Mods made for AKI 2.3.1 or older are NOT compatible with 3.0.0.
Please do not spam mod comments with requests for mods to be updated - repeat offenders will be muted at moderator discretion.

Adds most ammo stats to the inspect view as well as making it a little better overall.


As with every client mod, Munitions Expert is built for a specific client version. See version details for compatibility.

Mostly clientside, but if you want the custom icons and localizations to load, it needs to be installed on the server as well. (on a local server this doesn't matter)


  • Adds Damage, Damage to armor, Armor penetration, Fragmentation chance and Ricochet stats to the inspect view
    • All of these have icons
    • Damage shows total as well as individual damage of all pellets!
    • Armor penetration also shows what class it's rated/good against (this also adapts to changes in armor class resistances)
  • Adds icons to bleed chances
  • Standardizes formatting of attributes
  • Changes Accuracy, Recoil and Durability burn stats to a colored style (negatives are red, positives blue)
  • Has full localization


Added a config option to enable Colour changes of the background of the bullets depending on Pen Values (Suggested and code from Kiki)

config file is under src/config.json

BulletBackgroundColours: true will enable the mod to change background depending on colour .


Default: Grey

above 20: Green

above 30: Blue

above 40: Violet

above 50: Yellow

Above 60: Red

HOW TO INSTALL: (this is how to install for AKI 2.3.0 onwards)

1. Open the Zip

2. inside you will see, a BepInEx folder and a user folder.


3. copy these and paste them to your AKI install folder.


4. Done! there is nothing else for you to do.


  • SPT Install / User / Mods / Faupi-MunitionsExpert 1.6.0 (this folder)
  • SPT Install / BepInEx / plugins / Faupi-MunitionsExpert.dll (this dll file)

Thanks to Valens for testing

  • Version 1.6.0


    made some minor changes to make it easier to maintain,

    fixed images from being missing (no idea how long thats been broken)

  • Version 1.5.0


    updated to work with AKI - 3.0.0

  • Version 1.4.1


    should be no client-side changes

    updated to "akiVersion" 2.3.1

  • Version 1.4.0


    updated to work with BepInEx

    updated to work with AKI 2.3.0

    updated to work with Client 17107

  • Version 1.3.3


    updated to work with aki 2.2.3 and client version 16909

  • Version 1.3.2

    updated to work on 2.2.2 and client 16778

    will update front page when i can

  • Version 1.3.1


    Added a config option to enable Colour changes of the background of the bullets depending on Pen Values (Suggested and code from Kiki)

    config file is under src/config.json

    BulletBackgroundColours: true will enable the mod to change background depending on colour .


    Default: Grey

    above 20: Green

    above 30: Blue

    above 40: Violet

    above 50: Yellow

    Above 60: Red

  • Version 1.3.0


  • My BepinEx is refusing to load in your plugins, the default included Freecam works but your plugins don't show up in F12, causing mods to be non-functional.

    • none of the mods I make atm use the F12 menu, that menu is optional, you say causing mods to be non-functional, do you not get the extra stats on bullets?

    • Yes, I am aware they don't use the F12 menu, I just check that to see if the plugins load in and this plugin doesn't seem to pop in.

      But yes, currently it doesn't seem to do anything other than change bullet colors which I assume is related to the non-plugin mod folder, there are no added stats to ammo despite being installed correctly, is there any known incompatibility of the mod with others?

      I use Realism which tweaks bullet stats but it used to work flawlessly in 2.3.1 with that mod.

    • yeah technically they shouldnt conflict, are you getting any errors? in your client logs or bepinex logs? also can you try without realism and see if that works?

    • Ah no, sorry I figured it out.

      I had copied the game between my drives and forgot to update the server location in Launcher so the game was not seeing plugins in BepinEx.

  • Hey CWX, I'm trying to make this mod compatible with SPT Realism's penetration values.

    However, I am having a hard time trying to figure out how to add more colors.

    Everything I try gives me this error:

    Error converting value "whatever color i chose" to type 'JsonType.TaxonomyColor'.

    Tried googling the issue, but the only results include themes and styles, stuff that exceeds my limited high school programming experience.


    • TaxonomyColor is something within the tarkov Client.

      these are the available colours:


      how the tracer ones would look i have no idea

    • Thank you very much, CWX!

      Did a quick test, and this is what the tracer ones look like.


  • Mind updating the mod to 3.1.x?

  • The mod was written for version 3.0.0, but the mod does not start, it gives an error.

    • Did you also add the dll plugin that came with this mod?

  • an option to rearrange the color levels would be nice. yellow being 2nd best is weird for me

  • For those who have [UNHANDLED] error, run the Aki.Server with admin right. That right click Aki.Server and Run as Administrator (or set the whole folder to have admin right, your call).

    • that is not the reason for unhandled request at all,

      If you are getting unhandled request it’s because the server side part of the mod is not loading, from previous other people it’s because they were using out of date mods, this will stop ALL server mods from loading.

      The alternative to it not loading is the server side of the mod is not located in server/mods folder

    • So that is the reason ? My bad then. I had that problem as well and after doing a bunch of stuff together it just load so I thought it was the Run as Admin. Sorry about that

    • all good, that's the downside of doing so much in one.

      I'd check to make sure there are no mods that didn't load due to errors, as that will stop others from loading. most likely the issue

  • Hey man, I just wanted to say I really appreciate you taking the time out of your day to get all of your mods calibrated to the newest update. It must have been a bitch getting them all updated, lol. Sadly, I'm having an issue with this mod (along with Hideout Architect) where I receive this error within the Aki Server:



    I'm unsure if I installed it wrong since I installed your WeatherPatcher and DeSharpener mod however received no errors for those two. Any help you can provide I'll greatly appreciate it, bro :)

    • heyo, all good, so you are missing the server side of the HideoutArchitect and MunitionsExpert, open the mod folder and drag and drop both folders to your SPT directory, the folders are filled out so it'll put the mods in the correct places

      if you are still having issues then, open the mod navigate user/mods and there is the server mod, copy that and head to your SPT install/user/mods and place that folder in there.

      then should be good

    • Hey chief, thanks for responding! Unfortunately, I think I confused myself somehow with the help you provided :( Since I cannot show you on my computer, I'll try to explain what I've done, providing a step-by-step explanation of how I tried installing MunitionsExpert with the help you've given me.

      What I've done for your first tip
      1. Opened the WRAR Package and grabbed both Bep and User folders.

      2. Dragged them to where my SPT is installed and said yes to overwrites given.

      3. Booted up the game but sadly received the same error.

      What I've done for your second tip (which is how I did it for your WeatherPatcher mod and other mods on the site).

      1. I opened the WRAR package, went through user>mods, and found the Faupi-MunitionsExpert 1.5.0 folder.

      2. Grabbed the Faupi-MunitionsExpert 1.5.0 folder, sent it to My SPT Installation>user>mods, and said yes to overwrites.

      3. Did the same process for the DLL file where I opened the WRAR, went through Bep>plugins, grabbed the DLL, and sent it to My SPT Installation>bepinex>plugins and said yes to overwrites.

      4. I still had the same issues :(

    • seems like you are doing it correct, can you DM me a pic of your server mods folder, and every folder into the mod?

      I’m also assuming you are using the latest zip for AKI 3.0.0 only?

    • Will do chief. Sending DM now. :thumbup:

  • It worked for 2.2.3 at first, but then it stopped working. There is no error on the server, but the information added by the mod does not appear in the information of the ammo.

    Sad 1
    • Same here, tried reinstalling literally just now and nothing. Something i did notice and its been a while since ive played live and these could just be how it is, but the background colors seem to have stayed (showing "level" of the round).

  • BSG should learn from this... great mod thank you!

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  • Thank you for updating this awesome mod, I have one problem though. I can't see new icons for "damage to armor" and "ricochet chance".

    In the description is said: "if you want the custom icons and localizations to load, it needs to be installed on the server as well. (on a local server this doesn't matter)".

    Is there any special procedure to install this mod on server?

  • I appreciate you handling/updating Faupi's mods :) Props to both of you <3

  • Thank you so much dude! Must-have mod.

  • ERROR 500 on DROPBOX

  • i removed this mod from the user/mods but i still have the colors so how i can really remove that?

    • Try cleaning temp files in the launcher.

  • <3 Sorry for the extra work, love.

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  • :love:

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  • Hell yes! The new color coding for rounds is absolutely bad ass, well done!

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  • You are amazing !!! TY so much.

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  • You rock dude !

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    I've been waiting. Thank you

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  • There it is! Hell yeah.

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  • There is a bug that will cause the armor to have no durability

    • I'm not getting this issue, on the ones i just checked, what armour is it and can you link a picture

  • thank you ~ much appreciated !

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  • You're welcome. I'll always be your contrôleur.

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