Artillery Support 1.0.0

Call an air strike with a smoke grenade

  • does this work on factory... i need to know

  • Is it just me or kills from this artillery count as "machinegun" kills in the stats?

    • It could be. The projectiles used here are from AGS-30

  • Would it be at all possible to specify a random range for the barrage parameters? If you could give it a range for number of shells per barrage, radius of barrage, delay between rounds, and delay of the barrage itself, I think it would give a huge bump in realism. As it is right now, there is something a little odd with exactly 50 shells falling every 0.5s. Maybe if 40-60 shells fell every 0.4-0.6s, each barrage would seem more realistic. I don't code, so I have no idea how hard it would be to implement, but its a feature I would love to see.

    I also increased the base cost of a MK18 to 60k and the RDG2 to 50k to compensate for the increased utility.

    Either way, this mod is fantastic, SPT needs more of this stuff.

  • Loving this mod, is very fun. could be possible to make it so that PMC kills count towards the Grenadier quest from Prapor? Would be a nice way to make a very boring quest somewhat interesting. I have not tested if it does so on default, but I'm assuming not. Thank you very much

    • It is possible, need to add "AGS-30" shell to allowed weapons of Grenadier in quests.json.

      Artillery works even on Factory, though it comes to places where holes in roof. If configure max. strikes and range, and then throw few grenades on factory... oh, Hell comes to Earth :D

  • meanwhile theres still no spt for 176-something

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  • Artsupport, whaaaaat?! Is this possible? Wow. Just wow.

  • I can't download anything, is blocked due to malware alert :(

  • I have never used a mod that goes into that/those folders. what is the directory? I found plugins somewhere but idk about bpinex or whatever. Sorry guys I'm a smooth brain.

    • In your root folder of the game (where EscapeFromTarkov.exe, server.exe and other launch files are located) you should see BepInEx folder

    • Put the mod in the plugins inside the BepInEx, it's that easy :) =

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    • What changed when i was gone?

    • Yeah boys, I don't have that. It looks like that comes with the newer version of Aki....?

    • I believe the BepInEx and the other files/folders came with 2.3.0 or 2.3.1 I can't remember exactly but in earlier AKI versions it won't have these new files of course.

  • Now THIS Is Innovative Fun.

    Wow what a great mod and something super innovative with an easy install. In fact, the first time I threw a smoke grenade I actually forgot I installed this because I was drunk and I nearly soiled myself when 10 seconds later 50 bombs were dropped in front of my face nearly killing me on Reserve dealing with Gluhar LOL. This mod is fantastic, it not only makes (imo) the near-useless smoke grenades something truly fun and powerful, but also can be changed with nice options included in the config. Personally I've left mine on default settings but changed the count to 12 to simulate a quick little mortar strike or something. Total fun, lots of explosions, gunna be carrying 2 smoke grenades with me every single raid now 8)


    Best mod!

  • Requesting Air Support!!!

    This mod is ________. I'm speechless so you fill in the blank. It gives a whole new reason to carry and cherish smoke grenades. I never leave home without them and neither should you so come on down to SamSwat's Secretly Hirable air support Headquarters and see if you qualify today! <3<3