Helicopter Crash Sites 1.0.1

DayZ inspired helicrashes now in Tarkov



  • Hey so to change the spawn chance i need to go into bepinex/config and find the com.SamSWAT.HeliCrash.cfg file, but i only see bepinex.cfg and com.bepis.bepinex.configurationmanager.cfg Any idea why i dont see the com.SamSWAT.HeliCrash.cfg file?

    • Read this part again from the overview page:


      BepInEx plugin that will add random helicopter crash sites. The initial chance is 10%, but it can be adjusted in the configuration manager [F12 key] or alternatively, if you've launched up the game at least once with this mod, you can find the com.SamSWAT.HeliCrash.cfg file in your BepInEx/config folder and change the value there.

    • 250px-Snellen_chart.svg.png

    • oh my god im actually blind lmao, thank you xD have a great day

  • Does this mod replace airdrops with the crashes?

    I'm still seeing the plane fly across the map, but it never drops a crate

    • No it doesn't

    • Odd. I don't suppose you know what might interfere with the drop crates spawning? The plane flies over, but never drops a crate.

      I just found one of your helicrashes and the crate was present in the back as intended.

  • Hey just wanted to ask whats BepInEx? Never heard of it being used in spt tarkov before.

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    • You want me to Google it for you? Or to copy-paste 2.3.0 patchnote?

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  • Great mod bro!

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  • one of the coolest mods ever for tarkov, this is so awesome. I set mine to 50% chance.

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  • wow

  • just like dayz. AWESOME!!!!

  • Do you plan to add maybe personnel to the crash site such as rogues or raiders that guard the site? This would be for more of the hardcore players but such a feature would be amazing to see maybe the numbers of survivors of the crash changes each time so you never know how many are guarding the site etc.

    • No, if someone had a solid idea how to do it, the "guard" bots would already be included in the default SPT-AKI airdrops

    • I'm just spitballing here, but what if you had the crashes only spawn in zones where scavs normally spawn and hook into the "triggered spawns" function the door switches on reserve and labs use? Is that possible with the new system?

    • I have been reversing to try to spawn bots independently of waves and there is a lot more to it then just spawning a scav/raider.

  • Is it by design that there are some spawn locations that prevent the player from reaching the helicopter? I had one spawn on top of the left building (facing dorms) at elbow on Customs.

    Cool MOD by the way!

  • First off, really well done. Fits the aesthetic of the game in a great way. Found my first heli crash and helped myself to a few boxes of ammo.

    Second, is there any possible way this mod has enabled airdrops?? I know, it sounds far-fetched but... https://streamable.com/3qib63

    Sorry about the audio, not sure why it didn't capture. But there it is, an airdrop in the latest SPT as you could see at the bottom. It was barely 8-ish minutes into the raid when it appeared, and I ended up spending the next 52 minutes looking for it in pitch darkness with no luck. If you're wondering if thermals helped, they did not.

    I only ask because this mod brings in the instance of air-drop crates into the game. It would make some sense that the game would now allow airdrops now that the crates exist.

    EDIT: Nevermind, did some digging and found out they were stealth-added into 2.3.1. Sorry!

    • No, airdrops already turned on, I was shocked too few days ago (without this mod). Even looked at maps config - really, there are settings of airdrops.

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    • It was a secret addition that the devs put in as a surprise for people.


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    • You gotta be trolling

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    • nope, its what my server is saying when I downloaded and installed it. I downloaded Version 1.0.1.

    • If you put the SamSWAT.Helicrash folder in your user/mods folder, move it to BepInEx/Plugins.

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    • oh shit, i did not realize i put it in the wrong spot.. omg my bad >,> ty

      now I know why samswat thinks i was trolling when i wasnt lol.

    • LOL

  • First spawn it was outside Big Red on Customs, working great! But the sound (fire/flames) stuck with me all the way to New Gas Station. Getting lower and lower, but dint go away until there. Did not touch any settings.

    • That doesn't seem right, will take a look

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    • Same thing happening for me. As soon as I spawn in on Customs, I can hear the sound (fire/flames), faintly. There is definately an issue. Thanks for looking at it.

    • check the update

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    • No good. With the 1.0.1 update, I'm still hearing the fire crackling when I spawn in on Customs.

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    • Fresh install? Works for me even with a bunch of other mods on.

  • The new plugin system proving useful once again, great mod, everything seems to be working perfectly even in 2.3.0

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  • These are exactly the type of mods I was hoping we would get with the BepinEx implementation!

    Great Job!

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  • Nice work, keep it up mate

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  • hi Sam ! Nice to see you again :)

    question : is it possible to change things on maps? so, you can change assets or add assets to the map?

    or create and add complete new maps to tarkov?

    greetings from germany <3

    • Yo, yes, it's possible to change already existing objects on map by editing levelxxx files in the EscapeFromTarkov_Data folder with UABEA, but it will be a very VERY unpleasant process.

      It's much easier to add your own objects tho. You need to pack gameobject into asset bundle, make the game load it and then instantiate this object on map from ab at the desired coordinates.

      And answer to the 3rd question is also yes, but it requires good knowledge of unity and a bit tinkering with eft level loading system

    • So would it be theoretically possible to, with a random chance, place concrete/rubble ramps at various map points to create shortcuts that don't normally exist? Like say, a 20% chance the walls around the ZBs in Customs could have a ramp there, or a 10% chance this hole in the wall is now blocked with a crate, so each map is a little different at random?

    • this would be so nice @Jaxander :D

      thers so much space for insane mods.

      Thx SamSwat and again - i appreciate your work <3


    • So would it be theoretically possible to, with a random chance, place concrete/rubble ramps at various map points to create shortcuts that don't normally exist? Like say, a 20% chance the walls around the ZBs in Customs could have a ramp there, or a 10% chance this hole in the wall is now blocked with a crate, so each map is a little different at random?


  • Pretty cool, going to try this for sure

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  • Great mod. Only suggestion would be to make the smoke stack taller/higher (not thicker/blacker/wider, thats good already), just because on maps with lots of trees (like Woods or Shoreline) it might be hard to spot it due to the tall and dense trees. Other than, spot on!

  • The First of Its Kind

    Well Done!

    This mod gives me hope for the future of SPT modding and the capabilities of the BepInEx framework. Very well executed and easily one of the most ambitious mods I've ever seen on here. The doors on the helicopter are a really nice touch and the default locations work on each map in a way that fits in without ruining immersion. To me, this is a great way to replace air-drops and it works fantastically. Overall, I am more than impressed. You're truly a pillar of this community, SamSWAT kanawow

    I will leave one criticism for possible improvement:

    The burning noise from the helicopter is a tad too loud when far away. It's okay when up close, but it can still (quietly) be heard from a farther distance than it should be.

    Then again, I've never been near a burning helicopter, so I wouldn't know how loud it is or how far away you can hear it burning animeokay

    ^ Just saw that it was patched! Now it is perfect!

    Now, the fun part, some suggestions for consideration:

    • Compatibility with Custom Spawn Points to activate possible spawn near each location IF a helicopter spawns?
    • A configurable chance that helicopter spawns with no box or another container?
    • A configuration to disable smoke plume/fire sounds? (A lot of us already know the maps and know when a helicopter is out of place)
    • ^ Possibly a chance configuration?

    My suggestions are in no way criticisms of this mod.

    As is, this is a must have mod. bugcatheadbumping

  • The Doors OPEN

    Got to the Heli ( Made it 100% chance :D ) and i was expecting loot on the ground all around the Heli......WTF open doors and Big Box inside!

    Truly Epic Job!

    Congrats and thank You!

  • Ambitious and comprehensive

    Does exactly what it claims to. One of the most ambitious and inventive mods I've ever seen for SPT, and a really fun alternative to airdrops that present a different look and challenge. Easier to track but often in more active locations.

    What amazes me is how many designated possible crash sites there are. Looking at the config file, Customs alone has nearly 70 possible places the helicopter can crash! This level of variety wasn't even necessary, but the author went above and beyond. It'll take a long, long time before you see two crashes in the same spot.

    A cool concept that had the work put in, and then some.

  • Outstanding

    Absolutely amazing work!! This is the kind of content I've been excited for. Works perfectly, even on 2.3.0. Definitely adds another layer to the atmosphere of the raid seeing the smoke across the map