KCH Armory Pack / Port for latest AKI 1.0.0

guns guns guns

Includes AR-50 HK 417A2 VKS Vykhlop KSG Memegun L1A1 SLR Wages of Sin AR-15 AK-50 Lawmaker 12.7x108 Sniper Rifle 6.5 Creedmoor 6.5 Grendel STs-130 .50 Beowulf

Original Author: KCH Armory

Original Mod Listing: ModPack

  • Too bad you don't support this mod anymore. But this is the best mod of all today.

  • Download link doesnt work

    • I don't really support the mod anymore as its so buggy and other mods just do stuff better

  • i dont know if something in the mod broke and you took it off but i cant seem to download the mod it gives me a page not found

    • I have ended support for this mod, most of the things in it are done better in other mods and it also has various issues. I may return to it one day but it's on the low priority list

    • well shit its alright its better to work on better things i bet you have mods planned that need work and u must say its fun blasting people away with your nitro mod

    • im actually workin on an update for the nitro mod rn, trying to adjust the aim_camera so that magnified optics don't have such terrible eye relief

  • How do I completely uninstall this mod? Some of the guns in it are faulty, and if I just delete the mod, I won't be able to buy anything or play the game.

    • Make sure all modded items included in the mod are removed from your inventory prior to removing the mod or it will make you unable to buy things

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  • Well done!

    Can you Port Donutxlord's better injectors?

    Your Work Is Appreciated!

    • I'll add it to the list but rn I'm working on an original mod project so ports and updates and stuff are on halt rn

    • whats the list? i would like to see it.

  • You're doing god's work. UMP Barrel from mira pl0x

  • Good Mod, but i will wait using it till you fixed the ar 50 and the sin . Im pretty hyped on those two weapons, i hope you get them fixed soon. ^^

  • The mod is great so far. beo-50 gives me floaty arms, which others have also commented on. The KSG has a 50,000 round mag and a 100,000RPM in full auto (LOL), assuming is unintended as well.

    Keep up the great work!

    • ive seen the issue and im trying to fix that, and honestly looking though these files the KSG stuff is probably intentional ngl

    • changed the fire rate to 650 and have been using it as a cursed AA12. 10/10 would recommend

    • nice

  • The beo-50 and the WS-15 gives busy hands animation. Need to force close the game. The other weapons works fine! Thanks:)

    • Can you list your mods? I have the same problem but kobra doesn't seem to have such problem

    • no I haven't tested it yet, I'm gonna be at my PC soon and if it happens for me I'm gonna look into it

    • BetterPK06

      CWX_Weatherpatcher 2.0.2




    • Don’t bother sending mods, it is an issue with this mod and I’m trying to think of a way to fix it

    • Ok man good luck

  • So there is a problem for me, When i use beo-50 the viewmodel just goes floating around and doesnt let me switch it, shoot, loot or do anything at all yet there is no errors at the server console Heres screenshots

    • bruh

      ill look into it but its gonna be hours till I'm home

    • also its a rar fire and im not going to waste dunno how much money or even bytes just so i can use this mod (that doesn't mean im angry at you i just hate winrar)

    • 7zip should open rar files

    • Wish you good luck chad man, Kobrus

    • wait 7zip opens rar folders? i have never seen that option anywhere.

  • why no mod icon :(

  • You're putting in work with these conversions!!

    Many thanks <3