Holosun HS507C ACSS Vulcan 1.0.1

Mods made for AKI 2.3.1 or older are NOT compatible with 3.0.0.
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New collimator sight



  • Yes finally update for 3.0 TY MAN SO MUCH

  • I got some weird error with Fin's AI after installing this mod. I suspect its a problem with his stuff but it works after removing this mod.

    Error was regarding a Shortname, I didn't attempt to see if the game was working. Just in case anyone else gets this issue today.

  • The optic does not appear in the flea market. Does any trader sell it?

    It looks amazing T-T

  • I was thinking, instead having 2 individual sights for each reticle color, can it be one sight with a togglable reticle color?

  • absolutely lovely!

  • Can you make a TA31 ACOG?

  • Sweet ass little optic probably will main this whenever I don't use the thermal

    Dang only for pistols...well pretty neat for those at least

    Nvm, needs a mount which I didn't realize

  • I am just addicted to this lol putting on every gun. It looks so clean !

  • This thing is fucking sick man, far surpasses BSG quality in terms of optics

  • Another Quality Product!

    As we've all come to expect from SamSWAT, this optic is 11/10 quality. It's super fun to use, not floaty at all, and looks fantastic. I actually want to buy one IRL after seeing its performance in game, that huge green circle really quickly cues you into the fact that your gun is a little off center. The colors are great, too, ,especially the green, which I feel is a better green than most of the ones in base Tarkov.

    Also, fun fact, you'll be able to buy it from the AR-Shoppe if you have the next version of that mod installed alongside this one :)

  • Perfection.

    New Holosun is really good. The scope is well done and the reticle is a oddly nice.


  • Excellent as always

    Working as intentend.