Fin's Unlockable Purchases 1.0.0a

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Yes. I've created ​another mod to tweak the economy, because nobody has managed to stop me yet. This mod adds an additional cost the first time you purchase an item, as a kind of 'unlocking fee'.

Inspired by the Bronzeman Mode mod, this mod contains several configurable options to control both the price of 'unlocking' an item (That is to say, the price increase you see the first time you go to purchase an item), and the categories of items that will require an unlocking fee. This does not remove Loyalty Level requirements for item purchases, it's just another mod intended to make the game more focused on scavenging and less on purchasing.

Items that are locked will be given a red background. This background colour does not, unfortunately, update immediately after you unlock it. The background colours will only update after a server restart or a completed raid.

Items that are locked can only be purchased in units of 1. This is to prevent people from paying the unlocking fee several times over by mistake. Immediately after your first purchase, the quantity should increase to something functionally infinite.

Barter trades are unaffected by this mod.

  • Version 1.0.0a

    Small bugfix, switching config options after first use should no longer unlock everything

  • Version 1.0.0

  • Would love to see a quest based unlockable vendor items. That would be a great addition for SP-tarkov progression style

    • I've thought about it, but quests are a ton of work, and something I'd need to learn about, as I haven't touched them at all yet xD

      Maybe someday, though.

    • tag team it with Andrudis ;)
      You two could make amazing things together

  • ah fuck ah shit fin made another economy mod oh no

  • I found an issue, I set the unlocks for mods to false as I wanted to buy mods without the first time buy in, as I only wanted it for weapons, armors and meds. However, when I did this, it seems all items work like normal, no buy-in needed.

    • Interesting. -I can reproduce the error on my end, and hopefully I'll have a fix up shortly.

      Thanks for catching this one!

    • Awesome, thanks. Really great idea for a mod!

    • And the fix is up! -I had a few checks out of order that resulted in any change in the config after your first run deciding every item needed to be unlocked, but I believe everything should be working as intended now, and I did a couple of tests that came up just fine. Lemme know if anything else comes up, though ^ ^

    • Will do, excited to try this out now!

  • I love this. I always liked the Bronzeman mod, but felt it was a bit too strict for my playstyle, this is better I think as I will still be able to save up money and buy what I absolutely deem necessary, but I won't overspend on getting "everything" or the best until I can afford it, which provides another "task" to fulfill so to speak.

    One of the negatives of the Bronzeman mod is that you sometimes have to rely on rng if you can get something unlocked or not, this removes that element, providing you have the money to pay the buy-in.

  • Nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Amazing!

    Just wanted to say thanks since this isn't something I knew I wanted! It allows a "softer" progression of making big purchases for unlocks, which I like a lot more than just bronzeman. Having a real use for money in a "hardcore" playthrough is super fun and allows decisions of what tools may be useful as backups for that kitted out rifle you just got yanked from you.