JustNU's Additional Clothing Port Pack 1.0.0

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Port of all of JustNU's Additional Clothing mods

This is a port pack of all of the Additional Clothing mods made by JustNU including

-Digital Flora Pack

-G3 Combat Uniforms Pack

-Vanilla Extended Pack

-Western Pack

This mod requires my port of JustNU's Core API to work

Original Author: JustNU

Original Mod Listings:

Additional Clothing - Digital Flora Pack

Additional Clothing - G3 Combat Pack

Additional Clothing - Vanilla Extension

Additional Clothing - Western Pack

  • This mod is awesome, thanks for the port! Would be nice if they cost money and were not free though. I guess that would be something the mod author would know how to do.

    • sure I could probably do that but why

  • Port request:

    Classic gorka suits

  • Wait, wait. How did you ported it? (i wanna know so i maybe can play with old mods that can be runned on 2.1.2, but server dont want me to do it)

    • Typically you have to just update the "akiVersion" string in the package.json file but sometimes some files need further tweaking to work, like with my port of Additional Gear I had to actually go into the main file and update it so that it was compatible with JustNU Core and remove the deprecated playerscav template calls

      Or you can just request me to port them, I don't mind! My DMs are open

    • Thanks!

    • If you ported ScavCat, me love you long time and many other people likely would too, the original author has already stated he doesn't know how.

    • ill look into it

    • mind linking it to me so I know I have the right one

  • you are a hero :love:

  • Thank you for this :D

  • wearing all black but having tan shoes.... lol thanks for the mod.

    • respect the drip

    • is it possible to change the color of the shoes? how complicated of an en devour would it be?

    • i didnt make it so idk, its not really an issue tho