Fin's AI Tweaks (FAIT) 1.19.4i

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Makes the AI a little harder

This mod changes the AI, gear, and spawning patterns for scavs, PMCs, raiders and boss followers.

The AI changes make the AI more inclined to fire in bursts, act aggressively, and also tries to make their shooting patterns make more sense (eg. They're not very likely to randomly hit you with their first shots, but followup shots rapidly get more accurate, and when they fire in bursts, the bullets in that burst spread out instead of all hitting the exact same spot like a laser beam). There are a variety of configurable settings, from increasing their overall difficulty level to tweaking specifics like recoil or aiming / spotting speed.

The gear changes add more variety to AI loadouts, and have various options such as selecting minimum and maximum armor levels, altering the types of ammo they can use, and even a progressive gear system that syncs AI gear to both the class of bot, and the player level.

The spawning changes are designed to give the player some control over what kinds of bot appear in their raid. By default they greatly increase the number of bots in raids, and also the speed at which they appear. It also adds more varied cultist spawns to maps that can support them.

A note on errors before raids, because I get this question a lot. TL;DR here, and the long explanation below:

TL;DR: The errors aren't harmful, and are just hiccups in weapon randomization where a flawed random weapon is being replaced with a weapon from Tarkov's presets.

  • Version 1.19.4i

    FAIT 1.19.4i for AKI 2.1.X

    Compatibility update for AKI 2.1.X

    Note: If the difficulty seems absurdly high, and doesn't seem to change when you alter settings,then you may be suffering from a rare bug. I have a solution, however, but I'm still trying to narrow down the precise cause of the bug. Go here:…otential%20fixes.rar?dl=0 and follow the instructions contained within. If you do this, please let me know how it turned out in the comments, and which one solved the problem for you. This is not a bug I have been able to reproduce on my end, so I'm entirely reliant on the few people experiencing it to help narrow down the cause.

    Thank you.



    • Major fix to progressive gear
      • I'd forgotten to filter out invalid mod IDs from bot inventories when progressive gear was enabled. I've remembered now.


    • Small bugfix to prevent a warning about in-raid modding from appearing when it wasn't supposed to


    • Compatibility update for Fin's In-Raid Modding (FIRM)
      • Trying to use previous versions of FAIT will likely result in broken weapons being generated for bots
    • Tweaks to progressive gear settings
      • More weapons should be available to scavs and raiders at mid-levels
      • Raiders shouldn't get class 5 / 6 armor quite as early, anymore
    • Difficulty adjustments, primarily to AI shot scattering


    • Now actually compatible with FAIL. -I'd made some fixes in FAIL that I forgot would also need to be added to FAIT to prevent errors. They should now work together without causing loading to hang upon trying to start a raid.


    • Added 'assaultgroup' to the default config's list of 'PMC bots' (Used for determining AI gear)
      • This should fix issues with PMCs having very strange gear configurations
      • This change also required an update to the config.exe, so that the 'Restore default config' option will also contain the updated 'PMC bots' list
      • If you don't want to lose your other config changes, you can simply add 'assaultgroup' (including the single-quotes) to the 'PMC bots' list in the gear tab


    • Compatible with Fin's AI Loader (FAIL)
      • Previous versions will only be compatible if they load after FAIL does. 1.19.4d's compatibility is load order agnostic.


    • Bots not placed on the gear config lists should no longer have their weapons modified by FAIT
    • Armor weighting should now fully respect other settings
    • Bots should no longer be given blacklisted ammo or mods when progressive gear is enabled
    • A few other miscellaneous fixes


    • Small fixes for progressive gear system
      • There should be substantially fewer "No ammo in magazine" errors during bot generation


    • Compatibility changes for AKI 2.1.X
    • Made bot generation less incompatible with future mods
    • Difficulty tweaks
      • The default difficulty settings in FAIT are now approximately as difficult as 'hard' in vanilla SPT
        • There are some notable differences in how recoil is handled, and how behaviour changes affect the AI
      • If you've changed your difficulty settings in the config, you may want to re-adjust them. BSG's new AI changes affected FAIT as well, and I've adjusted some internal settings and scales to take advantage of that
      • Changed how spotting time works
        • Overall reaction speed should still be the same, but it's now better split between the 'spotting' and 'aiming' phases
    • Made bot generation slightly more CPU efficient
    • Improved the mod's ability to restrict the number of optical devices on a weapon
    • Increased the frequency of iron sights on AI weapons
    • Improved the health-resetting safety that accommodates CoD Mode
      • It now checks player health to see if it's equal to CoD Mode settings, and only resets if it that's true
      • This should allow for players or mods to modify health values without issue in 99% of cases
    • Added in a few more error checks

    Config files from the previous version can still be used in this version.

  • Version 1.19.3a

    FAIT 1.19.3a for AKI 2.0.X

    Speculative PMC spawning fixes


    • Removed some debugging code that could appear to produce bot generation errors upon starting the server. These errors were harmless, so this update isn't strictly necessary if you'd rather just ignore them.


    • A handful of internal changes have been made based on user feedback, that may help fix the issues some users have experienced where PMCs can fail to spawn
    • Certain error messages have been made less aggressive
    • Minor internal streamlining of the bot generation alterations

    This is a small update, but it's getting its own 'version' because it's a potentially very important fix. -If you still experience difficulties getting PMCs to spawn after installing 1.19.3, please leave me a comment with your config file inside a spoiler tag, let me know if you're also using Lua's Spawn Rework, and any other information you think may be relevant or useful. Thank you for your patience, this has been a very frustrating bug to try and track down.

  • Version 1.19.2g

    FAIT 1.19.2g for AKI 2.0.X

    Progressive gear expansion, mods and armor


    • There was a small bug reintroduced in the previous version that could give all non-boss bots a small (Approximately 1 in 15) chance to be equipped with class 2 armor regardless of gear settings. This has been fixed.


    • Fixed issues involving the wrong meds appearing in AI inventories if certain settings were disabled
    • Fixed an issue where PMCs could be improperly generated if spawn changes were disabled
    • Fixed an issue where armor vests would sometimes not be properly removed from bot inventories
    • Fixed some potential mod incompatibility issues
    • Fixed a potential issue between cod mode and progressive gear
    • Tweaks to progressive gear
      • Class 4 armor is less common for scavs
      • The pumpkin helmet is no longer a possible helmet bots could be given
      • Mod-added items are considered significantly rarer than before


    • Fixed an issue where enabling automatic difficulty adjustments could cause issues for some profiles
      • As a side note, automatic difficulty was adjusted several patches ago to only ever adjust once per server run


    • Fixed an issue where vest replacement weight values could use the wrong class of values in some cases
    • Altered progressive gear weights for scavs
      • They should be much, much less likely to get high-tier armor


    • When a rig is replaced to respect armor weight settings, the new rig should no longer have the old rig's durability values
    • A few miscellaneous bugfixes
    • Tweak to optimized loading, it should be a little faster now


    • Fixed PMCs being assigned higher-tier armor than intended when progressive gear was enabled
    • Fixed a potential bug that could occur if the user has damage or unusual trader loyalty level values.


    • Fixed the way a certain error displayed bot information


    • Progressive gear now affects bot armor and mods
      • Bot armor will gradually improve and grow more common as the player increases in level

        • High level armor can still appear early on, but it should be much less common
      • Weapon mods will generally do the same
      • Bot ammunition is still unchanged
      • Armor durability is currently unchanged
    • Changes to bot generation
      • Weapon generation errors should be significantly less common
        • Because of this, the default state of 'Mute weapon generation errors' has been set to false
    • Progressive gear can no longer be enabled when gear changes are disabled
      • The server will print a warning if this is detected
    • Server warnings regarding invalid mods are now better formatted
    • Limiting bot optics should now be more strictly enforced
    • Small changes to a rarity calculations
    • Tweaks to AI accuracy
    • Bots are now slightly more likely to move instead of taking cover
    • Small fix to bot health increases (Thanks Kiobu)

    Configs from previous versions of 1.19.X should be compatible with this version.

  • Version 1.19.1f

    1.19.1f for AKI 2.0.X servers

    Note: The default time acceleration in the config has been set to '2' by mistake. -If you want the vanilla EFT time acceleration back, set that to '7'

    Hotfix for progressive gear. -If you don't use progressive gear, you don't need to bother, if you do.. You probably should grab this update.

    -Now also hotfixes for some other things.

    -Progressive armor and mods are still in the works. Armor is basically done, but progressive mods continue to break the game. RIP.


    • Big fix for weapon rarities. If you're getting scavs with MK-18s and VSS's, this is for you


    • Having progressive gear enabled when creating a new character no longer causes errors
      • Fixed another possible variant of this as of 1.19.1d
    • Small fix for mod-added items with missing / weird SpawnChance values
    • Tooltip update for "Automatically add PMCs"
    • Bots should no longer have a chance to spawn carrying internal SKS or Mosin magazines in their vests


    • Bot values are now set correctly when it comes to determining weapon options
      • Previously, bots were always being set to their maximum possible range of weapons
  • Version 1.19.0

    Version 1.19.0 for AKI 2.0.X servers

    • Added in an option to enable a progressive gear system
      • This is still in its very early stages. The values it uses will need some adjusting, but at the moment the following things are affected:
        • Weapons available to bots
        • Weapon durability
        • Armor frequency
        • Magazine size
        • Helmet frequency
      • This scales entirely off your level, at the moment, but it may be changed to account for other factors in the future
      • PMCs will have better gear than raiders, and raiders will have better gear than scavs, as usual
      • This option currently has no configuration options, it's either on or off
    • Added an option to enable adaptive difficulty
      • Every time you die, the difficulty goes down
      • Every time you survive, the difficulty goes up
      • Difficulty changes can only take effect after the game and server are restarted
        • This means for optimal performance you should restart after every raid
          • Wins and losses are still recorded even if you don't restart, so if the difficulty is low and you clear ten raids without restarting in between, when you come back the difficulty will have spiked enormously
      • The differences in difficulty between different types of bots will be respected, but the base difficulty value will be ignored as long as this option is enabled
      • This option is currently disabled by default, but that may change in the future depending on feedback
    • Added options to affect the maximum and current durability of AI weapons
    • Armor weighting should now be better respected by vests when bots are disallowed from having both an armored rig and armored vest

      • This isn't a perfect fix, but it's an improvement
    • Disabling behaviour changes should prevent any bots from being assigned melee behaviour
    • Improved ability of PMCs and scavs to fight when behaviour changes are disabled
    • Tweaks to the spawning system
      • Somewhat reduced the tendency of the AI to 'clump' into just a few spawn zones
    • Difficulty tweaks
      • Bots should scatter less at close ranges
      • Bots should be less 'wiggly'
      • Increased bot reaction speed by about 18% across the board
    • Changed the behaviour of the "AI aiming time multiplier" difficulty multiplier. This no longer affects accuracy, it's purely how quickly they acquire their target
    • Mod frequency no longer affects iron sights
    • Bugfixes
    • New bugs
  • Version 1.18.4a

    Version 1.18.4a for AKI 2.0.X servers

    This is hopefully the last primarily bugfixing update for 1.18. If PMC spawning is reliable after this, I can move on to poking at new gear and difficulty options.


    • No huge changes, just some little tweaks and fixes
      • PMC spawning should be more reliable
      • Improved compatibility with Lua's CPSRR
        • The folder name has been changed for this reason. You can change it back if you'd like, but it will almost certainly cause fewer issues this way.
      • Small bugfix for melee-capable bots
      • Slight changes to AI accuracy
      • Small fixes to some of the debug information
  • Version 1.18.3a

    Version 1.18.3 for AKI 2.0.0


    • Fixed the config values inside the advanced spawn, inventory, and loadout configs to properly refer to assaultgroup instead of cursedassault


    • Assaultgroup is back!
      • Thanks to Lua for clueing me in to the fact that this category still existed internally, even if it was removed from AKI_Data
      • All references to cursedassault in the config have been changed back to assaultgroup
      • This should help fix some of the "Not fighting X or Y type of bots" issues in the future
        • For now it should slightly improve BEAR vs USEC fighting when behaviour changes are disabled
    • Slight nerfs to melee-capable bots
    • Changes to spawns that should help prevent or reduce clumping
    • Small miscellaneous bugfixes
    • Slight changes to default difficulty
      • Scavs are a bit better
      • All bots react a little faster
    • Optimized the order of some spawn changes

      • No change should be able to get in another change's way now
    • Gravestone is still disabled
  • Version

    Version 1.18.2 for AKI 2.0.0

    • 'Gravestone' option temporarily disabled, since it's causing another problem


    • Disabling behaviour changes now disables behaviour changes.
      • Scavs will default to moderately aggressive behaviour when behaviour changes are disabled, but should no longer have a chance to be cursedassaults
    • Melee-capable bots are now more dangerous, in a variety of ways, in order to compensate for their somewhat suicidal nature
    • More improvements to map multiplier performance and reliability
    • Fixed a potential bug when assigning armbands to bots
  • Version 1.18.1

    Version 1.18.1 for AKI 2.0.0


    • Lowered the range at which certain AIs can attempt to attack the player with melee weapons
    • Map multipliers much more reliably reduce spawns
    • Couple of fixes for issues that could potentially crash the game or cause server errors.


    • Ingame difficulty no longer matters. Easy, medium, hard and impossible will all play exactly the same. Difficulty options are now set entirely via the mod's config
      • A 'base difficulty level' value has been added to replace this setting
        • Base difficulty is added to the difficulty of all three bot types, and can be used as a 'global' difficulty setting
          • It will not affect bosses, or bots not on the low, mid or high level AI lists
    • PMC spawning has been altered to use 'cursedAssault' bots instead of 'assaultGroup' bots. This is due to 'assaultGroup' no longer existing.
      • 'cursedAssault' can be used in the exact same way (within the config files) that 'assaultGroup' could before
      • There may be some minor errors in the debug files when referring to 'cursedAssault' bots
      • I've tried to remove all references to 'assaultGroup' in the configs and readme, but it's possible some have been missed. If you find any, please let me know
    • An option has been added to mute errors during weapon generation. This is enabled by default.
      • This can potentially mute other errors that occur during this time, but in 99% of cases it shouldn't be an issue. If you suspect there are problems occuring during bot generation, then you can disable this option.
    • Behaviour changing has been overhauled
      • Due to regrettable technical limitations, the full variety of bot behaviours cannot be made available to all types of bots
        • Instead, bots can be weighted towards 'balanced', 'aggressive', or 'ranged'
      • It is recommended that you leave behaviour changes on its default settings for a raid or two before making any changes
      • There are some known bugs in the behaviour changing system, such as bots occasionally becoming unresponsive, or PMCs not fighting back against scavs
        • These are currently being investigated
    • Removed the 'Spawn PMCs as Bosses' config option
      • The problem it originally existed to solve is no longer an issue, and this option could cause errors in some cases
    • Numerous difficulty changes
      • There are currently known issues with the AI's cone of vision being smaller than it should be. These are being investigated.
    • 'AI aiming time multiplier' now more directly affects AI reaction speed
    • Revamped some of the 'safety' functions to better notify users of potential problems caused by other mods
      • Any gun with problematic Chambers or Cartridges values becomes 9mm
      • Any gun with problematic mod slots has those slots removed
      • Etc.
      • Users are notified of these changes
    • Enabling the 'gravestone' option no longer interferes with CoD mode
    • Fixed a bug with decimal difficulty values
    • Fixed a bug with map spawn scaling values above 2
    • Fixed some bugs that could cause fewer bots to spawn in raid than intended
    • Fixed a bug with removing marksmen
    • Several small miscellaneous bugfixes in de-iterating for loops
    • Probably some other fixes I'm forgetting about
    • Altered some of the default config values

    (Old config files will need to be updated to work with this version)

  • Version 1.17.1

    Version 1.17.1 for AKI 1.5.1

    IMPORTANT: Spawns must be set to "As Online" when you reach the ingame raid menu, or you'll get empty maps. -I don't know why this is happening, I thought I fixed this issue months ago, I'm working on finding out what's up this time, but my leading theory at the moment is that 1.17 has run afoul of an ancient shaman's curse.


    • Usecs and Bears should be fighting eachother again
      • If "Enable behaviour changes" is enabled, Usec and Bear bots will not fight eachother as normal. This seems unavoidable, unfortunately.
    • Scavs shouldn't have dogtags anymore
    • Usecs should have Usec dogtags, and Bears should have Bear dogtags
    • Disabling all gear changes now also applies to the maximum tactical / optic devices setting, and the medical inventory alterations
    • Difficulty tweaks


    • Fixed a potential bug that could occur if a bot spawned without a weapon in their magazine
    • Fixed a bug that passed unserialized data back to AKI, causing an error upon loading into raid unless you happened to be me, and have a framework mod that you made specifically to do that for you, and then forgot about...
    • Fixed a bug with the regenBot function, that could trigger depending on what other mods were present, and their loading order.


    • All config options now have mouseover tooltips explaining their function
    • Behaviour of mid and high level AIs can now be altered
      • Options include "Super aggressive", "patroller", "balanced", etc.
      • Low level AIs cannot have their behaviour changed at present, for technical reasons
      • Options are inside the new "Behaviour" tab of the config editor
      • Option can be entirely enabled or disabled via true / false setting at the top of the "Behaviour" tab
        • Disabled by default
    • Various internal reworks
    • Improved the behaviour of "Evenly spread spawn locations" option
    • Spawn fixes
      • More bots should spawn overall, compared to previous versions
      • Sniper scavs should be more common (For real this time)
      • Eliminated a bug that could prevent PMCs from spawning
    • Difficulty tweaks
      • AI is a little more accurate on the first shot
      • AI is less accurate while moving
      • Significant changes to AI recoil
  • mod works with BREAD AND BUTTER?

  • Sorry if i aska question thst been asnwered is this compatibalem withn 2.1.1?

    • It is, yes

  • I am getting this error on 2.1.1 which prevent bots from spawning, any likely causes so I can start investigating?

    [ERROR] Trace:

    TypeError: Cannot read property '_props' of undefined

    at D:\Games\TarkovClient.\obj\bundle.js:24247:58

    at Array.some (<anonymous>)

    at Function.isItemIncompatibleWithCurrentItems (D:\Games\TarkovClient.\obj\bundle.js:24247:29)

    at Function.generateModsForItem (D:\Games\TarkovClient.\obj\bundle.js:24121:27)

    at Function.generateWeapon (D:\Games\TarkovClient.\obj\bundle.js:24033:33)

    at Function.generateInventory (D:\Games\TarkovClient.\obj\bundle.js:23925:22)

    at Function.regenBot (D:\Games\TarkovClient.\user\mods\zFin-AITweaks\src\mod.js:2442:33)

    at Array.pmcScavAlliance (D:\Games\TarkovClient.\user\mods\zFin-AITweaks\src\mod.js:1733:19)

    at Object.botGen [as botGenerationQueue] (D:\Games\TarkovClient.\user\mods\zFin-AITweaks\src\mod.js:4280:69)

    at Function.getResponse (D:\Games\TarkovClient.\obj\bundle.js:26266:57)

    • I noticed an issue last night with the KS23, which has two different non-existent items listed as valid ammunition in vanilla AKI. FAIT normally filters these out, but I forgot to add a way for progressive gear to filter it out as well. I've uploaded version 1.19.4i, which should add that filter to progressive gear as well.

      ...Of course, if you didn't have progressive gear enabled then this is another issue. If that's the case, the next step would be to follow the steps inside the spoiler below.

    • Ah I do have progressive gear enabled, will check the fix and let you know

  • Is there any way to make PMC ai the same as bossTagilla?I like this ‘hit and run’ mode very much

    • There is not, at the moment. In previous versions bots were able to fight with their melee weapons, but some change on BSG's end seems to have disabled this behaviour.

      You can experiment in the 'behaviour' tab, however, and set all but one type to '0'. -Personally, I expect you'll get the most interesting results by forcing all PMCs to either 'balanced' or 'aggressive'.

      Thanks 1
    • They still tend to stand and shoot, just like cannons. Hahaha, is there any way to make the dog tag level close to the player?

    • There's no easy way, but you could modify mod.js to do that, if you wanted to.

      Find this line:

      let dogTag = bot.Inventory.items.find(i => i.slotId == "Dogtag")

      And add these beneath it. Modify the formula for minTagLevel and maxTagLevel to your preference.

      if (dogTag){

      let pmcLevel = ProfileController.getPmcProfile(config.playerId).Info.Level

      let maxTagLevel = pmcLevel + 10

      let minTagLevel = pmcLevel - 10

      minTagLevel < 1 ? minTagLevel = 1 : null

      dogTag.upd.Dogtag.Level = RandomUtil.getInt(minTagLevel, maxTagLevel)}

      (I'm about 90% sure this will work, but I haven't actually tried it myself. But in theory the references should all work out)

      Thanks 1
    • You are still so helpful! Another small problem is that after the option behavior is turned on to true, Lua's spawn point doesn't seem to work(You know that mod, right?)?

      By default, PMC's HP is twice that of the player. If I want PMC's HP to be the same as me, should the multiplies in mod PMC HP be adjusted to 0.5?

    • If you want PMCs to have the same health as you, you'd want to put ['assaultgroup', 'bear', 'usec'] in the "Give these bots player HP values before multipliers" entry, and then set the PMC multiplier to 1.

      -I believe only assaultGroup should be necessary, but it can't hurt to add in bear and usec as well. You could also add cursedassault.

      As for Behaviour and Lua's spawn rework, that.. Is an ongoing issue that I've had little luck deciphering X.X

      Like 1
  • Fin, and again Hello) Well, i have strange ingame console errors with latest FAIT on aki 2.1.1. Fait only for 2.1.0?

    • well, maybe i did some wrong sintaxix mistakes, i ll try to test it again. Btw how to make 100% cursed assault spawn of PMC, converted with Behaviour(yeah, i found botswitching lines in mod.js, interesting as hell). So it must be assaultgroup "high ai level and PMC bot categories" with aggressive behaviour, but i had instaspawn Tagillafollower and GluharAssault(i "fixed" botmonitor for my researches)

    • If you're still getting them, could you post the errors here? I can take a look and maybe give you a better idea of exactly what is happening : )

      And behaviour types are somewhat randomized now, so there's no way to force them to cursedAssault in particular, but if they're being forced into 'aggressive' behaviour, they'll be assigned either followerGluharAssault or cursedAssault, with aggressive scavs always being assigned followerTagilla.

      If you don't mind playing with mod.js, you can force all aggressive PMCs to be cursedAssaults there, if you want, by finding this line:

      database.globals.config.FinsBotSwitching.HLR = rangedBots[rand]

      And adding these beneath it:

      database.globals.config.FinsBotSwitching.HLA = "cursedAssault"

      database.globals.config.FinsBotSwitching.MLA = "followerGluharAssault"

    • You are still so helpful! Another small problem is that after the option behavior is turned on to true, Lua's spawn point doesn't seem to work(You know that mod, right?)?

    • Omg, thx Fin) I'll get your code lines for cursed assault party, just for sience,xd, btw i did huge mistake with recoil numbers, did 0..8 insead of 0.8, that's why i had error(

      Nemesir - lua have conflicts with lua Spawn reborn, you must turn off spawn settings - click True around "Disable all spawn changes" , then delete "cursed assault" from pmc bot categories in gear tab. Last thing dont work properly, because LUA spawn have its own assaultgroup conversion into cursedassault. So you delete CAssault, or make cursedassault_chance: 100 in lua-deafault.json in every location spawn settings.

      P.s. I ll test old bug with fin's ai behaviours, when converted raiders didnt count as raiders in kill quests (but maybe it was personal quest maniac glitch from Aki 2.0.1 version, need retest on 2.1.1 with newest QManiac mod)

  • Hi. I really didn't want to come back with more bugs but something is REALLY off with spawn rates for me. Even tho I started with a clean install (I mean, duh, new aki version) and didn't touch settings whatsoever this time, only started trying to reduce amounts of bots after problem became apparent.

    So, the problems are: 1. On medium AI amount nothing but boss spawn, hard to tell on bigger maps but absolutely 100% obvious on factory - run after run on medium and not a single bot. 2. High seems to be the most adequate setting but it is high so sometimes it's a bit too much for doing non-combat quests. 3. Low...low might be worse than high. Again, it's hard to tell, it might be the same or slightly lower, on reserve on high I get swarmed by 6 bots right from spawn and then on low I get swarmed by 4-6. It's definitely not LOW.

    E: As, I said, it's hard to tell anything and there's 0 consistency - I just did a run on medium on reserve and for first 10 minutes it was serene as expected but at 10 minutes marks I started getting shot a lot from one direction from long distance and when trying to investigate I got swarmed by a group of at least 8 bots. And I already set reserve spawn multiplier to 0.5.

    • I can't really speak for how ingame spawn settings affect the mod, as I don't actually know how they work (Though I have a few vague suspicions about multiplying and truncating wave sizes). However, I highly recommend keeping it set to 'As Online', and changing AI amounts via the config. The easiest way (In my opinion, at least) to control spawns is to use the map multipliers found in the lower-right corner of the 'Misc' tab. They aren't completely strict, as they've been given a little bit of randomness to keep every raid from being the same, but in general halving a multiplier will halve the number of bots on that map, and doubling it will double the number of bots on that map. -Be aware, however, that this will also affect boss minion counts.

  • Hey! For the most part the mod seems like a great improvement over the regular AI. I have been playing with the configurator to get the best experience I can get out of it. The only problem I have is that every once in a while I get instant head shotted in the head by the AI when I turn a corner. I don't understand why this happens because I have the option "Allow the AI to aim at heads" to false. It's not a constant problem, it only happens every once in a while. The rest of the time the AI is behaving correctly.

    • When that option is disabled, the AI isn't allowed to deliberately aim for your head. -However, recoil and the random aiming scatter can still result in them landing headshots, particularly with shotguns. -They're trying to aim for another part of you, in other words, but their aim is bad so they're 'missing', and hitting another body part.

  • Hello. Trying to load up FAIT. I am getting this message on the server. "Mod bot_inventories is missing package.json" and then "[error] invalid mod encountered". This doesn't prevent me from playing the game. But I feel confident none of the mods are working. Any advice? Thanks.

    • It sounds like you extracted the contents of the zFin-AITweaks folder into your mods directly, instead of extracting the zFin-AITweaks folder itself.

    • Hello. Thanks for responding. Correct. I did have the contents and had flattened the "zFin-AITweaks" directory. I went back and now have it as a single (parent directory) folder. I am now loading the mods.

      I do see a message "...out dated...". I am assuming this is because this version is intended for 2.1.0 and not optimized for new versions. If I should not be seeing this error let me know and what information I can provide. I have used this mod in the past and sincerely enjoy this mod. Thanks for sharing and supporting. Sincerely, E

    • There's no reason to worry about the 'outdated' error, at least not at the moment.

      In 2.0.0, a new 'Aki version check' was added that looks at the version number listed in the mod's package.json file and compares it to the AKI version currently being run. If the major patch number is the same (The '1' in 2.1.0, in this case), but the minor version is different (The '0') then it gives you a warning that it's outdated, but if the major patch number is different then it blocks you from loading.

      At the moment I just forgot to update the number in the package.json, so it's give you that warning, but there's nothing actually incompatible with 2.1.1 that you need to worry about ^ ^

  • Has anyone got the additional PMC spawning to work? It doesn't seem to work for me, I even did a clean install of Tarkov and redownloaded the mod to get a fresh base going.

    I change 2 things:

    1. "maxBotsPerZone": 63

    2. "PMCWaves": 120,

    Almost no PMC's on map.

    I change 1 more thing after the first test:
    1. "spawn_ALL_WavesImmediately": true

    The entire map is pretty much empty now from start to finish.

    Anyone has an idea what I am doing wrong or missing?

    Do I have to change more stuff for the spawning to start working?

    The other changes work, the AI is better and they have different gear. The spawning area seems to be inactive though, somehow. And I did not disable it either: "disableAllSpawnChanges": false

    Hope someone can help or post a working config or something for me to compare.

    Thanks in advance<3

    • I'm not entirely sure what might be happening for you. -Working from a fresh copy of 1.19.4f, and making only the three changes you described, I reached the per-map cap of 40 in just over a minute.

      If you download bot monitor, can you confirm that your maps are empty? -If so, what do your debug files look like, particular the ~spawnOverview.json file?

  • [ERROR] Trace:

    RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded

    at Array.botGen (C:\SPTarkov\user\mods\zFin-AITweaks\src\mod.js:4237:16)

    at Array.botGen (C:\SPTarkov\user\mods\zFin-AITweaks\src\mod.js:4237:64)

    at Array.botGen (C:\SPTarkov\user\mods\zFin-AITweaks\src\mod.js:4237:64)

    at Array.botGen (C:\SPTarkov\user\mods\zFin-AITweaks\src\mod.js:4237:64)

    at Array.botGen (C:\SPTarkov\user\mods\zFin-AITweaks\src\mod.js:4237:64)

    at Array.botGen (C:\SPTarkov\user\mods\zFin-AITweaks\src\mod.js:4237:64)

    at Array.botGen (C:\SPTarkov\user\mods\zFin-AITweaks\src\mod.js:4237:64)

    at Array.botGen (C:\SPTarkov\user\mods\zFin-AITweaks\src\mod.js:4237:64)

    at Array.botGen (C:\SPTarkov\user\mods\zFin-AITweaks\src\mod.js:4237:64)

    at Array.botGen (C:\SPTarkov\user\mods\zFin-AITweaks\src\mod.js:4237:64)

    This message is output to the server and AI does not appear in the game.

    It happens intermittently.

    AI doesn't appear until the server is completely shut down and re-executed.

  • Hi mate, how can i increase Marksman wave count? Usually in spawnoverview i see only 1 wave of 1 sniper. And if i can configurate sniper waves somehow, how it will work with behaviors?

    • At the moment, the only way to add more marksmen would be via the advanced spawn config. Unfortunately the regular config's ability to change spawns is only limited to a handful of types of bots, but if you don't mind that it's more complicated, the advanced spawn config gives you the ability to spawn any bot of any type, and can restrict bots to only spawning in certain zones (Which in this case would be the sniper spawns, which I've made efforts to separate from the regular spawn zones in the list of zones).

      The instructions on how to use it are inside the advanced config itself, but if you have any questions feel free to ask them here ^ ^

    • yeap, i am stupid) I forgot about advanced spawn config at all( Thx for reply.
      well, i forgot about one thing, i am still on Aki 2.0.1 and using 1.9.3a fin Ai fait (if links work properly for old fins ai tweaks versions), idk if this bug have same structure in 2.1.1 and latest Fait ver., but PMCbots (raiders waves = 6 min 3, max 5) with behaviors-true don't spawn like raiders, . I checked it with botmonitor and Quest maniac mod, killed Raiders don't count as targets for specific quests. This is my AI and gear settings for bot categories and

  • Hey Fin! Just made an account to report a bug that I have been trying to work around.

    It appears a bug was introduced after the compatibility update to AKI 2.1.0.

    (FAIT versions 1.19.4 through 1.19.4d). I have been using past versions of this wonderful mod for a while, with no issues.

    The issue is as follows:
    The 'Min and Max armor class available:' parameter is not respected for PMCs.

    Bear, USEC, and CursedAssault bots frequently spawn with level 1-3 armored rigs, or chest armor (PACA, 6B2, etc.)

    Oddly enough, head armor still respects this parameter.
    I verified this by setting the 'Min and Max armor class available:' parameter to [6, 6].

    This aforementioned change results in a Bear/USEC often spawning with a low-level vest, but always with the level 6 Vulkan helmet.

    Steps to Reproduce:
    Install the FAIT 1.19.4d with default settings in the empty mods folder.

    Verify PMC's 'Min and Max armor class available: [4, 6]'
    Load into Factory Day and kill PMCs. You should eventually encounter a few PMCs with armor of a value less than 4.

    Extra Troubleshooting Steps Performed (to no avail):
    1) Disabling Scav/Raider gear changes, and blacklisting all armor IDs less than 4.
    2) Checked for the incorrect armor types in corresponding bot inventory configs.
    3) Performed fresh install of SPT-AKI.

    4) Replaced the mod.js with either of your dropbox bugfixes (for giggles).

    5) Installed earlier versions of FAIT.
    6) Verified they were in fact PMCs via. Enabling Armbands

    Hopefully it's not a problem that I posted this here, otherwise I can repost this issue on the official thread. Thanks again Fin for this excellent mod!

    • The issue seems to stem from 'assaultgroup' not being present in the "PMC bots" entry in the 'gear' tab of the config editor. -I haven't played with the default config in a while, so it looks like this one snuck by me (As in the config I use, I added that a while ago), but in my tests re-adding 'assaultgroup' to that list fixes the issue.

      I'll also put out a new update shortly that has a corrected config file, thanks for the detailed report ^ ^

    • You're awesome, thank you for the quick response!

  • its me ya boi, am back, progessive gear as a whole seems quite buggy atm, mostly for scavs, i have encountered scavs having 2 shotguns and both shotguns not having mags in them. they always seem to have bp ammo. lots of t5 armor everywhere. also it does not play nicely with kmc anymore :(

    • It should play nice with KMC now (As of 1.19.4d), though I'm not sure what might be happening with progressive gear for you x.x. I'm taking a poke at it now, though.

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  • Couple quick questions.

    Am I understanding "AI categories" correctly - ONLY whatever is assigned to the difficulty will spawn on that difficulty? So, by default on easy it will be only scavs and if I want PMCs I go for hard and get ONLY PMCs.

    Isn't this a bit weird way to set this up? Don't you want to have both PCMs and scavs at the same time?

    And if I do want both at the same time how do I do it correctly - add them both to all difficulties or to one same difficulty?

    And also what do impossible and "as online" do with this mod? Both difficulty and "as online" amount.

    E: remembered that there's readme and all I got is that difficulty setting doesn't affect difficulty which I already figured but does it affect what spawns in the raid? Cause from what I gathered so far - it does. Easy - only scavs, hard - only PMCs.

    • It does not affect spawns, either. Any bots placed in the low level AI list will use low level AI settings, mid level AIs will use mid level settings, etc.

      Ingame difficulty settings have no effect while using this mod with AI changes enabled, and the ingame spawn settings, including "As Online" should behave the way they normally do (Though I'm not sure exactly what they normally do).

  • Hello Fin,

    I have an issue on PMC spawns when I tried to use your mod along with Lua's Spawn Rework.

    I have "disableAllSpawnChanges" set to true in FAIT, and control the bot wave using LCSR accordingly, but I aware that PMC spawn are super rare. Hence I did a test. I set scav wave to 0 in factory day and set 5 wave for PMC. When I load into map, there is no scav spawn as expected, but there is only 1 PMC spawn every time I spawn in. But if I remove FAIT then the spawn rate became normal.

    I am not sure if anything I have messed up with the config, please give me some idea how should I troubleshot this spawn behavior.

    btw I checked debug log, in spawnOverview.json, PMCs spawnChance is 100 and waves count are correct as per config. But in the game there's only 1 spawned each time.

    • I only get 1 PMC to spawn in factory as well, but this is with instant spawn wave set to 1, I have not tried to force spawn more PMC using that option, so that might be worth a try. But removing FAIT spawns them correctly, even with SpawnRework enabled, but with both of them enabled there seems to only spawn 1 PMC on factory at least, not tried any other map.

    • I had tried instant spawn set to any number other than 1, yet the result still the same. only 1 PMC spawned in factory.. It is very hard to try on other map but you will realise that PMC is rarely being seen in other map too.

      Removing FAIT and retain LCSPR then the spawn will work but all the AI behavior/gear will be returning to default setting, which i would say less challenging.

      I tried replacing FAIT with Fin's latest mod FAIL but that mod preventing me to be loaded into raid. That's related to another mod I won't be talking much here :)

    • The FAIL bug has been fixed (I was trying to square-root some nonexistant values and the game didn't like that), but unfortunately the weird issues with CPSR are something I'm still trying to puzzle out x.x

      To give you more details, as well, this behaviour seems linked to disabling spawn changes in FAIT. You might try leaving spawn changes enabled, but setting every 'waves' option in the 'spawn' tab to 0, making sure that every true/false option is set to false, and setting "Level of bias (-1 to disable)" to -1.

      Alternatively, you could try pasting this string into the "Prevent spawn changes to maps:" entry


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    • Hey Fin!

      So I just tested both methods you suggested, with both SpawnRework and Your mod loaded in either order, and with "disableAllSpawnChanges" both true/false.

      "Prevent spawn changes to maps:"
      This had no results, 1 PMC still only spawned.

      "Level of bias", etc.
      This had some weird effect when loading your mod, then SpawnRework in last order, with DisableAllSpawnChanges set to false. Nothing spawned as per your settings, but SpawnRework loading after or before did not impact or overwrite from what I could tell, I will test this again and report back.

      My plan is to test with FAIL, I had the bug where it would not deploy after reaching 0.00.00 but you have since fixed it, but I had hoped to use your gear generation for the bots but I'll live without it if FAIL manages to spawn PMCs in factory in the meanwhile.

      Thank you, I hope this was useful, love the mod!

    • Thanks Fin for your reply.

      I did a test with your suggestion and the first raid was going great: more than 1 PMCs were spawned in factory_day. But it's weird that the second raid it went back to only 1 PMC.

      At first I thought it was the setting of CSPR so I did a tweaking at the setting there:

      set 1 wave with min/max 5 slot -> still 1 PMC spawned

      set 5 wave with min/max 1 slot -> still 1 PMC spawned

      set instance wave to 1, then delay spawn with 5 sec -> 1 PMC

      set instance wave to 5 -> 1 PMC

      set curseAssault chance to 100 -> 0 PMC and got all scavs

      for all the scenario above, i checked debug log and it all says PMC count = 5 (except cursedAssault).

      FAIL is amazing job where making PMC responses challenging, but if FAIT is working would be way better because of the gear config is so great.

      I will try to do more testing scenario and see if I can provide you further details when I have some more time. Keep the great job up!

  • Anyone can help me out in dms setting this up? I would love to have more of a fair enviroment vs bosses, killa seems to see me / hear me from miles away

    • Unfortunately, FAIT doesn't specifically modify bosses at the moment. You could add the bosses to the low, mid or high tier AI lists, however, if you wanted them to use the settings of that tier of bot.

    • Update on this: I successfully change Killa AI by doing what you suggested, however seems that the kill doesn't grant me any progress on the 100 kills quest. Is it due to this change?

    • Do you have behaviour changes enabled? -If so, I think that would affect it, because it changes killa from being of the 'bossKilla' bot type, into some other type, in order to alter his behaviour.

      Try disabling that, and see if it makes a difference. ANd if not, I'll try testing it on my end and see if I can figure it out.

    • Fixed by disabling the behaviour option

  • Having issues currently with the Config editor not saving changes. Not super experienced with modding, so I can't think of what I might be doing wrong.

    • Has the config file (the config.json file, inside the config folder) been set to read-only? -Also, just to be 100% sure, you're selecting file -> save in the .exe before you close it? I know some other people have missed that little menu in the past.

    • ah yup. that was my mistake, I totally didn't see the file tab. Thanks for pointing it out.

  • Great mod, but I've noticed these gear spawning issues are still present from when I played a few versions ago:

    • Scavs spawn with level 6 armor often despite settings restricting it - same with raiders
    • Altyns and Rys helmets are super common, even on scavs
    • Weapons spawn without muzzle devices about 50% of the time
    • Guns spawn with more than one flashlight/laser sight about 50% of the time
    • Guns spawn with two sights very often

    Minor issues, but I'm playing hardcore right now and was hoping to have the good armor be a rare treat rather than in every raid. I've adjusted the armor spawn weights but level 6 is still very common.

    Anyway thanks for the mod! It's a must have.

    • Would you mind pasting your config file here in a spoiler? I thought I'd fixed the class 6 armor bug, but it seems I may have overlooked some combination of settings.

  • I was really freaked out cuz of KILLU.

    He was literally Player like AI.

    He even did surpressing fire to me and do a reposition alot. He didn`t seems to see through the wall when he did that.

    I don`t know what factor makes him that smart but fight against him was very fun.

    And this is my silly sugestion how about give all PMC to his AI?

    Killa does patrol around when he spawned and i think if PMC AI got his AI they might be petrol area and rush to player like chad when the fight begin.

    • Unfortunately that isn't possible at the moment, due to boss AI only being allowed a single difficulty setting. -So either I'd have to lower Killa's accuracy values, or every bot in the game would be as accurate as Killa.

      However, you can try setting the non-aggressive behaviour types in the 'behaviour' tab to 0, and should get a similar result.

  • Hello Fin, first of all thanks for the amazing work, been using the mod since the first days of my spt plays and it's amazing. Using a lot of the customisation and i really appreciate all the work you did with commenting in every json.

    I'm looking for a parameter i couldn't find anywhere, I use evenly spaced wave spawn ("evenlySpaceAllSpawnTimes") and it works really well but I love going for lenghty raids (1hour ++) and i was not able to find where to change the default 45 min / 15 min (factory) timer you base the spawns on. Can you guide me ?


    • You'll need to edit the mod.js to make that kind of change, but I can point you to the right spot, for sure.

      To alter how evenlySpaceAllSpawnTimes works, you'd want to find this block of code, and alter the time values (In seconds) to the values you'd prefer:

      if (map == "factory4_day" || map == "factory4_night")

      maxTime = 900 //If it's factory, divide spawns over 15 minutes


      maxTime = 2400 //If it's not factory, divide spawns over 40 minutes

      If you wanted to alter how other maximum spawn times are calculated, you'd want to find these two blocks of code, and change the number '2700' to something else.

      map.waves[norm].time_max = Math.round(2700 / (norm+1+speedFactor) + RandomUtil.getInt(0, timeCap)) + 30

      let timeMax = 2700

      I believe that's all you'd need to do, but I might be forgetting something. Let me know if it doesn't work.

    • Thanks a lot I'll change the values there a give it a try !

    • Quick update : Seems like there is more to it than just changing this value but you gave me enough info to keep looking / changing value to get what I want so thanks again.

    • After more value changes and some absurb numbers just for the sake of testing everything works, server running for 3 hours and when i kill a bot one new is generated.

      Thanks for the guiding line, did not even think about searching in the mod.js


    • Glad you found a solution, I'm happy I was able to help : >

  • Fin - I have an interesting issue that I noticed since sometime in AKI 2.0.0. Each map would start at around 60fps and then work its way down to low 40's with intermittent micro stutters. Customs was by far the worst and if I ran Customs about 3 times in a row, I would get single digit fps and have to alt-f4 out of the game. I thought nothing of it as it was time to do a fresh install of WIN10. 2.1.0 is released and same issue so I format PC and start over...same problem...but only when running your mod. I spent an entire day troubleshooting this issue and with no mods, just vanilla AKI 2.1.0, I start off at around 120 fps and then 10 minutes or so into the map, it goes down to 80 fps and holds fairly steady. If I add just your mod back and disable all gear changes and spawn changes, I have the exact same behavior with starting game fps around 60 fps and then drop down to low 40's with intermittent micro stutters. What I am noticing is the my RAM usage continues to increment like there is a memory leak somewhere. My specs are:


    32gb 3600 ram

    2080 TI

    2tb samsung ssd

    any ideas on what to disable/enable?

    • It actually appears to only affect Customs and is actually an AKI issue. I just did 3 more raids on Customs with vanilla AKI 2.1.0 and it starts at around 60 fps and then goes down to low 40's where micro stutters happen. I think i will create a ticket for this issue.

    • Hmmn, that's interesting. I hope you find something, and if by some chance I find a solution on my end I'll let you know!

    • Fin - I added your mod back and Customs ran horribly. I update the ticket but will paste here in case you think your mod could be the cause of the errors thrown.


      I just ran another Customs raid and ran straight to dorms for Checking quest key. As soon as I entered my game started majorly stuttering. Everytime an AI would shoot at another AI, the game would completely freeze. I was watching task manager while this was going on and game would show Not Responding during these times. The AI was on 3rd and I was hiding on 2nd.

      I checked the logs as this was happening and traces.log and errors.log was writing this to the log over and over and over again.

      2021-11-20 17:02:51.000 -06:00||Error|Default|PriorityScatter1meter is bad cause 0.2 settings.MinScatter:1.575 name:

      2021-11-20 17:02:51.000 -06:00||Error|Default|PriorityScatter10meter is bad cause 0.1 settings.MinScatter:1.575 name:

      2021-11-20 17:02:51.000 -06:00||Error|Default|PriorityScatter100meter is bad cause 0.03 settings.MinScatter:1.575 name:

      Also, server.log was writing this over and over again:

      [DEBUG] Regenerating 366 expired dynamic offers

      [DEBUG] Found 363 expired dynamic offers

      Only difference was the numbers were mostly always different. So instead of 366, it would 383, etc.

      There seems to be something wrong that is manifesting itself primarily on Customs.

    • Thanks for the heads up. -I can't verify that this will do anything for your performance, but I have figured out what was causing MinScatter errors in the log.

      Inside mod.js there's a section that begins with the line:

      botCat = botDiff.Scattering;

      And ends with this:

      botCat.MaxScatter *= config.overallDifficultyMultipliers.aiShotSpreadMult

      If you delete everything between those two lines, including those two lines themselves, the log errors disappear. -I didn't notice any performance changes on my end, but you may want to test it for yourself, since I'm also not having any performance drops on Customs in general.

      I haven't figured out exactly what in the section is causing errors, I've tried a few things so far but nothing save totally removing that section fixes the error messages. Harmful or not, once I have a solution that isn't just "Delete it all", I'll upload an update with that in there.

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    • Just a bit more info about the Customs issue. CWX has confirmed that since Unity 19 upgrade, there has been significantly more reports of stutters and Customs seems to be the worst offender of spawning AI. I checked this behavior using BotMon and it is definitely correct. On vanilla AKI, over 40 AI was spawned into Customs within 10 minutes. When I introduce CPSR mod with a hard limit of 20 per map and 6 per zone, it still spawned in 30 AI within the first 10 minutes so Customs isn't adhering to the limits set forth in CPSR.

      I tried setting AI limit in Customs to 10 and 4 per zone and it spawned in 21 AI in the first 10 minutes so that is a solution for now in terms of AI. I will try your change and let you know.

  • again, updated on the latest version of SPT and FAIT and no PMCs spawned, I killed more than 20 scavs on woods and heard no gunshots other than my own fights

    note that I play with disabled spawn changes on, once I deleted the mod PMCs started spawning again, also I noticed a stutter in the latest version, both with and without FAIT, and I suspect it stutters when it spawns in the AI a few minutes after the game starts

    • If spawn changes are enabled, do PMCs start spawning?

    • tested with spawn changes and PMCs started playing, as a general idea I don't mind if the spawn points change for PMCs or Scavs, but I don't wanna have to get randomly sniped while going through the woods or turn a corner in interchange and get my face randomly melted cuz killa randomly spawned in a place I wasn't expecting

      haven't done much testing but I think I'm gonna give SPT a break, the poor performance because of the AI and the added stuttering every time AIs spawn is kinda bringing me down and I don't wanna turn down the AI amount, it's pissing me off cuz I know it's not my systems fault or the mods fault, the game just doesn't wanna use more resources and it causes framerate drops

  • Hi so, I'm new to this and tried to tinker with the configs but ended up messing things up several times, anyone have config changes that benefit performance? Like not adding any additional bots but retaining the increased difficulty of the vanilla bots?

    • Setting all the "Extra waves" values in the 'spawns' tab to 0, and setting "convert X% of scavs to PMCs" to 30 will, if the "Remove vanilla spawns" options aren't enabled (They aren't enabled by default) give you spawns similar to vanilla SPT.

    • Thanks loads, helped a bunch, Great mod, absolutely loving the challenge thus far!

  • not sure what is happening but no PMC are spawning at all. Not sure what the problem can be.

    Edit: i managed to get BEAR pmc to spawn but im also getting a ton of raider spawns as well.

    • If spawn changes are enabled, increasing the PMC wave values in the 'spawns' tab or increasing the scav to PMC conversion rate should cause more PMCs to spawn, without increasing raider spawns.

  • when i try and use progressive gear it breaks on loading into the game :(
    i swear i didnt touch anything i swear love u. i spoiled it for u, cause its like a gift. C:

    • That looks like an issue with an older version of the mod. Updating to 1.19.4b should fix it ^ ^

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  • Hello! Thanks for your mod and time to make it Fin! I have a question/issue, even if i change the pmc hp to 1x instead of 2, they seem to retain their hp buffs. I also disable scav gear changes to keep their vanilla loot but they still have modified gear. Am i doing something wrong? I do SAVE before exiting the editor. :)

    • Hmmn.. -Can you be more specific about what you're experiencing? For instance, when you say PMCs retain their HP Buffs, do you mean they take more bullets to kill than a PMC on live, or that they take more bullets to kill than a vanilla AKI PMC? I ask because vanilla AKI PMCs have buffed health by default (A bit less than double HP, IIRC), and FAIT buffs them more ontop of that.

      And for gear, what sorts of unusual gear are you seeing on them, and do you have progressive gear enabled?

    • Thanks for your reply! Yes, the PMC will tank a lot more than both vanilla aki and live. I had scavs with raider loot, tv110/rys-t helmet etc. I double and triple checked and pmc hp is at 1x and False for scav gear modification.

    • Were the scavs wearing green armands, or were they white / yellow? FAIT gives all scavs green bands, and gives raiders and gluhar's raiders white / yellow bands, and in the past some people have mixed up raiders for regular scavs.

      As for the health, you can check exactly what HP values are being assigned by finding the line (Inside mod.js):

      this.adjustHealthValues(config.overallDifficultyMultipliers.PMCHealthMult, config.overallDifficultyMultipliers.scavHealthMult, config.overallDifficultyMultipliers.raiderHealthMult, config.overallDifficultyMultipliers.bossHealthMult, config.overallDifficultyMultipliers.cultistHealthMult)

      and adding these beneath it:

      for (let bot in botTypes)





      Alternatively, you can also place those lines beneath these lines instead, to run the check when you start the game, instead of right after the changes are made.

      static runOnGameStart(url, info, sessionID)


  • Hello,

    I recently just installed this mod and I've been getting an error every single time on launch that returns the config file back to default and doesn't save any changes regarding anything. "[ERROR] Error creating locales entry in locale items" it still lets the game run normally with my profile and everything but it actually wipes the config back to default when I launch the game not the server and I also get another error not as common but from launch to launch it sometimes tells me "[ERROR] The mod folder has changed or loading was interrupted the last time this mod was run. Rebuilding gear lists to avoid errors." I tried all the possible fixes for this thru the faq in the config editor (which doesn't scroll lol). I've tried running the mod alone also got the error, tried running the game without the mod but I didn't get the error, and my account isn't new nor removing some of the mods that I thought would conflict worked such as Lua's cp spawn rework even tho I had the spawn changes for this mod disabled but it seemed that even without these 2 mods being present together they would both get wiped to default but my other mods are ok it was just these 2 that get wiped. Also, I tried a fresh install for this mod after removing the cp spawn rework still no results. Mod preset: Aki config-Ereshkigal AIO-Lua's cp spawn rework(removed but was there previously)-Fin's Ai.

    really sorry for the long text but long story short: help.

    • Neither of those errors are harmful, though the first one is a little weird, but.. I have no idea why your config file would be being reset?

      Can you confirm that it's being saved properly before you launch? -Open the .exe, go into the 'Difficulty' tab, and set the 'Base difficulty level' entry to -5. Then hit file > save, and open up the config folder, and the config.json file inside, and check to make sure that the overallAIDifficultyMod value has been set to -32.

      If it is set to -32, but then goes back to -0.5 when you launch the game, then I'll need to send you some debugging snippets to see what could possibly be resetting it, so let me know what happens.

    • Hello,

      really sorry for replying late but I was just busy with life stuff the past few days, I just tried what u told me and this time it didn't get wiped for some reason so ill assume it's just back to working normally but I made copies of my presets in other files outside the mods directory to use them in case this happens again and thanks for the help btw : )

  • Anyone having an issue with absolutely insane amount of bots spawning on a default config and latest version?

    On customs especially I get way too many bots in the start of the map.
    Tweaking spawn times and spawn evenly along map time helps this a little bit but it's just huge amount of stutters every time a bot spawns.

    I mean, It's fun to kill 10+ bots withing 5min of raid start, but it's not Tarkov experience. :D

    • Try increasing the "Bias towards max spawn time of X seconds" setting (in the 'spawns' tab). -At the moment it's biasing them towards a max spawn time of five minutes, and the average spawn time will be about a third of that. -Try increasing that to 1500 or so, and see how that feels.

      As for stutters when bots spawn, there isn't a lot i'm able to do about that. I've had people report that the advanced spawn config can significantly improve performance, however, so you might try looking either into that, or Lua's Spawn Rework (Just make sure to disable spawn changes in FAIT before you use Lua's, if you go that route)

    • changed bias to 1500 with no difference. turned it off with bias -, still no change.
      Downloaded Lua's spawn rework and now everything spawns at a normal ratio.

  • This might be stupid to ask/say but what is with the AI?? They seem more cracked out of their minds. I can't shoot one before getting blow away by them.. They see me and right away shoot with an instant headshot or stomach..

    I've tryed changing the AIs level difficulty but it doesn't seem to have any effect on them as they still seem to be cracked out on dope. Any suggests you might have for me?

    • This is a rare bug some people have reported, and I'm afraid to say I haven't the faintest idea how it's fixed. In the past people have reported that new mod versions will just randomly revert back to the intended difficulty level, without any clear changes that indicate how or why that might have occurred.

      There are a few things I can recommend, and I'll list them in order of how useful they might be to you:

      1.) Check to make sure this happens when FAIT is your only mod. It probably does, but it's always best to make sure it's not some weird mod conflict

      2.) Install a fresh copy of FAIT in your mod folder and try it with default settings, to make sure it's not some strange corruption of your download

      3.) Replace your AKI_Data folder with a fresh copy, to make sure it's not some strange corruption of your AKI files

      4.) If you open up mod.js and find the lines:

      static establishBotGenValues()


      and add these beneath them:

      for (let bot in botTypes)


      var fs = require('fs');

      fs.writeFile(modFolder + "donottouch/~diff" + bot +".json", JSON.stringify(botTypes[bot].difficulty, null, 4), function (err) {

      if (err) throw err;



      You'll create a series of files in your donottouch folder upon first loading into a raid, called diff[the name of the bot].json. If you upload these to dropbox or something, along with your config file, I can compare them to my own (Using your config settings) and verify that your bots are being sent the correct difficulty information.

      5.) You can try installing 1.19.4 again, and see if that changes anything (Progressive gear will be broken, however) at this link:…ITweaksVer1-19-4.rar?dl=0

      I'll reply again if something else occurs to me, but unfortunately this bug is an extremely weird one that I don't even begin to understand.

    • I am unsure if i did step 4.) right or not since im confused what to actually do honestly.…09020e7ed55f423.json?dl=0

      Hopefully this helps you in what you need. :/

    • So that's not quite what I was looking for, however... I had some luck earlier today, with someone else who was having the problem, and I have both a potential solution to the problem, and something you can do to help me narrow down exactly what's causing it.

      I've uploaded a file here, with instructions inside:…otential%20fixes.rar?dl=0

      The general idea is to replace your src/mod.js file with one of the replacement files, and see if that fixes it, and then if it doesn't, replace it with the other one. I'm reasonably confident that one of these will work, but I need to know which one specifically so that I can narrow down what fixes to make for the next update.

      Sorry to ask you to do all this, I know it's a bit of a pain x.x

    • Its not a problem at all.. Let me test it now since I just got done eating dinner and I will message with an update within this message of its self.

      update: It seems like the first one (modChangedDiff.js) fixed the issues for me. They seem to be just right. Not to hard and not to easy either. im super glad that seemed to fix it and they aren't 1/2 tabbing me every single raid like before XD.. I hope the other person got his/her fixed as well. Thank you for all of your hard work in putting time and effect into your mod. animebuttmove<3


      Update: They seem to turn really slow but they still are pretty decent hitting their shots and killing me within 1/2 shits but I have been testing it on my scav so idk if that make a huge difference or not. Just seems like they are on point with their shots and never miss.


    • Does changing the difficulty options do anything to affect your game, now? -For instance, if you increase the shot spread multiplier, are they less likely to hit you?

  • After the ai brought a lot of iron sight, there is a problem of aiming with a iron sight mounted together, not an additional mounting sight taken from the PMC.


    It wasn't like that in the previous version.ten thousand

    There is a problem that frames fall sharply when AI is sponsored. Is this a problem with UNI.T. engine ups?

    If you remove the mode and run it, the problem of frame falling will disappear.

    • I'm afraid I don't at all understand most of what you mean. -However, FPS drops are due to having more bots spawned in your raid. The ingame cap is 40 bots at a time, and FAIT will usually spawn that many within the first five minutes, using default settings.

  • Aimbotters!

    A must have AI mod, these AIs are really insane and having a hard time killing or at least surviving in the beginning since i had to start fresh.. I can't say anything beats or comes close to this AI mod..

  • Best AI mod


  • Great AI mod :)

  • The Defacto AI mod

    The go to mod for simplicity and elegance. And when you bite into it you can do even do advanced stuff too. A few things aren't perfect like the ammo the bots use, and being unable to have bosses on maps they dont belong on, but all in all, very small problems. The editor for settings is great and makes it easy to get a quick overview of all your settings, they even have well detailed pop-ups describing the option you edit.

  • Yes