SPT-AKI game editor 0.0.3

Mods made for AKI 2.3.1 or older are NOT compatible with 3.0.0.
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Test version item editor v.0 for SPT-AKI without thread support in application functions, this program redact globals, items and locations settings.

Main FAQ: https://github.com/SeniorFullS…ditor/blob/main/README.md

Full guide on En and Rus: https://github.com/SeniorFullS…m-Editor/tree/main/Readme

Required: JRE 9.0.4: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/z7q…5uSKr5c5kyK9NPTuLq5a?dl=0

Do not use in weak processors, because i test program on i7 and high

Doesn't work on windows 11

At the first start, for some reason, the antivirus reacts, there is no virus in the program and the code is open. I'll fix the problem in the next two weeks

This program was writen by: SeniorFullStackOverFlow

SPT-AKI-Item-Editor/Readme at main · SeniorFullStackOverFlow/SPT-AKI-Item-Editor
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Editor features:

1. Changes in the characteristics of item strings in items.json

1.1 Creating presets for replacing item characteristics (make preset and add strings or array strings in chosed item,save preset, open load preset pane in preset window, chose preset and load to game)

* You can upload preset to site, other user download, put preset to *\ Item editor\Save\Presets\(download preset).obj and load to game.

1.2 If preset unload, in game file write old parametres, but the program does not remember the order of recording in v0.

1.2 Test tag system for search Rounds and Ammo boxes

2. It is possible to create and load different variations of items through items.json and global server characteristics through globals.json (in settings)

3. Changes in global parameters in globals.json (experience, health, etc.)

4. Changes in location parameters (exit time, boss spawn, etc.)

Mini guide:

1. Download portable main program from github

2. Download zip file from dropbox, open zip and put jre9.0.4 in editor.exe folder

3. Open SPT-AKI Item Editor.exe

4. Chose AKI.Launcher.exe in game folder

* (Optional) Open Settings in programm

* (Optional) Change language and make new items or globals copy. (Settings save after press OK and open main panel)

5. Select item in Select item pane. You can write in boxes or select items and groups

6. Hide menu panel

7. Select item editor and change dynamic characteristic in string with "static property name": "dynamic item charaсteristic"

8. Save in backup

9. Upload to game (backup file in program rewrite game file)

10. Open global editor and do 7-9 step

11. Open location editor and do 7 and 9 step (8 not work, location backup not done)

If you want to make a file replacment or restore the game source

1. Open Settings in menu panel

2. Chose item category

3. Chose file or make new or restore chosed category source (items.json or globals.json)

  • Too bad it doesn't work on win 11

  • Not working for me,

    It shows this application requires Java .... again after I´ve download and put it in the Editor exe folder

    Windows 11 !?