JoshJ5Hawk's Super Ammo 2.1.0

Mods made for AKI 2.3.1 or older are NOT compatible with 3.0.0.
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Have you ever wanted to just kill without thinking about those pesky ammo stats? Well, here ya go!

This mod aims to add a single SUPER ammo for each ammo caliber. There are currently only three calibers implemented but more will come shortly. If you feel that the explosive 12g is under/overpowered, there are a couple of config options you can tweak. If you want more config flexibility, please let me know.

If you have any issues OR suggestions, please send them over to so I can keep track of them better :)

Currently Implemented





















12g (Warning, explosive)

20g (Warning, explosive)

Comming SoonTM


  • Version 2.1.0

    Hopefully Fixed the revolver and grenade launcher

  • Version 2.0.5

    Updated for Aki 3.2.0

  • Version 2.0.4

    Made (most) ammo options configurable (applies to ALL ammo, not individually

    Renamed Super 86x70 to Super .338

  • Version 2.0.3

    Fixed Double Barrel not taking two Super 12g shells

    Fixed Revolvers (God I hope)

    Renamed Rhino 50DS ammo to .357 from 9x33R (this is the actual caliber listed in the items.json, changed it for ease of use!)

  • Version 2.0.1

    Add Compatability with Olympus (may not add super ammo to Olympus Weapons)

    Fixed 762x39 and 762x51 being flipped

  • Version 2.0.0

    First version with all ammo, may have issues, please report

    Added super762x39
    Added super762x51
    Added super9x39
    Added super545x39
    Added super556x45NATO
    Added super127x55
    Added super762x35
    Added super9x18PM
    Added super366TKM
    Added super40x46
    Added super26x75
    Added super762x54R
    Added super86x70
    Added super9x19PARA
    Added super57x28
    Added super9x21
    Added super9x33R
    Added super23x75
    Added super20g
    Added super46x30

  • Version 1.0.0

  • 40x46mm (HE) Grenade Launcher ammunition does not fit inside the new m32a1 Grenade Launcher.

    The ID you use to add the ammo to jackets seem to be the id for only the jacket that can spawn a dorms 204 key, which is a separate loot table.

    9x19mm does not fit into the Chiappa Rhino 200DS as it should. I see you attempted to add a whole new bullet only for the Chiappa Rhino 200DS, that is not necessary, I fixed the same issue so that it can use the same 9x19mm ammo as the pistols.

    Since I have fixed these issues in my mod, I have reached out on Discord and provided you the code and information to fix it.

  • im struggling to figure out what the round for the 23x75 flare gun does? ive shot it at enemies and nothing happens, ive shot it in the air and airdrops dont come. what does it do?

    • My mod uses similar coding, so I will answer for him. First of all, through testing I found out that the Flare gun is a bit... weird. It appears that the flare gun for some reason always deals about half of the set damage. However, why you are experiencing weird behaviour, is because the flare ammo has a 100% ricochet chance that cannot be turned off. So any enemy with armour, will take 0 damage, as the ammo will just ricochet off of them. If you hit an unprotected body part, at damage set to default 9001, it should instakill them. Also keep in mind that the flare gun has an incredibly poor accuracy. It doesn't shoot at all where you are aiming, and since it is basically invisible before the flare activates, you can't tell where it is going. Which is why in my mod I gave the flare a +1000 accuracy stat, LOL.

  • The 9x33R does not fit the Chiappa Rhine .357

    • Hey.

      Usually that gun only takes .357 ammunition.

      I see that Josh has run into a problem that the 9x19mm ammo didn't fit into the 50DS version, and tried to add a new ammunition based on 9x33R model but named after 9x19 to be used only with THAT gun, not the 200DS version (the .357).

      So either 1, you are trying to put the actual 9x33R ammo into the Chiappa Rhino, which is just wrong. Or you are trying to put his extra ammunition as mentioned above into the WRONG revolver. The 50 DS takes .357.

      I have already sent Josh the way to fix 9x19 to work with the 50DS, since I fixed it in my mod.

  • In config.json, changing "buckshotBulletsCount": xx doesn't actually change the number of mini-grenade-pellets fired out of the Super 12G and 20G - Munitions Expert will confirm this. I believe the buckshotBullets property controls the number of impact decals that are generated when a cartridge with multiple projectiles is fired, while the ProjectileCount property controls the actual number that are fired and can interact with hitboxes.

    In superammo.js, line 430:

    ammoID._props.buckshotBullets = this.modConfig.buckshotBulletsCount;

    I added another line directly beneath it, with props.ProjectileCount instead, so that lines 430 and (new) line 431 look like this:

    ammoID._props.buckshotBullets = this.modConfig.buckshotBulletsCount;
    ammoID._props.ProjectileCount = this.modConfig.buckshotBulletsCount;

    This seems to have worked, and the number of pellets fired out of the shotgun ammo now responds to "buckshotBulletsCount": xx in config.json. Munitions Expert confirms the change also.

    Otherwise, the mod works very well - thank you for your work.

    • Beautiful thank you! I'm clearly still learning what all the properties do! I'll be sure to add this into the next version!

  • I can only put one 12g shotgun shell in the double barrel it says for the other chamber it is not compatible...

  • has the nuke gl round been implemented?

  • 7.62x39 and 7.62x51 ammo models are reversed.

    Need to fix that.

  • awesome mate would you consider doing .338 Lapua Magnum ammo aswell?

  • Real fun stuff. Also can you add a proj. speed modifier, i literaly killed myself on factory with 12ga richoshet

  • Making all the bullets weigh .001 could be a good next step for this mod.

  • hey bro, the super 9x19 dosent work with chiappa rhino 200ds and the super .357 dosent work with the 357 chiappa either. just letting you know

  • hey man how about .338 lapua magnum?

  • love these mods keep it up :)

  • funny idea, have the MP-18 use the 12.7x108 rounds :D

    • Nahhh, I figure I can at least have them use the "proper" rounds LUL

      Like 1
  • bullet make big bang big damage i enjoy

    fun mod if you're ever wanting to 1 tap anyone through basically anything.