Headlamps Fix 1.0.0

Allows you to bind a key to toggle headlamps on helmets.


Allows you to bind a key to toggle headlamps on helmets.

Open Beepin Options with F12 to bind Keys.

  • I tried using a helmet-mounted Surefire light while having an AN-PEQ on my gun and got a laser coming from my helmet. Could even toggle through its various modes, with or without the gun equipped. Even after leaving and reentering a raid without an AN-PEQ, the helmet light still showed as the laser.

    • Do you have the Bind Double bound in your Tarkov Config. Meaning is Y or the Cycle key is bound to Cycle to Toggle Tactical Devices.

    • No sir, I've got tactical toggle on T and cycle on Ctrl-T, and headlamp on Y and cycle on Ctrl-Y.

    • Were you using the SureFire x400 because if so that Light has a laser built-in.

    • That is the one but again, cycling the headlamp via Ctrl-Y gave me the AN-PEQ modes, no flashlight

    • No it works its just the X400 is funky with the flashlight shader on the helmet on some it clips the side so it looks like its not showing move around and you will see the flashlight

  • There's a fair bit of lag when I hit the keybind to turn on the headlamp. I don't know if this is a problem for anyone else, though. It happens regardless of whether or not I have a light equipped.

    • Yes because it has to pull the item from the skeleton then manually enable shaders for the helmet mod. I cannot use the base item for this also it has to be the cloned item on the skeleton. I don't get much lag with it maybe about .25 ms of lag on the switch while it query's the item.

  • Just want to let you know, this also works on 2.3.0, so might be worth letting people know in the description

    • Should work with any aki >2.30 but I have not tested

    • I tested on 2.3.0 and had no issues, wasn't aware that Bespin was available before 2.3.0

    • thats what I said anything below 2.3.0 will not work.

    • Ah my mistake read the more than sign as less than lol

  • imagine hardcoding mod toggles to the firearms controller

    • Thanks BSG.

  • oh lord i love you. :love:

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  • Mod r1fT-Headlamps is missing package.json

    [ERROR] Invalid mod encountered

    • This is a client mod extract the folder to your root aki directory

    • So ./SP-Tarkov/BeplnEx/plugins/r1ft.Headlamps.dll ?

    • yep

    • Ok just checking because nothing happens when I press F12. Surely I don't need to be in raid?

    • Thats the beepin config options on main menu if that is not working you have a issue with your aki install.