Moonm3n-BulletsInsurance 1.0.0

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IDK why I did this at the first place but it just popped up in my mind so I did

Life in Tarkov is tough and resources are important. So do bullets!

Papa Prapor & Mama Therapist (And the other outsiders whom provide you insurance services) are now ready to send their men to follow your trail, dig the bullet head you put into deadman, walls and the outerspace, collect the bullet shells you sprayed around tarkov, assembly them back to a bullet and bring them back to you.

WHAT? this doesn't make any sense? yeah it doesn't. but who cares?

How to install:
Download the zip, unzip it, put into user/mods like you did with other fun things


Just for fun, I have no idea why I want to do this but I just think that the idea of digging bullet out from bodies is fun. If anything breaks because of this mod, kindly delete it and throw away your PC :P

  • Version 1.0.0

    Basically enable insurance for ALL bullets. EVERY SINGLE OF THEM

  • it seems its working but you only get 1 bullet to come back and not the amount you shot,hmm

    • weird, i tried it once and it returns all bullet i sprayed.

      Not really sure and not really want to look into this :P

  • This, Is, Beautiful.