Time & Weather Changer 2.0.0

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Change the time and weather in a raid with a GUI-based mod

  • thanks for the mod. works perfect for me. first couple times i didnt realize you adjusted weather and time after you load into the map.

    spoiler.. going from night to day makes the cultists easy peasy to see.... not necessarily kill but easy to see lol

  • What an upgrade from a config to a GUI. Much appreciated. :nikitathinking:

  • the mod doesnt load in the ski console either ToxicKiller.

    i checked the config and it shows its enabled and its binded to the home key.

    i dont know what im doing wrong

    • And it shouldn't have any info in the console but in the game error logs. What aki version do you use?

    • Currently im using SPT-Aki 2.0.0 RC1

    • result-1.gif

  • plum.. did you try to do tilde then write two. if that works then may be a keyboard mapping issue.

  • i installed it but when i press home nothing happens. probably a issue on my end but any help would be appreciated

  • Was there an update? The mod shows up in front page as most recently updated mod

  • this is fucking awesome!

    great work man

  • I can't even begin to tell you how much I love this mod! Everything works perfectly. I was still getting a bit of fog even with it set to 0, BUT I tried using both this and CWX weatherpatcher and the fog is 100% gone now. No fog and fully customizable weather/time. Thank you so much!

  • write "No such command"

  • will it work on version 2.2.0? Or only 2.1.2? Thanks

    • there isn't even a 2.2.0 yet man

    • Not until 2.2.0 releases officially

  • Dope mod. Is it possible to allow us to change the button to bring the menu up? I use a 60% keyboard and don't have a home button so I had to rebind it. Works great though

  • You've done us a huge service.

    Seems to work for at least stopping fog from getting thicker while in raid, but that's good enough :)

  • you clever person.

  • I am using a bunch of your mods and i wanted to say thanks a lot for all of them :)

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  • the server wont detect it for me

    • Have you tried launching the game itself?

    • yea it seems to be happening with alot of your mods its prob 90% a me issue usually if I redownload and try a couple times it works

    • Have you fixed it? I have the same problem

    • Any luck on getting this to work? The server doesn't detect it for me either. I've deleted and reinstalled it multiple times.

    • Same thing for me, it doesn't show as loaded

  • mindblow-mind-explosion.gif

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  • Bless you, Sam. I was just looking for a solution to the annoying-ass fog every single raid. ayaya

  • I will definitely give this mod a shot, as I'm tired of the rain and MAX fog I'm getting every raid.