All The Clothes 1.0.0-hotfix

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The long-awaited successor to SellScavSuits! Wear ALL the boss and scav clothes, with realistic and balanced unlocks! ALL voices, ALL heads, and ALL clothing available for ALL factions! The ultimate in character customization!



  • Version 1.0.0-hotfix

    Built for SPT-AKI v3.1.1

    REUPLOAD, config option to make all clothing free had a typo, please redownload if you want this feature!

  • i love that i can have the MVD blue kamush camo pants from the scav boss guards, its a shame there is no matching camo jacket only the normal police coat. the scavs always have the best drip

    • Those are my favorite pants, too! As for the jacket, I'm sure someone will make it sometime :)

    • i did see an outdated clothing mod that added an OMON jacket though it had no hands model, not sure if it was a base game item that might be hidden or if it was added on but i'll have a search for the mod and link it here if i find it so you can have a look if you like

    • i found the omon jacket, its part of the unmaintained aditional clothing mod

      mod page


      i think its a retexture of the regular police jacket

  • any chance for a 3.0.0 version?

  • cant wait for the arm models in frist person!

  • Any chance for a unlocked version?

  • Any plans to put Killa's pants for sale?

  • thank

  • What if there are only USEC and BEAR clothes?

  • Excellent mod bro; this will work wonders in some screenshot ideas I have, good work! I don't know if I missed it with the plethora of new clothing, but I cannot find Killa's tracksuit pants anywhere. Is that included in the mod?

    • Hi!

      I assumed that Killa's pants were already included in the game as part of his unlockable outfit on Ragman, but I can look into it if not. Thanks!

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    • No problem, glad I could help. Sadly, it's just his top you can unlock by killing him 100 times, although I'm unsure if it's the same Adidas tracksuit top he wears vs the one you get by killing him 100 times, but it's fine either way, lol. Appreciate you taking a look into it :)

  • Awesome, I've always wanted to dress like Shingis Bigmak!

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  • Got log on just to leave a big fat thanks.

    Always wanted to use Tagilla's chest with a Bank rober rigs to fulfill one of my weird fetish.


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  • First of all - Thank you!

    Second - can I change requirements for PMC clothes, like quests and levels? Didn't find it in mod config

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    • No, thank YOU!

      Thanks for the suggestion! I'm looking into adding some options for PMC clothes (making them free and configurable just like the scav ones are) for the next patch, so I'll keep this in mind!

  • Ok to other idiots like me it's under Fence tab not Ragman !

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  • Thank you!!!!!!!

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    • but, where are the killa's pants? :?:

  • Lets goooo, I've wanted this for a while!

    One thing to note is, in the "Swapping Heads" section you put "Bear - Danilov" and "USEC - Grant" as the same ID.

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    • Ah, sorry, I wrote a lot of the Readme and such on very little sleep :sleeping: I'll fix it here on this mod page now, and I'll have it fixed in the Readme for the next patch. Thanks for letting me know!!

  • god bless you bro

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  • Hey there, I'm probably being very silly here.

    I copied the folder into my mods folder, but it isn't recognising it when I start the server?

    Great idea, you do some great work!


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    • Check the FENCE not Ragman

    • Hi!

      Please make sure the mod is properly in the folder structure that SPT-AKI expects - `user/mods/MODNAME/package.json`.

      Other than that, you should (by default, unless you change the config.json options) see a Services tab for Fence with all the new clothes, and Ragman should be selling both faction's clothing. Furthermore, new accounts can choose the new heads, and you can change your voice within the game settings, under Audio.

      Hope that helps! I'll clarify a little more in the description.

  • Nice mod, but it is useless, since you dont see new clothing and hands ingame, just bandaged default scav hands

    • ---
      Very incorrect opinion since you're apparently "forgetting" (at least) these following mods which are excellent tools for X-graphy:
      Camera Unsnap
      Increased FOV (also allows to adjust the hands/guns away from the face-cam)
      Take a Break (freezes character-tokens into the spot)

    • For screenshot purposes maybe, but i have FOV mod installed and hands are all default scav hands, so i will stick to my opinion

    • Hi,

      Thanks for your criticism! I understand the disappointment with the arm models, they're unfortunately not set up to be playable as they were never intended to be in first person. However! I'm looking into fixing this - either for the next patch or the following one. It's certainly possible to do, but the amount of work to split every one of these models and test them will take me some time! I promise it's on my to-do list.

      Furthermore, I'm sorry to hear you find the mod useless in its current release. It does add the scav voices, all PMC clothing for both sides, and all the PMC voices for everyone which is fully functional. You can still see all the pants in first person when you look down, too! Of course, as mentioned in the replies, people find the roleplay aspect and screenshots fun if you're into that as well.

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    • Thank you for your work! <3 First person hands will be super cool, especialliy tattoos on hands is my dream, patiently waiting for updates whatisthis

  • Nice

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  • Amazing word dude this is the coolest thing

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  • Good job dude !

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  • "You either drip or drown, bear man." 8)


    You have no idea how long I've been waiting for someone smarter than I to make a mod that allows you to go back to using SCAV clothing. I literally haven't seen a decent functioning one since Senko's AIO way back before 2.0.0 even! I figured out how to manually edit your PMC's appearance manually in the save file, but this is just so much more nice; huge thanks for including the boss get ups and SCAV clothing; any other mod just basically unlocked all the other PMC faction's clothing but this one just straight up gives you the entire shebang.

  • I cannot ​this right here, anymore than I can this right here.

    This right here.


    Best mod ever for LARPers !

  • Works as intended.

    The mod works great, it even has localized names on outfits which is a nice touch.

    Only if there was a way to swap first person arm textures too, perhaps one day.

    Reply from RaiRaiTheRaichu ():

    It's certainly possible! Promise I'll look into it. It might be slow-going as it's likely a lot of work, but I'll do my best!