, ver 3.2.1

    >updated to work for 3.2.1.

  • Version 3.2.0

    Aug 8, Ver 3.2.0

    >updated to work with aki 3.2.0

  • hello, is it possible to download this mod not via dropbox. It's just that it's being blocked in my region.

  • Not sure what's causing it but the trader appears with an empty store. No inventory :c *sad Krinkov noise*

    • Try redownloading and reinstalling the latest version - a friend of mine keeps having errors where she'll install the mod, it won't work, then a reinstall fixes it. Weird stuff - it all works for me lol.

      Oh, and make sure you're using a fresh install - I suspect going too crazy on mods could cause issues. This game is held together by chewing gum and toothpicks.

    • Followed what you said and the items appear on the flea market but still not appearing on the trader. I think it's just taking a really long time to load? Not sure, but thanks for the help

  • The most recent version should be safe and not need any edits. Feel free to download and game as usual :)

  • Thanks to Shermuel for the fix

  • Thanks for posting/showing it supports SPT-AKI 3.5.6. Question? So this mod did NOT need to be "updated" to work with 3.5.6, but [AR SHOPPE UNLIMITED] - "Updooted for newest version - will add newer stuff shortly"did?

    • Sorrry had some issues fixed now

    • Absolutely no problem. Just wanted to point it out. Thanks

  • image.png

    • Temp fix.

      Go into your SPT folder, user -> mods -> AKGUYShop -> src.

      Open up the "mod" file with notepad.

      CTRL + F traderConfig.durabilityPurchaseThreshhold[baseJson._id] = 5;

      Add // in front of traderConfig.durabilityPurchaseThreshhold[baseJson._id] = 5;

      // traderConfig.durabilityPurchaseThreshhold[baseJson._id] = 5;

      Line 68, in the javascript file "mod" will now look like this ^

      Save the file. I did this with his other two mods and it worked like a charm. Traders appear, guns and items appear, and I can buy things with no issue.

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    • I love you so much right now, Shermuel !!!!!

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    • What about the balance patch mod he has?

    • In reference to your temp fix, it did not work for me as I typed that line into the CTRL + F bar and results came back as nothing, that line of text does not exist in the mod.js file inside the src folder of the mod for me, and I wouldn't know where to add it without breaking the mod lol, any help would be appreciated.

  • after i updated to 3.5.2 all their merchant mods are no longer working. all items disappear from the stach and also from the sellers.

    there is a way to solve

  • I propose a fix to the kalashnikov advanced modding incopatability: have a seperate version but remove all the handguards from the assort

  • Geargal and AR Shoppe appear to be working, but for some reason the AK guy shop just won't load it's inventory. Is there some compatibility issue that might be causing this? The server isn't kicking out any errors.

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    • weird??? I literally zipped all 3 of these from the install that I develop AND play on, and it works for me? Try deleting all 3 of those mods then reinstall them? I dunno lol I'll look to see if there's anything else I can do

    • Tried that, no fix, but I may have an idea for what the issue probably is.

      I was trying out the "Kalashnikov Enhanced Modding" by BALIST0N , I'm willing to bet there is a conflict between those two that isn't showing up in the server logs for some reason.

  • thank you for updating all the shop mods and your balance mod.

    im sure many agree with me that your mods are essential to the SP Tarkov experience

  • Waiting for the 3.4.0 update.. Server say a lot of thing missing.. XD

  • fuck that anime bullshit


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    • You risk having a death sqaud sent to your house if you say you don't like anime here

  • Looking forward to the 3.x.x update!!!

  • This is due to Valens-AIO and one needs to add the trader id's for any trader mods you use into the trader file in that mod


    • weird

    • after messing around, it seems like it's a mod incompatibility, and it had corrupted my profile so my tests was messed up. will edit first message with the mod when i find it

    • gosh I'm sorry to hear that ;~;
      I've never seen that bug before, mods work good for me

  • Hello, excellent work with the Mod. Could you include the AK-12 and an AK-15? Thank you!

    • If and when Carl's mod is ever updated, (Kalashnikov Duet), I actually already have them in the shop. Obviously you need his mod installed to make that work, but if you can figure out how to update those old mods you can haz AK-12 and AK-15 :)

  • I'm grateful for the mod, but is there a particular reason why the new RD-704 and SAG rifles aren't included?

    • Because I didn't have time to add them. They're in the version I posted a few minutes ago, though :)

    • Cheers bro, appreciated :)

  • brandon herrera sucks but this mod rocks my socks off

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  • pls 3.1.0 update

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    Give this a listen its a song called AK50 by Alan Aztec inspired by Brandon Herrera (aka the AkGuy and his AK50 build) and if you can add it as his trader theme song

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      Here's also another one in collab of Alan Aztec and Uamee

    • dumb.

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  • Just FYI, the "No trader named AKGUY" error was being caused by the mod name in package.json and the mod id in base.json being the same.

  • Hey can you update the mod for 3.0.0?

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    • Working on it - will update As Soon As Possible! :)

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    • Thanks for your time, man. I'm looking forward to the update.

  • hey, how can i add QARS 4.2 and 3.2?

  • It doens't work on 2.3.1

  • hey i get a warnning that the traders dont have the right id or smth like that

    • You're definitely gonna have to be more specific than that.

      which version of the game are you running? Which aki version? Which mod version?

      What other mods do you have?

      I'd suggest simply reinstalling the mod and making a new profile and seeing if that fixes it.

    • running aki 2.3.1 running mod version 2.3.1 and it only started doing the error thing when i updated the game

    • Check the new version I posted a little while ago - one of the absolute legends on the KMC team found a fix :)

    • got thanks chief

  • could, could you do a all weapons guy?

    • I have no plans to do that. If at some point I release a "and the rest" style shop, that might be fun, but really other than ARs and AKs the other stuff is readily purchasable from traders or whatever. Hmm, I'll think about it - but don't hold your breath, lol.

    • i mean sure but some of the items to get are such an ass pain to get. but anyways. thanks for reading :3

  • Love this mod, along with GearGal and AR Shoppe, just thought I'd suggest if you can make them appear on the flea (unless they're already supposed to and just not appearing for me).

    • It's an inordinate amount of work to make that happen. At some point I'll probably get around to it, but don't hold your breath, sorry ^^;

  • Thanks for the mod.

    The hexagon rails are missing!?

    best regards

  • Hey all. I'm wondering if there's anyone who can help me with what I need to modify and what values I need to input in order to make AK Daddy repair items to their maximum durability like he used to

    • That feature was never intended (from me anyway) and it was causing some people to have like, serious account issues - that's why I disabled it. If someone does figure out how to do it in a bug free way, I'll gladly implement the feature officially - you can find me on Discord with the same username in the SPT hub.

    • Thanks for responding! That's unfortunate to hear, but it's for the better that it remains that way. Thanks again for letting me know :)

  • Getting a weird error with your mod. Not sure if its a compatibility issue or what but ill post the Screenshot.



    • See SgtKrunch's comment below. That fix worked for me.

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  • I figured out how to fix the below error (reposted so it's on top for everyone to see), as i was getting the same error with 2.1.2. Just need to change some lines in the base.json in the AKGUY/db folder from:

    "gridHeight": 160,

    "loyaltyLevels": [{

        "minLevel": 1,

        "minSalesSum": 0,

        "minStanding": 0,

    to this:

    "gridHeight": 160,

    "loyaltyLevels": [{

        "minLevel": 1,

        "minSalesSum": 0,

        "minStanding": 0,

        "buy_price_coef": 0,

        "repair_price_coef": 0,

        "insurance_price_coef": 0,

        "exchange_price_coef": 0,

        "heal_price_coef": 0 

    this change fixed it for me. I guess the newer version of AKI needs those variables

    Thanks 2