CANN-Recycled Ammo Bag (CONTAINER) 1.5.1

Mods made for AKI 2.3.1 or older are NOT compatible with 3.0.0.
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This mod adds CANN-Recycled Ammo Bag. In this container you can put all the ammunition to take you on a raid and keep them safe in the Secure Container. This container is part of a series that I personally use to vary the gaming experience in SPT.

This container is purchasable from Prapor at level 2.

This container has been set up for my personal gaming needs but feel free to change them to your liking.

How to install:

1 - extract the .rar file

2 - copy "CANN-Recycled_Ammo_Bag" into "\"your_SPT_folder"\user\mods\".

How to uninstall:

1 - delete the folder "CANN-Recycled_Ammo_Bag" into "\"your_SPT_folder"\user\mods\".

If you have any questions related to this mod feel free to contact me on discord (Cannuccia#0589)

Credits for the code goes to Revingly.

Credits for the idea goes to Le_Kaiju.

Credits for the .bundle and texture go to Battlestate Games.

Thanks to the Discord modder community for helping me understand mods better.


  • ammo_bag.png
  • Could you tell me where I need to go to edit the mod files where i can put this in a secured container? Idrk why you changed it. I appreciate the mod still, but i only really got it because i used to be able to put it in the secure container

    • thanks for reporting, now it works.

  • Thank you heavily for the update, this was the last of my old 2.3.1 list of mods that i couldnt use till an update lol

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  • Hey, so ive scanned through the mod.js file in search for what to actually change to make it have more interior space, however i have found nothing. What exactly am i looking for?

    • Sorry for the late answer. You have to change the numbers on lines 33 and 34. I am attaching a screenshot to be clearer.

      Have fun.

    • What about secure container incompatibility? What lines would that be? Currently is not allowed in secured container

  • Can you please update this and your other container mods for spt 3.0? thank you for all your hard work love the mods :D

  • I don't know which dealer it is sold at, I haven't seen it at any dealer.

    • hi, you can buy it from Prapor at level 2.

  • hi love the idea of the mods you did, I use a version someone did of Le kaiju's ammo pouch (to make it compatible with current version) but when I went to try ur mods I got a error with ZEreshkigal's AllinOneMod weight changer option. I use it to make stuff lighter. but i get a error when I try to use any of ur 4 mods.

    this is error in the server throws, (is same no matter which one of 4 mods i have active)

    [ERROR] Trace:

    TypeError: (base._props.Weight + ((config.items.WeightChanger / 100) * base._props.Weight)).toFixed is not a function

    at Object.ApplyItemsModifications [as AioMod-items] (D:\SPT-AKI\user\mods\ZEreshkigal-AllinOneMod\src\items.js:41:155)

    at Function.executeMods (D:\SPT-AKI\obj\src\loaders\ModLoader.js:147:13)

    at Function.load (D:\SPT-AKI\obj\src\loaders\ModLoader.js:17:19)

    at Object.load [as aki-mods] (D:\SPT-AKI\obj\src\callbacks\ModCallbacks.js:9:19)

    at Function.load (D:\SPT-AKI\obj\src\utils\App.js:22:13)

    at Function.main (D:\SPT-AKI\obj\src\Program.js:26:13)

    at Object.192../Lib.js (D:\SPT-AKI\obj\src\Program.js:30:9)

    at o (D:\SPT-AKI\obj\node_modules\browser-pack\_prelude.js:1:1)

    at D:\SPT-AKI\obj\node_modules\browser-pack\_prelude.js:1:1

    at Object.289.../Program.js (D:\SPT-AKI\obj\src\ide\ReleaseEntry.js:4:1)

    just thought you would wanna know :)

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    • hi, sorry you can't try my mods. Unfortunately until 17/06 I will be away from home for work. In the meantime, thank you for reporting this error to me, as soon as I return I will resolve the problem as far as I am able. :)

    • The problem is because of this line. I tried deleting it. The error is gone, but even though it appears in the trader in the game, it gives an error when purchased. What is causing the conflict I'm trying to figure it out :)

      items[itemId]._props.Weight = "0.4";
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    • hello, thanks for the reply, I assumed that that line of code was the problem. Unfortunately, since I cannot currently work with the file, I believe that deleting it is the only option (for now). Can you tell me which error you find after the purchase? thanks for the tip :)

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    • I'm glad I could help. After purchasing from the trader, the loading icon appears at the bottom right and the item is not in the inventory. The server gives the following error:

      TypeError: Cannot read property 'Foldable' of undefined

      at Function.getSizeByInventoryItemHash (G:\EFT 17349\obj\src\helpers\InventoryHelper.js:127:47)

      at Function.getContainerMap (G:\EFT 17349\obj\src\helpers\ContainerHelper.js:140:45)

      at Function.getStashSlotMap (G:\EFT 17349\obj\src\controllers\PlayerController.js:88:32)

      at Function.addItem (G:\EFT 17349\obj\src\controllers\InventoryController.js:591:43)

      at Function.buyItem (G:\EFT 17349\obj\src\controllers\TradeController.js:32:36)

      at Function.confirmTrading (G:\EFT 17349\obj\src\controllers\TradeController.js:109:36)

      at Object.processTrade [as aki] (G:\EFT 17349\obj\src\callbacks\TradeCallbacks.js:9:32)

      at Function.handleEvents (G:\EFT 17349\obj\src\routers\ItemEventRouter.js:26:30)

      at Object.handleEvents [as aki] (G:\EFT 17349\obj\src\callbacks\ItemEventCallbacks.js:9:53)

      at Function.getResponse (G:\EFT 17349\obj\src\routers\HttpRouter.js:26:26)

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    • Foldable error appeared to me a few times with some mods. From what I understand it should show up when you buy a modified item and later remove the mod without deleting the item first. The solution I found to this error is to download a profile editor (SPT-Aki Profile Editor) and then delete the modified object from the inventory, purchased with the deleted mod. Another solution, which I haven't tested, would be to reinstall the previously deleted mod and delete the item from the inventory. If this error appeared to you with my mod, I suggest you delete the object with the profile editor, I will fix it as soon as possible. thanks for the tip :)