EMR (Digital Flora) Tracksuit 1.0.0

Adds Killa's Tracksuit retextured in the EMR pattern.

This mod adds
a retextured Adik Tracksuit upper and lower.

You can buy both items at Ragman for free.

You need to have installed JustNU's core mod, for my mod to work.
(Here you can download the newest ported version of JustNU's core mod from Kobrakon)

More details:
This mod does not replace any items.

The textures are completely retextured by me.

( This mod should work on any SPT-AKI version from 2.0.1 to today. Make sure you use the correct core mod version and you changed the "akiVersion" so the mod is working on older versions. If you have problems to make it work on these older versions feel free to message me. )

If you have questions to me feel free and do not be shy to text me on discord ( FALmonsta#9276 ).

I will answer you as soon as I can.

Please do not text me on this website if you have discord because it might be that I do not see it.

If you want a custom made texture from me text me on discord too.

Have a great time using your new tracksuit!

Credits for the code goes to JustNU and Kobrakon.

Credits for the textures and models goes to Battlestate Games.


  • greyshop moment?

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  • nice mod we will have the black version?

    • Black version please!

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    • Good day,
      I do not plan to make a mod for a black version.
      If you want to wear the original tracksuit worn by Killa, you can buy the upper normally from Ragman and unlock the lower with a mod like SVM.
      Have a nice day!

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    • Alright man no worries appreciate the honesty and response!

      Just curious, is there any other clothing mods in the pipeline or is that a secret? ;)

    • Yes, I plan to do at least few more clothing mods (retextures).
      My next mod will also include some clothing, but it will be a bigger mod and it will take some time to make it. ;)