Hex's Buy Your Own Weapon Presets From The Flea 1.0.0

Mods made for AKI 2.3.1 or older are NOT compatible with 3.0.0.
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You've built a lot of weapons lately... Time to pay someone else to do it for you.

Tired of navigating tedious menus to purchase mods for your weapon presets?

No More!

-Your masterful weapon designs have gone viral in the world of Tarkov and can now be found for sale!

-Buy Your Presets From Flea allows you to purchase any of your custom weapon presets with a few clicks from the Flea Market.

* -Mod comes equipped with the AKM "RED GORILLA 2" as it requires at least 1 preset to run properly. *




-Extract "Hex'sBuyYourPresets.zip" into SPTarkov > user > mods


Q: I just made a preset, why isn't it on the flea?

A: You must restart the game/server to register a new preset.

Q: How do I remove a preset from the flea?

A: Delete the preset in-game, and then replace your current "preset.json" with the "preset.json" from the original "Hex'sBuyYourPresets.zip" file. Reboot game.

Q: Where do I find my preset on the flea?

A: Unfortunately we can't search by the preset name. You must filter by the gun's name and scroll down until you find it. Most fully customized presets fall within the ₽90,000 to ₽500,000 price range.

This mod is compatible with my other mod that adds a trader with Weapon Presets:

Hex's Firearms Production Business Mod



  • Hello VirtualHex, are you planning to contiue to support this mod? Any plans to update to SPT-AKI 3.2.2/3.2.3? Thanks in advance

  • Another must have mod in my opinion, thank you! :)

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  • Amazing Mod. Much needed and makes easy to purchase your presets instantly instead of assembling which sometimes takes time (Buying parts/Can't assemble instantly due to Stash etc.)

    Thanks buddy!

  • Whenever i start up the server it says i am missing a package.jason for this mod. How do i fix it

    • Try a different extraction tool like 7zip or WinRAR. Also make sure you’re installing correctly.

    • I am, I used both and ive tries multiple times. It does it for every mod and i see the file its saying i dont have.

  • Is this mod compatable with other mods?

    • Should be. I use it with about 15 other mods including flea mods.

    • Ok cool. TY

  • Haven't tested yet. But awesome, love this idea. Thx a lot

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  • This.

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  • Relatively new user to Tarkov. Just tried the mod. Was able to "Open" the [AKM stock preset] from the PRESETS, change out the magazine to a "Banana" one, [SAVE AS...] the preset as "Test One", and then find and purchase it right on the Flea Market WITHOUT having to use the [FIND PARTS] from the PRESETS, purchase them individually, and then assemble all the parts on the gun. Saves so much time. Not being able to "search" the Flea Market by the Preset name "Test One" was not too inconvient. Just Searck "AKM", select the gun, then scroll through the list until you see it. Thanks for this MOD.

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