Carl's Honey Badger / Port for latest AKI 1.0.2

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The return of the Honey Badger for AKI

The beautiful honey badger (waifus sold separately)

The great return of the honey badger has finally happened

get it from flea (remove "only operational" tag) or from Mechanic LL4 and clap some cheeks with the stubby stud SBR using the stubby stud .300BLK rounds

Original mod by Carl

Original Mod Listing: Q Honey Badger


  • Any chance you could port the .300 blk expansion mod to current AKI as well? The HB is a compelling gun by the stats, but the default ammo options leave a lot to be desired.

    Link to mod:…153-blackoutexp/#comments

  • What are this gun's stats? Is it too op?
    I don't like op stuff, the bots are easy already ':D

    • Just another 300blk rifle.

      What matters is ammo. You can have a 250k meta M4, but if you're using warmage against high class armor..... you're gonna get clapped.

    • Also I was wondering, can it be found in raid?
      I got some other gun mods but I don't know that

  • fixed it



  • I get the same error 404, and I have a dropbox account

  • error 404 when trying to download..

    • bruh they better not have deleted my file, gimmie a minute

    • strange, everything looks fine, try creating a dropbox account and see if that helps

    • Doesn't help :/

      Anyway you could throw up on a google drive link?

    • yeah that seems like what im gonna have to do, its gonna be a minute cause I'm at school rn lmao

  • giphy.webp

  • WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!! My favorite gun is BACK!!!!

    Thank you SOOOOO much!!! :):thumbup:

  • well, that's one way to remind me that i need to release the honey badger balance update instead of just sitting on it until 12.12 happens

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    • they announced that 12.12 aki is still far so just do it

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    • perhaps, but some of the experimental stuff in this balance update is geared toward 12.12 things so i dunno we'll see

  • I never thought I would want this Silenced Deathstick until I tried it.

    Sincerely, Your Deimos.

    PS: Will you update the Additional Clothing mods to 2.1.2 if so then ill be a happy boye!

    Reply from Kobrakon ():


    update: made good progress, expect it later today