Moonm3n-GunnyDerp The 3.1.1 Gunsmith 1.0.4

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The gunsmith for 3.1.1 is here! with some not-fun-at-all changes :P

This is a new trader mod based on the original Gunsmith trader mod. I stole copied the preset files from there and work on it.

and then I feel that the gunsmith is very boring so I decided to distribute the presets into different Loyalty level, and added 3 quests for you to level up this trader.

Kudo to the Gunsmith creator Alex <3 we all love the gunsmith, don't we? checkout the original gunsmith:

1 or 2 presets aren't working with the quest requirement, you will need to tweak a little bit yourself, go tarkov wiki page and see what to change

NOTE: you can just make this a normal gunsmith trader by:

go to the config/config.json, change the gunnyLevel property to "1"

You can set gunnyLevel to "2" so you will be required to finished 3 quests; and

You can set gunnyLevel to "3" and those quests will be a little bit harder. Just a little.

All 3 quests will be available at PMC level 10 + LL 1, level 20 + LL2 and level 30 + LL3

Default is set to "3", change it if you just want a nice and easy experience.

Also the quests aren't fully tested, I just simply tested 1 or 2 it works, I assume they all work.

You can also make all presets to be sold on a fixed price, just change the "fixedPriceBool" to true and "fixedPrice" to any amount.

Default purchase limit is 1 each restock for each preset. You may change this by changing "unlimitedStock" to true in the config.

How to install:

Download the zip, unzip it, put it into user/mods.


I copied the preset file from the older gunsmith trader, if any of them does not work you may let me know, not guarantee I can fix it.

If this breaks anything I hold no responsibility :P

  • Version 1.0.4

    Change log:

    - Fixed (probably) an issue where quest image is a blackhole keep absorbing everything

    - Finally I met BigPipe and the boys but I died.

  • Version 1.0.3

    Change log:
    - Fixed (probably, i cant replicate the issue but I guess this is the cause) where SPT failed to load trader image as image not found.

    - Fixed an issue that author has no enough rest time.

  • Version 1.0.2

    I am idiot, Gunny Derp's quest 2 requires Kiba Inner key which can be obtained by Gunsmith part 11. Soft lock itself lol.

    Change Log:
    Updated the quest 2 for Gunny, you now need to find Kiba Outer Key again for him instead of inner key :P

    If you are using normal gunsmith mode, ignore this version

  • Version 1.0.1

    Added config: unlimitedStock.

    Set it to true and you will be able to buy as much as you can.

  • Version 1.0.0

    Introducing Gunny Derp, a derp nerd gunsmith to SPT community.

  • Stuck at eliminate 10 scavs at interchange, i've killed like 20 scavs and still not complete, any advise?

    • did the counter increase? I will check again and see what's the issue

    • I can't really test it out right now because I am working but, may you go to the mod folder, open the following file:
      \db\quest.json, and find the following line:
      "doNotResetIfCounterCompleted": false,

      try to change this value to true and save it, restart the server and see if this fixes

    • Hi, I've tried this and no changes.

  • Can you add the ability to drop our own weapon presets into the files somewhere? So i can buy my presets as well, not just gunsmith ones? Please

    • Maybe a merchant that read your profile preset every time you reboot the server. Let me see if I have time to give birth this

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  • Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, open 'D:\Escape From Tarkov\EFT 12.12.19078 (v.3.1.1)\user\mods\gunsmith311\avatar\derp.png'

    Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, open 'D:\Escape From Tarkov\EFT 12.12.19078 (v.3.1.1)\user\mods\gunsmith311\avatar\derp.png'

    Instead of an avatar, there is a black square and a spinning circle in the middle.

    • I can't replicate the issue but based on the error you post, i found the potential cause for this and I thought I have already fixed that long ago (obviously I didn't). Updated a small version and can you try with that?

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    • The merchant's avatar (face) has earned, great!

      But the image in the quest window is a black square and a rotating circle in the middle.

    • try the 1.0.4 I am not fully confident it is fixed but most likely it is.

  • please do a stolecopy of operator trader too D:

    pd: if u copy something, give the credits to author

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