Hex's Firearms Production Business Mod (HARDCORE VERSION) 1.0.6

Run a firearm sales operation with your new business partner: "Gunsmith". He will accumulate passive income for you and also manufactures your weapon presets.


-Less Profit/hr

-Initial Investment Required Before Unlocking Profits & Weapon Presets

-Only 1 Free Barter Item

-Higher Loyalty Level Requirements

This is Gunsmith. He is your new business partner.


Gunsmith has 2 important jobs:

1. Manufactures and has all of your custom Weapon Presets available for purchase.

2. Collects all of the Profits and Items from your gun selling operation and makes them available to you.

Here’s a look at what's in his inventory:

-Your Custom Weapon Presets ( 2 Collects Per Hour Each ) ( Available at LL2 )

-Ruble Stacks From Business Profits ( 1 Collect Per Hour Each ) ( Available at LL2 )

-Barter Items He Has Processed ( 1 Collect Per Hour Each ) ( Available at LL2 )

Gunsmith needs an investor to begin making money.


* Business profits and weapon presets will NOT be unlocked until you invest the initial ₽2,000,000 to get to loyalty level 2. *

Use the "Investment GP Coin" to start investing.

👇      * ( PICTURE BELOW IS LOYALTY LEVEL 4 ) *      👇

Gunsmith manufactures 2 of each Weapon Preset per hour :



Collecting Your Business Profits:


☝️ Each Loyalty Level Will Grant You Extra Profits ( Per Hour ) : ☝️

LL2:  ₽75,000 Stack + 1 Free "GunPowder Kite"

     LL3: ₽60,000 Stack + 1 "GunPowder Hawk" ( Costs 1 "Weapon Parts" )

LL4: ₽50,000 Stack + 1 "GunPowder Eagle" ( Costs 1 "Weapon Parts" )

-Every time your loyalty level goes up, you gain access to a new

"Profit Stack"


For example:

-At LL3 you can only collect the 75,000 + ₽60,000 Stacks

-At LL4 you can collect ALL 3 Profit Stacks, totaling 185,000

Total Average Profits Per Hour:

(Including Items)

LL2: ~ ₽80,000

LL3: ~ ₽150,000

LL4: ~ ₽210,000+

But You Can't Run A Business Without Investing... :kekw:

👉 Gunsmith needs Weapon Parts to keep production going. 👈


* I highly recommend using a 👉MOD👈 that lowers Flea level requirement if you are just starting out,

so you can easily access Weapon Parts *

Each Profit Stack Requires 1 Weapon Parts Investment to Collect:


( about ₽10k - ₽20k each )

When collecting your Profit Stacks, just enter the full amount of Rubles ( or spam 9 ) bugcatworking    



* I suggest keeping an Items Case or Scav Junk Box with a stockpile of Weapon Parts so you have a

healthy and convenient investment supply handy. *

"GunPowder Hawk" and "Gunpowder Eagle" also require 1 "Weapon Parts" each to obtain.

Here are the requirements for each loyalty level:

LL1: Level 1 PMC + 0 spent

LL2: Level 10 PMC + ₽2,000,000 spent

LL3: Level 18 PMC + ₽5,000,000 spent

LL4: Level 25 PMC + ₽8,000,000 spent


-When you make a weapon preset, it should instantly show at Gunsmith.

-If you delete a weapon preset, you must restart SPTarkov to see change at Gunsmith




-Extract "Hex'sFirearmsProdBusiness.zip" into SPTarkov > user > mods

-That's it.

If you need assistance or want to adjust any values,

I can help, just ask.


This mod is also compatible with my other mod that adds weapon presets to the Flea:

Hex's Buy Your Own Weapon Presets From The Flea

And I'm shameless plugging pepelaughing my Spec Ops Menu Music Mod because its dope:

Hex's Custom Spec Ops Stash Music

<3  animedance2  -Enjoy  animedance2  <3





Thank You Both for the Frameworks that Made this Mod Possible. pikapika  

  • Version 1.0.6

    Profits and Weapon Presets now BOTH require loyalty level 2 to unlock.

    ^ Use the "Investment GP Coin" to do so. ^

    -Changed "Investment GP Coin" price to 250,000 to prevent buying and instantly selling to get investment back.

    More changes may come in the future.

    I would love feedback from users for balance changes. Please feel free to drop a comment for any ideas you have.

  • Version 1.0.5

    -Added "Investment GP Coin" so users are still able to invest in their business without weapon presets.

    -Changed loyalty level requirements to reflect "Hardcore Version" of this mod.

    More changes may come in the future.

    I would love feedback from users for balance changes. Please feel free to drop a comment for any ideas you have.

  • Version 1.0.3

    HARDCORE Overhaul:

    Your business DOES NOT begin bringing in any profits until you invest the initial 2,000,000 to get it up and running > Loyalty Level 2.

    Introduced "Diminishing Returns" system to squeeze the gap between loyalty level profits:

    LL1: Profits and Items completely removed.

    LL2: Profit Stack is now ₽75,000. "FireKlean GunLube" removed and replaced with "GunPowder Kite" (free).

    LL3: Profit Stack is now ₽60,000. "Gunpowder Hawk" unchanged.

    LL4: Profit Stack is now ₽50,000. "GunPowder Eagle" unchanged.

    More changes may come in the future.

    I would love feedback from users for balance changes. Please feel free to drop a comment for any ideas you have.

  • Version 1.0.1

    Fixed error thrown in Server.exe caused by decimal in JSON file.

    Please update if you're using 1.0.0

    Just replace your existing "Hex'sFirearmsProdBusiness.zip" and extract to SPTarkov > user > mods and replace.

    NO MORE ERRORS. animehappyhop

  • Version 1.0.0

  • Question about "2 preset per hour"
    Does it an in-game timer or "tarkov" timer that runs even if the game is off? 😅
    And is there a limit how many of those presets he will have waiting, or do those rotate simulating third party purchases?

    • In-game timer. It uses the same timer that the other traders use. But i'm pretty sure it resets back to full when you restart the game (a symptom of SP Tarkov being an offline server).

      As for your second question, 2 of each preset is always available after restock, but never go over a stack of 2. The only thing that changes are the prices, which are based on a dynamic RNG simulation.

    • Yeah, Sadly we still have not figured out how to hook up trader restock timers to in game time, but with Dynamic Time Cycle we are getting closer :D

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  • Thanks you for doing a hardcore version

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    • No problem! I was at a loss trying to please the whole community with 1 version and realized it wasn't going to work. So hopefully people can chose which version they prefer and be satisfied. Hope you enjoy. animeproudclap

  • I levelled up the trader to lvl: 2 and now I'm getting an issue where, when ZZ-WeaponTrader is in the mods folder I get this popup.

    Have any ideas how or why this is happening?

    • are you on the newest mod version? and make sure you have at least 1 weapon preset, might be the reason.

      (edit) can confirm, LL2 is working fine for me even with NO weapon presets.

      I suggest going into SPTarkov > user > mods - DELETE Hex'sFPBTrader & zz-weapon trader, download latest version of this mod, then extract the zip into user > mods.

      It may also be conflicting with another mod you have or the AKI version you are on.

    • I tried both and it's still not working

    • send me a message on discord: VirtualHex#6879

    • That account doesn't exist for me

    • me too

  • Hey dood this mod is dope, love the fact all my super OP masterful gun presets can be purchased through a trader.

    On another note, I do feel that it is a little bit cheesy since I can purchase some crazy shit if I make the preset to begin with, now I know that starting a new character would still be required to put time into creating a workbench in order to create these presets. What if the Gunsmith had some sort of initiation quest like Jaeger does in order to unlock him as a trader, just to make it a little more difficult to gain this mods additions to the game.

    Aside from my idea though if you decide whether or not to indulge I do have a question.

    Is there way in the .json files to make it so the Gunsmith trader can be unlocked after a specific level?

    I scanned through to see if anything stands out but I don't want to change anything that might cause an issue.


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    • Hey Zico,

      I’d love to add quests to Gunsmith, I'll see if I can get that going.

      And yes! All you would have to do is go into the folder: Hex’sFPBTrader > db > base.json - go to the bottom of json and you can just edit the loyalty level 1 requirements > PMC level.

      I’m pretty sure that would work but im not 100% I’d have to test it.

      This mod is definitely at its best if you “wipe” your account and start from scratch, which is what I’m doing.

      Thanks for the feedback! Let me know if you need anything❤️

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    • @zicoman After you read my long ass essay, go peep the newest Version 1.0.6 . pog

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  • How do i invest? everything i sell to him including weapon parts is only 1 roubles and my preset is only 220k twice a reset, i have plenty of roubles just want to level him up lol

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    • I will be adding an item (like a GP coin) for this reason. I sincerely apologize this wasn't thought of to begin with.. in the meantime you can just make a couple "test" weapon presets and then delete them when you're done buying them. Working on an update now.

    • thanks!

    • thanks for understanding, an updated version is up with an "Investment GP Coin" animeokay

  • Seems Interesting so installing this now and seening how it goes. Also you talked me into getting the music mod as well chikastaring I hope its good music.

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    • ok, I finally got him maxed out.. so far it seems okay since he only offered your presets but I currently have 0 but I will have to make some tomorrow. After I reinstall everything and get done reformatting my computer. The barter Items are ok and the roubles are meh if you actually want to buy all the weapon parts off the flea to even do the deal when you can just go in raid and make twice or three times as much. Sometimes I can make 10M per raid or more if I can find a scav with that melee weapon that sells for ALOT.

      I'm not trash/shit talking about your mod since I'm no expert or professional as making mods. Your mod is wondering, super nice, and quick when buying your preset weapon right away instead of going through your presets the old fashion way. Sadly, its the only thing he has going for him right now that I can see. But don't worry! I'm not going to delete the mod and this way I will be ready for future update that might bring something Shiny XD.

      I say get the mod since it never hurts to have another trader to the collection :p I'll be messing around with it more since I don't have enough to write a review yet. #BetaTesting bugcatrainbow

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    • Thanks for the feedback Demigods! Here is my response to each of your points:

      I understand the different extremes at which people play SP Tarkov. Due to modding and how easy SP can be on the default configs, some of you may have 300,000,000 Rubles in your stash and pull in 10,000,000 per raid. Which can make this mod seem lackluster profit wise.

      I personally don’t play SP that way. My SP is configured in a way that my survival rate sits around 50% and I lose gear often, so 200,000 Rubles in passive income per hour is very useful to me. (It can pay for my next Altyn or Slick)

      I wanted this mod to be a nice passive income, but I don’t want it to be a ridiculous Ruble farm that makes the game too easy. Yes you can make 10 mil in a raid, but this is PASSIVE. Its free Rubles.

      I actually just uploaded a "BIG MONEY" version of this mod a few hours ago which profits about 100,000+ MORE Rubles per hour at LL4 if you’d prefer that.

      And if you want even more, I can show you how to modify the values in the JSON to whatever you’d like.

      Again, thank you so much for the feedback! If you need anything, let me know ❤️

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    • Your most welcome for the feedback.

      I get its Passive and I did kinda cheat with SVM which allows me to take any melee weapon off anyone so it gave me an easy way to get roubles but I think Imma disable that since this is a passive mod as you stated above so in a way now that I think of it make up for this since i have an income now. XD Kinda like the bitcoin farm. :) Disabling that in SVM will make the mod useful. Also I do have a huge backpack that is 24x17 so im able to loot a fuck ton because I love looting.

      I appreciate your hard work and dedication in making this mod amazing and fun to have for anyone. I am perfectly fine in how the mod is now and no need to change anything but thank you for the offer in helping to make it to what I may or may not like. A++++ Support!

      I will be sticking with this Version instead of the big money version cause I want somewhat of a challenge in making roubles and not easy. I can be proud to say I have never made 300,000,000 roubles in SP Tarkov XD I just hate having my stash messy and a cluster fuck cause my OCD kicks in and its why I cheated a bit in making roubles with the melee weapon for sale on flea market. But its all good now. I seen you just updated your mod so i will be getting that one now as you read this.

      P.S. Your music mod is wonderful and I am enjoy the songs so far. No complains about it as I speak. imma listen to a few more songs before a write a review it. But right now its a 5 Stars for sure.

      Keep up the great work and mod on! bugcatrainbow

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    • Wow I can’t believe you wrote all of that... animeblush I appreciate the kind words and I’m super happy you found a way to make the mod work for you!

      Even if you decide not to use the business end of the mod at some point, a trader with weapon presets is pretty awesome to have.

      Also happy you’re enjoying the menu music and hopefully feeling extra Spec Oppy. 😁

      Thanks again and let me know if you need anything. ❤️

  • [ERROR] Trace:

    TypeError: TradeC.updateTime.push is not a function

    at Mod.load (C:\Users\retze\Desktop\SP Tarkov 12.12\EFT\user\mods\Hex'sFPBTrader\src\mod.js:58:24)

    at Function.executeMods (C:\Users\retze\Desktop\SP Tarkov 12.12\EFT\obj\src\loaders\ModLoader.js:147:13)

    at Function.load (C:\Users\retze\Desktop\SP Tarkov 12.12\EFT\obj\src\loaders\ModLoader.js:17:19)

    at Object.load [as aki-mods] (C:\Users\retze\Desktop\SP Tarkov 12.12\EFT\obj\src\callbacks\ModCallbacks.js:9:19)

    at Function.load (C:\Users\retze\Desktop\SP Tarkov 12.12\EFT\obj\src\utils\App.js:22:13)

    at Function.main (C:\Users\retze\Desktop\SP Tarkov 12.12\EFT\obj\src\Program.js:26:13)

    at Object.117../Lib.js (C:\Users\retze\Desktop\SP Tarkov 12.12\EFT\obj\src\Program.js:30:9)

    at o (C:\Users\retze\Desktop\SP Tarkov 12.12\EFT\obj\node_modules\browser-pack\_prelude.js:1:1)

    at C:\Users\retze\Desktop\SP Tarkov 12.12\EFT\obj\node_modules\browser-pack\_prelude.js:1:1

    at Object.211.../Program.js (C:\Users\retze\Desktop\SP Tarkov 12.12\EFT\obj\src\ide\ReleaseEntry.js:4:1)

    • Try downloading the newest version and make sure to install it correctly.

  • Interesting...

    OK you talked me into it, I'll try the music mod also

  • This too.

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    • That error is fixed. Was caused by decimal in JSON file. Please update your version.

  • is this mod only compatible with your other mods

  • it says it is missing json file

    • That error is fixed. Was caused by decimal in JSON file. Please update your version.

  • This too

    This too. pog

    Reply from VirtualHex ():

    Ayeeee. I see you with that AI config update everybody been waiting for. I'll be trying it soon. pepelaughing