ATLAS Weapons & Equipment Pack 1.0.6

A collection of high-quality asset retexture mods produced by ATLAS, ported to function with the latest SPT-AKI versions.

A T L A S - Retexture Collection

This pack contains the following mods made by the community modder ATLAS:


adds custom Atlas ATL-15 Precision Rifles, Parts, Presets and Ammo.



adds custom SR-25 FDE, Parts and Presets.


ATLAS Glock Fade

adds Custom Glock 9x19 Viper Cut slide FADE.


ATLAS Clothing

adds custom, Atlas Tactical Clothing for BEAR and USEC.



adds custom Atlas Tactical Gear.


:!: Warning :!:

The SR-25 FDE's malfunction animations are still missing, so a malfunction mid-raid will cause a bug which disables all player interaction until you extract. I recommend using mods with degradation removers or disbling malfunctions altogether if you plan on using this rifle regularly.

I am not a 3D modeler, texture designer or asset creator! Please do not ask me to retexture or modify anything, I wouldn't know where to start :P

For an updated version compatible with SPT-AKI 3.5.0 and containing the original features use this version by Mighty_Condor


  • Version 1.0.6

    Updated ATL-15 BLK and ATL-15 FDE weapon bundles to add missing malfunction animations.

    Massive thanks to Mighty_Condor for creating and providing this fix <3

  • Version 1.0.5

    - Fixed missing bundles for Atlas Korund-VM body armor

    - Fixed names of ATL-15 weapon and attachments to reflect new 5.56x45mm caliber

    - Fixed compatibility for ATL15 Hyper Beast suppressor and ATL15 nitride barrels

    - Added compatibility for various Glock-17 slides to the Glock-18C including the custom Atlas FADE slide.

    - Added a few custom attachment compatibility fixes (WMX2000 on Ops-Core helmet rails, front sights on KAC RIS handguard, ...)

    Tried to fix the ATL/PEQ-15 to use IR lasers but the previous fix doesn't apply here, so we're stuck with 3 visible lasers for now.

    Big thanks Tominator08 and MrBlu1911 for highlighting bugs

  • Version 1.0.4

    Updated & modified to work with SPT-AKI 3.4.1

    Some features are different from the original mod:

    - The ATL-15 .300 BLK is now chambered in 5.56x45mm as it replicates the M4A1's config

    - Both the APXT and TT variants of the .300 BLK have been removed due to bugs

    - Trader weapon presets have been removed (or rather not-added because I have no idea how)

    Now requires latest version of JustNU's Core mod to work.

  • Version 1.0.3

    Updated to SPT-AKI 2.3.0, old links as well

  • Version 1.0.1

    Updated the Glock 17 FADE Slide to be compatible with the Glock 18C (Big thanks to Bandoot)

  • Version 1.0.0

    Updated link to Google Drive (19:00 GMT - 03/02/2022)

    This link will also download version 1.0.1

  • Always enjoyed the ATLAS mods love this has everything in one. Can't wait for an update for 3.5.0 and much appreciation for this.

  • The mod half works after 3.5.0. Most of the gear is available but none of the clothes are present. Can't wait for an update!

  • When can we expect a fix for malfunction animations?

    • As soon as some other kind person figures it out for me :kekw:

    • Alright thanks xd

  • the best part of this mod and it wasnt included , big sadge R.I.P APXT

  • I've been trying to recreate the gun in the attached image and I don't think the ATL suppressor is attached to the right point on the model, its too far in and collides with the gas block.

    Also the stock appears to give a +1 to the right when I don't think the ATL stock thats retracted should cause the gun to extend 1 tile to the right.

    The barrel also shouldn't give a +2 to the left does it? The 9.5in handguard only adds a +1 to the left.


    Tried fixing it myself but I have no idea what the file structure of this even was and theres no simple items.json to edit

    • Yeah that's likely a mistake on my part, you actually just need to add the Thunder Beast Arms muzzle brake to the end of the barrel and the ATL suppressor will fix to it just like the ingame Thunder Beast Arms Ultra 5. I apparently added compatibility between the barrel and suppressor directly, will need remove that in the next update.

      As for the stock and 182mm barrel, both of those are due to limitations with this port to AKI 3.4.1 as they need to mimic existing AR-15 compatible stocks & barrels. The shortest are the M7A1 PDW (which adds 1+) and the 260mm barrel (which adds 2+), which ATLAS had altered by creating new item configs. Hope that provides some clarification.

    • I am surprised you even got the whole thing ported to the current version when I went through the mod files.

      I guess you are referencing default asset/items properties in the current version so theres no custom item configs.

      Also, I think you could rename the FDE 556 lower to have FDE in the name to set it apart from the other one and also it seems like you can attach the MPR45 mounts to a few of the barrels.

    • Could you make some hot fix?

  • how do i actually find the item

  • Is there a technical reason why the ATL-15 in .300 BLK has been changed to shoot 5.56mm?

    There are many 5.56mm guns already in the game but the MCX is the only gun that shoots .300 BLK so it would be nice to have another gun to use .300 BLK with. I used this mod in the past and having a .300 BLK chambered AR15 was a great addition to the game.

    • Some features are different from the original mod:

      - The ATL-15 .300 BLK is now chambered in 5.56x45mm as it replicates the M4A1's config

    • Yes i read that. It was how i knew the caliber had been changed. Just wondering if that is something that will be fixed in the future so we can have another gun apart from MCX that can shoot .300 BLK. There was another mod that added a .300 BLK AR, but it does not work with 3.4.1

    • There are a couple of other mods adding .300 guns or uppers if you feel like a crackhead jonesing since 10 min without rock. Meaning you need .300 asap. Don't member any names of the mods because I just got out of bed. Got them on this site so you'll find em in no time prolly.

      Tl:DR Great mod! Much appreciation and thank you so much. The LAM is my go to tactical device but not really sure why besides it looking dope af

      Love the mod so I really mean it when I say, Thank you for making my day sunny even tho I have the flu. Having a great day not counting the time spent praying to the porcelain God in my bathroom. My USEC dudebro character swerves on the foes with a Glock Fade, one tapping heads like its CSGO only fun since no squeakers begging me to buy them a AWP then like 15sec later getting rekt as they are literally worst in the world at AWPing.. Sorry for ranting but even after 3 years not playing the rage is forever it seems. Oh well.

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    • Thanks for the input, I agree that a .300 BLK AR-15 platform (with explosive rounds as an added bonus) was a great addition. Unfortunately, the simple reason I had to alter the caliber is because all of the mods I'm updating to AKI 3.4.1 use JustNU's Core mod to 'clone' existing item configs and apply them to new items.

      Because the ATL-15 BLK is an AR-15 platform, I had to replicate an existing ingame AR-15 platform (M4A1) which was chambered in 5.56x45mm instead of the MCX, which is the only .300 BLK caliber weapon in the base game and caused me attachment errors when I tested it. I don't have the skillset to create a new weapon template, so this was the best available option.

      If someone can manage to port Carl's QHB Honey Badger mod to 3.4.1 we could get another .300 BLK caliber firearm, but doubt I'm capable of doing that either.

    • Ok. Thanks for explanation. Figured it was a technical reason due to the new 3.4.X version.

      I used to use this mod a lot back on 3.2.4, so just some good memories and wishing it would work the same when unfortunately it cannot right now.

      Carl's HB mod was a great mod back in the day. Also andre1337 Boomsticks mod with a .300 BLK AR. Boomsticks was working fine on 3.3.0 but gives errors on 3.4.X. If I knew at all what i was doing I would give it a go, but I do not.

      Fantastic that you took the time to port this over to the newer game version. Really appreciate it. Just hope that in future more of this mods features can be fixed and made to work again.

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  • nice. been waiting a long time for this to be updated

  • The Atlas Quick Armor has a doge texture cube, on the item and when equipped on the player

  • Who has the presets?

    I'm not seeing them anywhere.

    • "- Trader weapon presets have been removed (or rather not-added because I have no idea how)"

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    • Woops. Missed that.

      Oh well.

  • i miss this mod <3 love it sooo much. 3.1 by chance?

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  • Can you please update the mod to 3.0.0 I find the mod very cool

  • Heya! Im guessing this issue is cause of the difference in versions, but none of the items are showing up in trader or flea, I can see the items in the Flea Market menu but once I click on it theres no sellers. Im on version 2.3.1 if it helps! :)

    • Same problem

    • Found solution. You have to have elite level at traders: Peacekeeper, Ragman, Mechanic. Then you can buy stuff from them.

  • :thumbup:

  • will this be ported to aki-spt 2.3.1?

  • does anyone know how to make the item show in flea, whenever I got to buy them there's no offers

  • If i'm not wrong, the issue is that this aki-config "EnableAllAvailableOffers" will create FleaMarket Offers based on the mods items, but Atlas create TraderWeaponPreset, so we can buy those items from the traders, but there's no function to create the same presets for the fleaMarket.

    Not particularly hard to fix, but will be kinda long since there's a lot of files to update and test.

  • @top1gunn ->

    You must set a value to false in AkiConfigurator's config file, "EnableAllAvailableOffers": false, otherwise it will not be able to generate trade offers for this weapons (must be fixed, but disabling it it kinda better than nothing)

  • this doesnt work for me on 2.3 for whatever reason, server says its getting a trace error or something (pasted below) - it doesnt do it when i pull the mod out, but when i put the mod in, the launcher cant even find my profile

    TypeError: Cannot read property '0' of undefined

    at Function.generateTraderOffers (C:\Users\drewa\Desktop\SPT 2\obj\src\servers\RagfairServer.js:271:34)

    at Function.update (C:\Users\drewa\Desktop\SPT 2\obj\src\servers\RagfairServer.js:223:31)

    at Function.load (C:\Users\drewa\Desktop\SPT 2\obj\src\servers\RagfairServer.js:25:23)

    at Object.load [as aki-ragfair] (C:\Users\drewa\Desktop\SPT 2\obj\src\callbacks\RagfairCallbacks.js:9:23)

    at Function.load (C:\Users\drewa\Desktop\SPT 2\obj\src\utils\App.js:22:13)

    at Function.main (C:\Users\drewa\Desktop\SPT 2\obj\src\Program.js:26:13)

    at Object.192../Lib.js (C:\Users\drewa\Desktop\SPT 2\obj\src\Program.js:30:9)

    at o (C:\Users\drewa\Desktop\SPT 2\obj\node_modules\browser-pack\_prelude.js:1:1)

    at C:\Users\drewa\Desktop\SPT 2\obj\node_modules\browser-pack\_prelude.js:1:1

    at Object.286.../Program.js (C:\Users\drewa\Desktop\SPT 2\obj\src\ide\ReleaseEntry.js:4:1)

  • can you use these weapons in presets?

  • anybody ever use the atlas gun and got issues when the gun malfunction?

    i cant seems to do anything when it does, swap gun, drop the gun, no action can be done

    • When the original author made these guns, malfunction didn't really exist. Now that it happens more often, your best bet is to use ANDRUDIS-QOL-CONFIGURATOR and disable all malfunctions.

    • yes, i think that's the case

      thanks for the suggestion of workaround

  • houston we have a problem, the game says the .300 blk ammo is not compatible with .300 blk ammo, 762x35 ammo is required ( 762mm ammo???? what is this a battleship? )

    • Be surprised by .45ACP ammos... (1143x23) I do wonder why not cloning template from MCX...

      It seems only BCP FMJ, AP and Ammo in this pack is allowed.

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    • I believe this mod might have been made before the MCX and .300 Blackout ammunition was actually introduced in the Live builds, which would explain why the author created an entirely new ammo caliber which is only compatible with the ATL-15 rifles. If I remember correctly there were a couple of mods that added .300 before BSG did, same thing happened with the SCAR.

      A few people on this site might be able to convert the ATL-15s to take BSG's .300 rounds, but I am unfortunately not one of them :S

    • i don't known how to open the .bundle files, probably you just need to change the filters on the reciver's values file, like adding the ID code of the .300 blk ammos on the compatible ones, i don't known how the mods works but sometimes i change the values of the items to make some cursed gun, it's a simple job if you known what to touch

    • I think the blackout guns have their ammo compats hardcoded in most mods rather than simply copying from the chambers slot on the MCX. That's a better way to do it because that updates it automatically when tarky updates. Assuming that's your issue?

  • Apologies for the delay, I've been at work all day.

    Download links for both this and the ORZ Multicam G3 mods have been updated to Google Drive links, but let me know if you encounter any issues and I'll find a better file hosting solution.

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  • I can 't download anything from dropbox. Please re-upload somewhere else. Thanks for understanding.

  • Well, no update to the link yet it seems. Still 404 not found. I've been waiting for someone to port this over for half a year. Hope a new link gets posted soon.

  • works great, love ATLAS's ARs, but it's worth mentioning that until KMC modifies their files, if you use KMC Weapons this mod will dogecube their M110K3. Not to big of a deal though, as the SR-25 (FDE) is a cooler gun anyway lol

    • How you getting kmc to work lol

    • I'm not sure I'm supposed to say much about that, but as a modder it's not too hard for me to get a mod up and running even if it's out of date. On that note, I actually discovered the bug in question on my own personal version of an updated ATLAS pack.

      If you want you could look through the code in these things and figure out how they work, do some tinkering, and make your own mods too :)

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    We can't find the page you're looking for.

  • DL Link leads to 404 page

  • Download link seems to lead to a 404 for me.

  • Thank you for the port <3