Camera Unsnap 1.0.1

Mods made for AKI 2.3.1 or older are NOT compatible with 3.0.0.
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Allows you to unsnap the player camera and keep the body visible for screenshots or the such

does what the title says, unsnaps the player camera and keeps the body visible so you can use it for photos or videos

  • Thanks for updating this man! I was really looking forward to this mod being updated to 3.0.0. Keep up the good work, brother! :thumbup:

    • it shoulda worked outta the box but BSG got rid of some random method it used

      was an ez fix tho

    • Oh yeah, I saw your little patch note on the mod lmao. But I'm glad to see you got it working and prevailed from those pesky Russians. :D

  • For me it says: Mod CamUnsnap-1.0.0 is missing package.json

    Pls help

    • its a bepinex plugin, you place the DLL into the BepInEx/plugins directory

    • thx

  • Please tell me how to use it

    • press F12 in game to open the BepInEx config and there you can assign the keybind the base keybind is ctrl+c iirc

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  • Damn man, you killed it with this mod. I'm having so much fun just taking screenshots left and right then playing the actual game, lol. I hardly leave comments on anything, but this mod sold me. I was hoping there be a mod like this on this website, and I'm so glad you created it. It's like a breath of fresh air from the usual day-to-day questing, fear of getting clapped, and frustration when losing your shit because of cracked-out Shturman and his goon squad on Woods, lmao. I'm kind of a noob on this site, but is there a way I can show you a photo or two I made from your mod? It isn't much, but I thought you might like it. :)

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    • this site has a gallery you can upload your photos to

      thanks for the support <3

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    • Ah, that is great, man; thank you, and not a problem, brother. I posted one of the photos I made and sent some creds your way for a job well done on this mod. Check it out when you can, and thanks again for this! :)

  • really buggy for me, the camera doesn't stay outside of the character

    • it just unsnaps the camera so you have to move your character

    • not like freecam cause unfortunately whenever you take control of the main camera it makes your character invisible no matter what