GamePanelHUD 1.5.0

Create Screen Panel HUD in Raid

Now give EFT Screen have HUD UI, Shows Health Hydration Energy, Buff Rate. and Radiation? idk.

You can customize settings in F12

including : HUD always display, Position, Font Styles Color, Buff display, etc.

GamePanelHUDMag Expansion Pack



Create displays weapon name, ammo count, fire mode Screen HUD UI



  • Version 1.5.0

    Optimize settings panel

    unzip BepInEx folder to game directory



  • Version 1.4.0

    update GamePanelHUDMag (Ammo Counter), it is GamePanelHUD expansion pack

    Displays Current Weapon Name, Ammo, Fire Mode

    You can In F12 settings weapon name always display, shortname, Ammo Fire Mode HUD display, HUD position size, and any font style color.

    put kmyuhkyuk-GamePanelHUD folder to BepInEx/plugins (your maybe need delete old version folder and dll :whatever: )




  • Version 1.3.1

    fix in Scav mode, value still is PMC value

  • Version 1.3.0

    fix Buff Rate will be Bot Rate replace (Rate not display)

    fix Value for Int32 too large

    put dll and folder to BepInEx/plugins

  • Version 1.2.1

    fix name GamePanelHUB to GamePanelHUD :notlikethis:

  • Version 1.2.0

    add HUD Local Scale setting

    put dll and folder to BepInEx/plugins

  • Version 1.1.0

    fix Arrow Animator reverse, and now you can Reverse Arrow Animator

    put dll and folder to BepInEx/plugins

  • Version 1.0.0

    put dll and folder to BepInEx/plugins

  • I dont know what I did wrong but the mod works and all but for some reason when pressing F12 it does nothing, when I first installed the mod pressing F12 worked but after wiping my character pressing F12 does nothing. I also wanted to use F12 for the Skin Hide mod but yea F12 dont work.

  • Can you get this work with 2.1.2 version?

    • non, this mod depend on Bepinex, work after version 2.3.0.

      will not adapt previous versions.

  • i must be doing something wrong.

    i am putting the 2 gamepanel things into my plugins map. and put the enrite bundle map in there as well.

    i deleted my old one before doing this. i can open the f12 config but the over lay in game just doesnt seem to work. can you help me :)

    i do have hud always on display enabled. to check it

    • Put GamePanelHUD folder in plugins, instead of separate put dll and bundles folder

    • thx its working now

  • Ammo counter is genuinely a fantastic addition. Don't listen to the people who come in here going 'muh hardcore, is too easy', this is a great addon for accessibility.

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  • So sorry but where exactly is "BepInEx/plugins"? I can't seem to find this folder anywhere. I searched BepInEx in file explorer as well but nothing showed up, what am I doing wrong?

  • I encountered such a problem, after setting up the config, I did not find the appearance of lives and cartridges, what should I do?

    • If install correctly, HUD will display in Hideout or Raid.also you can set HUD always display in F12

    • HUD is also not displayed. In F12 always display too. In 1.3 everything worked fine.

    • I installed everything according to the instructions, but the setting itself is there when pressing f12, but there is no HUD

    • You can send me BepInEx/LogOutput.log check senkothink

    • I figured out why the HUD was not displayed. and a very convincing request write in the "Overview" how to install the mod. Until I carefully read the description of "Versions", I did not understand why it did not work ...

  • This is the best mod i have ever seen in my life, so tasteful!

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  • Well done with the ammo counter, man!

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  • any chance we could see any kind of ammo panel on the right? if at least just the estimation (full, nearly full, etc)

    • Actually ammo counter mod already has, so this is possible.

      I can try add the feature to hud if many people need.

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    • That would be amazing. Imagine a radar mod. I won't need my second monitor anymore.

    • Would be very interested in a traditional ammo counter. Not sure about the radar though; if it shows enemy positions, it can't just passively do so.

    • QQ20220508175906.png

      unknown.pngcoming soon:senkosmug:

    • Now Update Ammo counter bugcatdrunk

  • This needs to be in normal tarkov. Game gives you this information anyway, why not to display this on the screen?

  • Well... An interesting bug happened today. After installing this mod (which, by the way, works great!), at the beginning of the raid, a plane flew over me... It didn’t throw anything, though, so no - there was no airdrop. However, it's still an interesting coincidence. Has anyone else had a plane appearing in a raid?

    • An early version of the Airdrop system was stealth-added into AKI 2.3.1 (Correction: It's always been part of 2.3.1, thanks NU!) on like the 17th of April. You don't see the crate until its 50m from the ground IIRC.

    • correction, it was always in 2.3.1 : )

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  • Works great! Will/can you add an option to customize to location and size?

  • I approve.

    Works as advertised and as expected. Thank you.


    • put dll and folder to BepInEx/plugins

  • Hello ,it does not work :

    Mod kmyuhkyuk-GamePanelHUD is missing package.json

    [ERROR] Invalid mod encountered

    • me too

    • Put dll AND folder to BepInEx/plugins

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    • it still doesn't work if I put both files, i don't know if i'm doing right

    • Folder "kmyuhkyuk-GamePanelHUD" + dll "GamePanelHUD.dll" in "BepInEx/plugins"
      For me it works

    • F12 not working (?????)

  • Can I change the size?

    I wish the font or the picture were a little smaller.

    • Now ok, update HUB Local Scale setting

    • Well, that was fast kanawot

      I just finished installing the old ver.

    • Update again, my wrong. fix spell HUD to HUB :kannatiredofthis:

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  • Now I can know when I'm hungry or thirsty anytime XD

    Thx a lot man animehappyhop

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  • nuttable

  • Seems greatly useful, thanks!

  • I've been waiting for a mod like this for ages! Thanks for the work you've done!

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  • Can't imagine tarkov now without it

    I know that Tarkov is meant to be as realist as possible, but this makes the game so much more practical, especially when playing solo.
    If you don't like it because it makes it look less real, just imagine that your soldier has a super good memory and count bullets as he fires them :kekw:
    This was so well created that looks like like is a a default setting of the game that was simply turned off, and the mod developer did some code witchcraft to unlock it.
    Must have mod :love:

  • Very useful

    Couldn't have put it better myself. Nothing to add.

  • Yet another review.

    This is actually INSANE with the ammo counter, amazing work.

  • Awesome!

    Love this. Can we maybe see weight added in the future? Great mod.

    Reply from kmyuhkyuk ():

    sorry I not sure will add weight hud, because look weight maybe better when open tab. :mikudeathstare: