Average Sized 1911 Slide 1.0.0

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Adds 1 new 1911 slide that is comedically large

Okay so basiclly, i spent like a hour at most making this. dont expect it to be that good, its funny

actual good content coming soonTM


Rust LTD (For the slide model)

Me (Putting it in the game or something)

  • For some reason i cannot find this anywhere, what is recommended to actually find this?

    Edit: i have the mod, i just cant find the slide anywhere on the flea

    • Ill make sure it appears on flea, i did test it with preset builder like a dumdum so should appear on that

      Should also be called "KestrelArms ***" as all my items will have that tag before the actual name :)

    • Yeah it just is not there for me personally, though I'm definitely not blaming your mod as I have over 30 mods loaded at one time at the moment. So with that being said it could very well be something that is conflicting with your mod, good work anyway though!