Featured SPT-AKI-INSTALLER 1.0.1

Mods made for AKI 2.3.1 or older are NOT compatible with 3.0.0.
Please do not spam mod comments with requests for mods to be updated - repeat offenders will be muted at moderator discretion.

Simple installer for SPT-AKI, fully automated

This will currently get stuck when trying to install using the latest client. (

Server issues, Size of patch blah blah.

You will need to use the old manual method till our size issue is sorted for the patcher.

Hey Peeps,

This is the first version of an SPT-AKI Installer,

this is fully automated, it will download the AKI version itself and Patcher also.


- Have .NET 6.0 installed.

- Update EFT to the latest version through the BSG launcher.

- Place the installer in an empty folder. (E.G. C:\SPT\)

- Run the installer.

- Enjoy.

As this is the first version, there may be bugs we didn't find, any issues please use the support thread to the right >>>>

Before you download and use this, understand that it will download AKI and the relevant Patcher required for your client version from our GITEA Repo.

(the same place is if you download them separately)

If you experience issues After the installer is finished, follow the usual guidelines for issues, with checking the FAQ and if that doesn't help,

move to the support forum.

Example of the installer: (the text has changed a little, I'm just too lazy to update the pictures :kekw: )

Finished Installer

  • Version 1.0.1


    fix for the installer trying to delete the patcher that doesn't exist if game version matches

  • Version 1.0.0

  • So I know you may have helped me get sp tarkov, but I am having problems with trying to get mods. I extracted them just like you said to, and it has seemed like it says its working, but I don't think it is. Could I get a hand with this?

  • When I run the patcher, I get stuck on it trying to download the .zip, but it doesn't actually download it, the "AKIZIP" file never gets any data downloaded into it, stays at 0.

    [INFO]: Your current game version: 18876

    [INFO]: Checking releases for AKI and the Patcher

    [INFO]: Request Failed

    [INFO]: Checking if Zips already exist in directory

    [INFO]: No AKI zip file present in directory, downloading...

    • yeah i just checked this, the installer checks for the patch being released on our gitea, then downloads the asset, this time because of the size of the patch, the patch hasnt been uploaded to our gitea yet, this means the installer wont work for this patch till its on Gitea.

      i need to have a check in the installer to make sure its there, very weird cases its not but this is one of them, so you'd have to use the old manual method till our Gitea Size issue is sorted, so the installer can continue working.

      over the weekend ill add that check so the installer gives feedback

    • Oddly enough, running the installer again did 50% of the job. It installed the Tarkov files, but I just had to manually install AKI.

  • somebody had 2 do it. thank god. on that biblical swag

  • I have version of EFT and trying to download the AKI but it says no patcher available. Is there one coming out soon or did I do something wrong?

    • patches are dynamically found and got, once they are made on the repo, the installer will download it

  • Very handy indeed! i love this

  • Does anyone know how to get rid of the endless loading screen at start up?

    • that would be a time to make a thread here

    • Roger that. Thank you!

  • Wow...this is actually pretty awesome. It copied my own EFT files. I don't know how it knew where to look, because I have non-standard install location, but it knew. Damn....well done!!!

  • hello i have a problem i installed this installer and accidentaly instaled tarkov single player and i dont know where it is

    • the installer copied and extracts what it needs to the folder you ran it in,

      only thing i can recommend you do it open a file explorer and search for the installer assuming you didn't delete it

  • Do i have to update the installer to 3.0 or is it automatic?

    • download the latest installer, there was a bug fix, but after that you can reuse the same installer when new versions come out

    • Awesome! Thank you

  • Good stuff. I've recommended this to a couple friends and it worked perfectly for them (the usual issues of finding the right .NET's to download lol). My favorite part is the icon you chose for the page LMFAO

    • Icon is by far the best part, fits perfectly

  • Hey does anybody know why my game is stuck on loading screen?

    • Startup loading screen or when you try to get into a raid?

      Startup is common issue with the geforce experience overlay. Try ctrl+z (or y) a couple of times and it will start loading properly.

    • Its startup loading screen and unfortunately It doesn't help

    • that would be a time to make a thread here

  • literally starts up and crashes

    • do you have .net 6.0 installed?

      also what platform are you running this on?

    • yeah I have it installed and Im running this on win 10

    • if that’s the case, can I get you to run the exe from cmd, so have the installer in the location you want, in your address bar (don’t worry about it typing over the address), type “cmd”.

      This will open a command prompt, type SPT_AKI_Installer.exe and press enter, if there are any errors it should show here without instantly closing the app. Then can you send me a picture of the error.


  • I can't find Microsoft Visual Debug Console

  • instructions unclear, dick stuck in ceiling fan

    • have you tried turning it off and on again?

  • Love the Batch file CosPlay!

  • bro the mod icon hummm

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  • This is amazing!

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  • This is great; however
    Mod manager when? retardadothinking

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    • Trap Mod Loader?

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    • Now that, is thought provoking.

    • I mean, if I don't see it done within a couple months, I'm tempted to just do it myself, all the current modloaders are outdated and there are only two main ones, one keeps getting false positives on windows defender.

      Can't really be too hard, only issue would be the GUI for it which I could learn how to do in a day or less maybe, so we'll see what happens hummm

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  • When Select-Paste-Replace is too much of a hassle.

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  • Cat stuck in vacuum, send help. Also installer good.

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  • I get an error on launch, it doesn't work. Can somebody help me install SPT-AKI?


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  • It's...surprisingly good

    I was not expecting the installer to do EVERYTHING for me, but it did. Copied my Live files (which is surprising, cause my install location is custom), it downgraded them, then it installed the AKI. All three steps, one easy installer. This is how mods should be!!

  • 400 downloads per day (21-25 of june)

    You guys are really lazy, sheesh.

  • Really NOICE


  • I nutted. 12/10

    Nuf said.

  • Do you need this in your life?

    Yes, you do need this, if you care about your time and your life.
    Makes life easier and allows you to care less about copying, extracting and downloading files.
    Simple as, does what's said on the tin.

    10/10 wouldn't worry about again :kappa: