Priscilu: the trader 2.0.0

Mods made for AKI 2.3.1 or older are NOT compatible with 3.0.0.
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A distinguished gunsmith who smuggles some of the best weapons and equipment into Tarkov. Also he is excellent in repairing weapons and armor.

New kid on the block!!!!

Is he a trader? Yes, he is!

Is he a smuggler? Yes, he is!

Is he a gunsmith? Yes, he is!

Is he a repair man? Yes, he is!

Priscilu is the guy you must look for if you want to go to Tarkov equipped with the best gear.

Besides, Priscilu is well known for his excellent job in repairing weapons and armor. Some say he provides the best repair service in Tarkov.

Below you can see some of what Priscilu is bringing to Tarkov:


Download the mod, unzip it and drag and drop the "Priscilu Trader" folder into the mods folder located in "user\mods".

Path should be like this: "SPT-AKI_folder\user\mods\Priscilu Trader".

In my specificall case it is: "D:\Games\SPT-AKI\user\mods\Priscilu Trader".

  • Version 2.0.0


    - Update to SPT-AKI 3.0.0;

    Obs.: Thanks to Fershte once Priscilu Trader code for SPT-AKI 3.0.0 was totally based on his trader code GearGal Equipment Shopp;

    - Added Galvion Caiman Hybrid helmet and accessories;

    - Added T7 Thermal Google and accessories;

    - Added Weapon repair kit;

    - Added Body armor repair kit.

    Issue: Unfortunately I was not able to add Priscilu Trader to FleaMarket yet. I'll keep on working and as soon as I succeed in doing so, I'll release newer version.

  • Version 1.0.6


    - Update to SPT-AKI 2.3.1;

    Obs.: this version just works on SPT-AKI 2.3.1. It does not work on SPT-AKI previous version. If you want to play Priscilu with AKI previous version, please download the compatible version.

  • Version 1.0.5


    - Update to SPT-AKI 2.3.0;

    - Added 2 types of Remington R11 RSASS 7.62x51 marksman rifle.

  • Version 1.0.4


    - Update to SPT-AKI 2.2.3;

    - Added instructions to install the mod.

  • Version 1.0.3


    - Update to SPT-AKI 2.2.2;

    - Priscilu now is in Flea Market;

    - A lot of new weapons and items, some of them requested by Priscilu's clients.

  • Version 1.0.2


    - Fixed an issue in Kappa Container price (thanks to SensualScav for reporting);

    - 2 new AK 74 modded for high performance;

    - a lot of new items, some of them requested by Priscilu's clients.

  • Version 1.0.1


    - New modded weapons, magazines, ammo and items (too much to list), some of them requested by Priscilu's clients;

    - Upgrades in existing weapons aiming better performance;

    - Adjust in some items prices;

    - Adjust to make this mod also work on SPT-AKI 2.2.0 without warning message;

    - Correction on version number.

  • Version 1.0.0

    First version for:

    SPT-AKI: 2.2.1


  • I get getting this Error of your picture not loading

    • I have no idea, man. I have never seen this before.

      It seems your Priscilu files are corrupted.

      You may try a fresh SPT-AKI and Priscilu installation, but unfortunately there is no garanteen that it is going to work.

      Thanks 1
    • I have the same issue without the error just a constant loading image on the Picture Ingame.

  • Thank you for your time & energy.

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  • got another suggestion, caiman helmet in the shop, because why not :D, is a cool helmet

    • Good suggestion, Capataina.
      We'll do it in the next update. I just can't say when because we are working in the changes of SPT-AKI 3.0.0.

  • Hey, Can you update your mod for 3.0.0?

    • Hi Kazakh,
      There were big changes on SPT AKI that demands big changes on the mods. Because of this I can't say when we are going to release the update. But be sure we are working on it.
      See you.

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    • Thanks for the feedback, mate.

      I'm looking forward to the update.

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  • I have a request for the fastest sloth in Tarkov.

    Will you ever stock up on armor/weapon repair kits?

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    • Hello you the most sensual scav in Tarkov!
      This is a great suggestion and both are going to be added to Priscilu Trader in the next update.

      See you. ;)8):thumbup:

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    • <3

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  • Where do i ask for support? I dont see where i can make a support thing

    • In the top of this page, go to the link called "Support Zone". There is some rules to ask for support, but you can take a look on "solved threads" to see if someone has already faced and solved the same issue.

  • Whenever i load up the server a thing comes up that says i dont have a package.jason file for the mod. How do i fix it?

    • I have never seen this problem, man. Are you sure you are playing with SPT-AKI version 2.3.1 and Priscilu version 1.0.6?

    • Yes, I just downloaded everything yesterday and its doing this with all mods. And i see the file but doesnt work

    • As it seems to be something related to SPT-AKI, I suggest you try the "Support Zone". Maybe someone have faced the same issue before. If not, you may ask for support there.

  • Hai Priscilu, You sexy Sloth! I have a suggestion for you. How about adding THICC Item Case?? Of course you don't gotta make it cheap to spoil us since you already do with the ammo XD Price it to whatever you think its fair or if your really needing cash to make it ALOT!~!! XD

    Haha 1
    • giphy.gif

      Ok my friend. Priscilu has accepted your request and now he is working to bring this item to Tarkov. It will be added in the next update. Cheers.

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  • Hi! Priscilu isn't recognising any roubles in my stash? I have over a mil, but Priscilu thinks I'm broke and have zero.

    • Weird. Does this happen with other custom traders too or just with Priscilu?

    • Ignore me Mr/Ms. Dev, I'm a fucking idiot.

  • I thought that this wouldnt be a problem. thy anyways :)

  • "trader with ID Priscilu not found, falling back to default refresh time of 3600"

    I have the error messages also from other traders.

    • I think it must be a version issue. Take a look at your SPT-AKI version and at your mods version.

    • MMk, my version is now SPT 2.3.1, Tarkov is .17349

    • Ok man, but Priscilu version is still for SPT 2.3.0. Not for SPT 2.3.1.

  • sorry but, u can make this for 2.0.0 ?

    • You can try the first version of this mod: the Priscilu_1.0.0 for AKI 2.2.1.
      But unfortunately, because of several reasons, I can not make a version older than the first one.

      Hope the first one works for you.

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    • ok, ty :D

  • May I ask...what is Priscilu's fascination with the EKP? and why does *everything* have it?

    • Of course you can ask, my friend. :thumbup: Actually it is not a matter of fascination. It is a technical choice once this sight, combined with its sight shade, offers the best Ergo among all sights. But Priscilu is aware that EKP is not the best for some of his clients. That is why he offers other sights separately.

    • ah okay, well thank you for that. I would not call it a bad sight, it was simply interesting that every weapon he offered, other than true marksman rifles, were equipped with old Russian Kobra. I shall get good use from his stock, thank you.

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  • im back again!!!

    would be nice to add the Magz-60 magazine for 5.56

    And an RSSAS

    And lastly a T H I C C items case

    Great work on the updates already!

    • Thanks, Sir! And excellent ideas! Priscilu is working to add them on the next update. See you.

    • i also forgot T-7 Thermal goggles would be cool aswell

  • Is it possible to increase the weapon prices? I like having good weapons ready to buy without having to spend half an hour getting all specific parts, but they seem too cheap for the more typical Tarkov balance.

    • I understand you, man. But Priscilu is not a regular trader. BSG does not support him. He is a smuggler. Because of this, his price is indeed lower. So unfortunately, at least for now, there is no plan for changing Priscilu's price, man. I'm sorry.

  • Hi, because I like to play with Priscilu,

    I've just integrated Priscilu with PathToTarkov.

    In short, he's available only at `WoodsReserveShoreline` offraid position.

    It's somewhere beetween Woods and Reserve (you have to take `Outskirts` extract to unlock it).

    I've thought this is the best place for him because:

    1. he live in the forest

    2. he need to resupply ammos and guns from military base

    Best regards.

    • That is ok, man. I have not played with PathToTarkov yet, but it seems to be a great mod and I'm glad Priscilu is in it. See you.

  • what is the instructions to use it?

    • Install it just like any other mod:

      Download the mod, unzip it and drag and drop the "Priscilu" folder into the mods folder located in "user/mods".

      Path should be like this: "SPT-AKI_folder/user/mods/Priscilu".

      In my specificall case it is: "D:\Games\SPT-AKI 2.2.3\user\mods\Priscilu"

  • Good Day!

    Looks like the download link is dead at least for me, can anyone else confirm?


    • disregard, downloadable now!

  • IM BACK!!

    Maybe Add GL Launcher with Ammo

    And Rk-2 for sale

    still best trader mod!!!!

    • Excellent timing, Sir! :) A mod update is about to happen (to AKI 2.2.2) and what you suggest will be added. Hope you enjoy it. :thumbup:

  • "Also he is excellent in repairing weapons and armor"

    And slow?

  • Many of you will probably hate me now, but there seems to be a big issue. When i buy a Kappa case from your lovely trader, i can sell it back for 4 mil. So your trader literally prints money. You might want to look into that.

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    • You are right, man: he is a lovely trader indeed. :P And you are right about the issue too. I'll take a look into it. Thanks for reporting. :thumbup:

    • Problem solved on version 1.0.2.

    • guess i need to update then

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  • Is there one for 2.1.2?

    • Unfortunately I don't know if it is going to work on 2.1.2. Actually I don't suggest you use this mod on 2.1.2 once I've mad no test on this version. I'm sorry man.

  • Back for more suggestions

    Should add Rys-T helmet and facemask same for Altyn aswell

    And should add RGO and RGN impact grenades

    mod still is great!

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    • Excellent suggestions, Sir! We can add these items to the mod in the next update which is planned to happen after the next SPT-AKI update. See you, man!

  • How to install new mods in version 2.2.1 tarkov 16778?

    • I created the mods folder in /user/mods, it still doesn't read the mods
      Escape from Tarkov v0.

    • Hi Smingo! I think you are not aware that SPT-AKI just work for EFT But don't worry. There is a mod called AKI Patcher which patches your EFT to the right version. You can find this mod on the link in yellow or look for it in the mods list. Hope it helps.

    • It worked perfectly, thank you very much! :love:

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  • you should put .300BLK out AP for sale and also the X-14 drum mags for the M1A

    Great work on the mod already

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    • Glad you like it, Sir. :) And Priscilu has accepted your request. :thumbup: It will be available on the next version.

  • Thank you for sharing the good mode. I think it would be nice to add MP7 and ASval bullets.

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    • You are welcome, my friend. About your request, Priscilu like it. So he is working to bring these items in the next version. :thumbup:;)

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  • is this mod compatible with 2.2.0?
    was wondering because i love more traders in my game (allready have 8 extra one)
    because i love traders that recommend some things with the gun

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    • It seems it is indeed compatible with SPT-AKI 2.2.0, but you will see a warning message about version on your log.

    • thats good to hear nice one than

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  • Looks very interesting and like new ideas for weapons.. I really wish i knew how to make a trader X( I'm sure I will love it but of course I will give a review on it afterwards. :)

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  • is he capable or repairing weapons too 100%?

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    • Some of his clients has reported that their weapons were perfect new after Priscilu's repair. So I suggest you give it a try. ;)

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  • Is it just me, or does this trader LOVE using the kobra sight

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    • It's like the trader is trying to show us that the Kobra is actually good, can't really tell lol

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    • You are right, man! ^^ It seems this sight provides a good Ergo to the weapons. But Priscilu is aware that this sight is not the best for some of his clients. That is why he offers other sights separately.

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    • Okay that's good info right there about the new boy on the scene. I like that he is aware of ergo and doesn't build useless weapons :thumbup:

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  • got back into SPT n was kinda lost without my mods glad to have this one back, one of my most used and favourite


    Reply from Reis ():

    Man, your review made Priscilu much happier. This is what motivates us to keep on working on the mods. Thank you very much for your review.
    See you. <3:thumbup::love:8);):)

  • absolutely love the amount of custom setups

    with the ammo changes and everything in 12.12, this makes the game more fun again by allowing us to use smaller but higher tier ammos again, like ap 9x19. I would like to see 9x18 ammo as well though, at least I don't have them if they do exist. Also, the custom presets are insanely nice to look at but I feel like the prices are a bit too cheap?

    Reply from Reis ():

    Thank you very much for your review, man :!:<3:)
    And you are right when you say 9x18 ammo is missing. Priscilu is now working to bring this type of ammo to Tarkov in the next update.
    And you are also right when you say the prices are cheap. This happens because Priscilu is a smuggler and his objective is offer products in prices lower than the lowest prices in fleamarket.
    See you.

  • OwO Love You Priscilu

    Love this mod, It had weapon presets so i dont have to build weapons but I do change a few things around, most of the work is already done for me though :p Surprised I haven't did a review for this mod yet. But here it is now XD Its definitely OverPower/Broken but its still amazing to have and who doesn't love new traders? It has alot to offer and if i want to cheese it when im running low on $$$$

    What I mean by Broken/Cheesing it: Everything is Dirt Cheap compared to how much it suppose to be and you have most all of the best items in 1 trader.

    Thank You Priscilu:!:

    Reply from Reis ():

    My friend! You will never imagine how happy Priscilu is with your comment. Thank you very much!!! :thumbup:;):)

    But, my dear friend, are you sure you are playing with the last version of this mod? I am asking this because there was an old version of Priscilu Trader which was indeed broken in terms of economy. But we fix it more than a month ago.

    Anyway, thank you very much, my friend. See you.

  • My favourite new trader

    Really awesome creation with this go to trader.

    Cut my extra traders down to just Priscila now especially after the link into the flea market. Nice job

    Reply from Reis ():

    Priscilu is very happy with your review, man! Thank you very much, my friend! :thumbup:;)

  • Broken, but i love it.

    If you do not want to edit your profile, this is the trader for you. All the juicy ammo and guns are there. Even SICC cases and other useful stuff. I say it is broken, because you can cheese the hell out of it. I won't go into detail here. Figure it out yourself. Priscilu is the perfect addition to your modded Tarkov experience.

    Reply from Reis ():

    Thanks for your review, man! :thumbup: But I think I fix the issue you are talking about, some days ago. I even credit the fix to you on the changelog of 1.0.2 version. :) If it is not fix yet, please report it. Anyway thanks man. ;)