Tarkov Uniform Aim 1.1.1

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Consistent aiming experience now available!

Uniform Aim for Tarkov

Q: What does this mod do?

A: Have you ever noticed how ridiculously slow NcSTAR ADO backup RDS is? How SpecterDR's sensitivity varies between x1, x4, and BUIS? This mod fixes it, and many more!

Q: Why not just change the sensitivity in-game?

A: All sights and weapons in Tarkov use static hand-picked sensitivity multipliers. BSG's approach makes it impossible to consistently match sensitivities across zoom levels and player settings like Field of View. This mod offers a procedural solution that accounts for these variables to offer a superior gameplay experience.

Additional information on mechanics and maths behind the mod can be found here: Battlefield's Uniform Soldier Aiming and Rainbow Six: Siege ADS update.


If you have ever refused to use a sight because it was too sensitive - or not sensitive enough - when compared to another sight, this plugin should address this.

How to install:

Drag and drop the TarkovUniformAim.dll file to %SPTInstallPath%\BepInEx\plugins


Settings are available in BepInEx Configuration Menu (default: F12).

Additional information can be found in the README.md file provided with the download.

  • Version 1.1.1

    • Aiming Sensitivity and Field of View values should now update correctly if the player hasn't spawned.
    • Debug log should be less spammy now.


  • Version 1.1.0

    Update 1.1.0

    • Code has been reorganized and mostly rewritten.
    • Added FOV Override option for compatibility with mods like SamSWAT's FOV - extends the range to 1-178 degrees. Requires restart for the range to be updated in UI.
    • The plugin should now grab Field of View and Aiming Sensitivity values from the settings menu. These values are updated when Tarkov's settings menu is opened.
    • Plugin sensitivity setting is now applied in conjunction with the in-game setting for much finer control.
    • Horizontal FOV option has been removed and is now the default mode of operation.


  • Version 1.0.0

  • Hello. Okay, I'm a bit confused. Your Version Update comment "The plugin should now grab Field of View and Aiming Sensitivity values from the settings menu. These values are updated when Tarkov's **settings** menu is opened."

    I start the game and go into game Settings. The default FOV for me is 50. I open your plugin [F12] and see your FOV setting is 75. I close it. I open the game settings again, and change it to 60 and SAVE. I open your plugin, and it still shows 75? No matter if I change your plugin value or the game settings, your plugin is never the same as the game's one. What am I missing here? What should it be doing? Thanks

    • Hey!

      I seem to have replicated the issue - the value will not update if the player character doesn't exist in some capacity. Should you enter the Hideout or start a Raid and adjust the in-game settings, the value should update - you can verify by enabling Debug logging and pay attention to the In-Game FOV value (1st row) in case it's a problem with the Configuration menu.

      BepInEx Logging console can be enabled via BepInEx settings in F12 menu once Debug mode (top of the menu) has been enabled. It is also written to %SPTInstallPath%\BepInEx\LogOutput.log file.

      Please let me know if the issue persists in those scenarios.


      This issue should be resolved as of version 1.1.1, please let me know if you encounter any problems!

  • I like the idea of this mod. Is there any chance you could have the FOV slider extended, as I am also using SamSWAT.FOV?

    • Hello!

      SamSWAT's Increased HUD FOV mod doesn't appear to affect camera FOV (FOV values remained unchanged after this mod was installed under SPT 3.0.0).

      It should work fine so long the in-game FOV and plugin FOV values match.

      Hope it helps!

    • Samswat have Custom Fov now, it can be around 150. And i mean ingame slider will have this values. So technically your mod conflict with SwatFov, i have difference betwenn 75 game fov and values into UAIM and 90 fov with Custom Fov and same Uaim settings. AKI 3.1.1 for sure

    • Hi, sorry for not being clear - the increased FOV mod now also has camera FOV which can be up to 150 as the person above said. So that's why I asked, because the slider for your mod only goes up to 75, whereas I have mine set to 80!

      Don't worry, it's not a bummer, just wondered if you were able to make it work for any FOV value outside of the normal game's range. I appreciate your effort and thank you for the mod!

    • Thanks for making me aware of that mod! I'll look into it.

    • You're amazing notGreg, thanks so much for implementing that. Look forward to testing!

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  • With any setting, the view flips to the side and I can't use the mouse anymore.
    What is the problem ?

    • Hello!

      I'm unable to reproduce this issue on my end, are you using any other mods? Feel free to contact me at !Greg#3367

    • With Tarkov Uniform Aim 1.1.0 it works, thanks :thumbup:

  • Might want to expand your description to actually describe what "feels the same" means? I have no idea what this mod does, haha.

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    • Please let me know if it's clearer now!

    • Fully clear now, thank you! I was just noticing in live EFT how this nice tan-colored 1x/8x scope was completely useless because it dunked the sensitivity when using it.

      Do you know if this is compatible with Geff's optic rework? Seems like it might overwrite similar files?

    • @notjasonlee

      I haven't encountered any conflicts with Geff's Optic Overhaul during my testing. It should be compatible as-is.

  • why

    • Because the vanilla system is 10 years out of date and somebody had to fix it.