FAL New 16 inch barrel MOD 1.1.1

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Add New FAL's 16-inch barrel mod.

This ugly barrel...

Change like this!!!

I like the FAL, but I hate it because the old 16" barrel is ugly.

A 16" barrel compatible with full length handguards looks better.

So I decided to make a mod, and this is the result.

P.S Tarkov's 16-inch barrel is actually 16.5 inches.

Special thanks: Lua, KIKI, SamSWAT

They taught me a lot, I didn't know anything,

Without their help, I wouldn't have been able to make this.

  • Version 1.1.1

    Edit file name and details

    (Technical Support: Lua)

  • Version 1.0.1

    fixed the bugs and issues below.

    Barrels added as mods are not mounted on FAL

    Modified to sell to Mechanic LL1

    (Technical Support: Lua)

  • Version 1.0.0

    The first posted file violated the bulletin board rules.

    With the help of Lua, it was remade with a new parts mod.

    The specifications are the same as the existing 16-inch barrel.

  • Finally a FAL I would love to use. Thank you for this.

    • There was a problem with the mod, so we fixed it.

      Download 1.0.1

    • Good to go. Thank you :D

    • Additional content has been edit.

      Download 1.0.2 if you want.

    • Now the file is working perfectly, please download the latest version

  • I couldn't get the original version to work for me so I made a modified version using Nootropix/A T L A S base. I think it's a bit easier to use and change item props.


    • I made a new one by adding a new barrel with the help of lua, but it doesn't work?

    • I'll check again when I get home.

    • it could just be some other mod i have or something interfering but for me it seems like it was creating a new barrel that wasn't able to be installed onto the fal but when trying to install the old 16" barrel it spawned the doge block

    • OK, after checking, if there is anything wrong, I will change it to your file.

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    • Just FYI I made some changes to stuff like item name and description to match the original items. But these are easily changed if you want to fork it and do your own version

      It's also not being added to ragfair as an item sold by bots currently, right now it's just sold by mechanic