CANN-Ruined Wooden Box (CONTAINER) 1.5.0

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This mod adds CANN-Ruined Wooden Box. In this container you can put your clothing (VEST, RIG, BACKPACK). This container is part of a series that I personally use to vary the gaming experience in SPT.

This container is purchasable from Ragman at level 1.

This container has been set up for my personal gaming needs but feel free to change them to your liking.

How to install:

1 - extract the .rar file

2 - copy "CANN-Ruined_Wooden_Box" into "\"your_SPT_folder"\user\mods\".

How to uninstall:

1 - delete the folder "CANN-Ruined_Wooden_Box" into "\"your_SPT_folder"\user\mods\".

If you have any questions related to this mod feel free to contact me on discord (Cannuccia#0589)

Credits for the code goes to Revingly.

Credits for the .bundle and texture go to Battlestate Games.

Thanks to the Discord modder community for helping me understand mods better.


  • awesome!!

    you mind if i share this mod on oddba? :P

  • Hello. Very helpful mod and i wanted to add this mod to my game but it has a conflict with trap's progressive stash making him like disabled. I dont expect that you fix this but just wanted to let you know about this conflict

    • I'm sorry for this inconvenience, can you tell me what error is exactly?

    • Sorry for the problem. I found the problem. It was in different mod option to remove container restriction and that was doing that your mod had error. Once more sorry for bothering you

    • no problem, have fun ^^

  • I haven't installed the mod but I have a suggestion:

    I don't quite like the look and the idea of the box being ruined and stuff. When you compare it to other containers (like med case, thermal bag, scav case, magazine case, etc.), it looks off.

    My suggestion is to do another version of the mod, but the box has a bit more space inside (higher price too of course) and it has a squeaky clean look, just like the other boxes from the game, if that is possible of course. Maybe instead of being ruined and made out of wood, it is mint-condition and better material, something like this.

    • hey, thanks for your feedback. As soon as I have some time I can customize the mod for you. as soon as I have something decent, I'll beat you up. thank you :)

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  • Could Always Use A Closet On Tarkov

    Amazing space saver of a mod, if I was smart enough to mod I'd have done something like this ages ago. I've always super yearned for something like a folding closet you could put in your hideout or something and this is pretty much it: just enough to store your favourite backpack stack along with just enough armor to make kitting up even more convenient (which is always a welcome add).

    Also I know it's also a small point but I really enjoy how the container isn't just some ungodly large copy paste of a huge container like the THICC Items/Weapons case, but instead a wider form factor that mimics the shape of the actual box since it always feels weird storing more things inside an obviously small container. 10/10 8)

    Reply from Cannuccia ():

    hey, thank you very much for the review, I'm glad you like my mod. If you have any ideas or suggestions for other articles feel free to say so. :):)