AI Configs for Lua Spawn Rework and Fins AI tweaks 2.1.1

Mods made for AKI 2.3.1 or older are NOT compatible with 3.0.0.
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Tired of every raid being the same? Want thousands of raid possibilities? Add some variety to your raids with random configs from Scavlands to All bosses and everything in between!

Requires Lua's Spawn Rework 2.1.0

Requires Fins AI Tweaks 1.24.3

All credit goes to zicoman, Lua, and Fin. All I did was make copies of some default presets and change the default values to reflect the values from zicomans mod. Zicoman did most of the legwork I just changed some numbers.

This mod adds 14 AI spawn configurations with varying Boss/Cultist/Goons chances, scav waves, sniper scavs, PMCs, everything. The combination will result in an uncalculated amount of raid possibilities. Here are the configs and a short explanation. Everything is based off of the default config.

Default - would be like a normal online raid with a few more PMCs.

2x Bosses - 40% boss spawn chance vs 20% (online chance)

100 bosses - 100% boss spawn chance

Boss Variety - 100% boss spawn chance for EVERY boss. 8 max bosses. Good luck.

Cultists 100 - 100% Cultist spawn chance for respective maps.

Dead Raid - Its a dead raid, no sniper Scavs, use your imagination.

Quiet Raid - Similar to dead raid but with a few more PMCs and Scavs.

Foster Parents - any boss that has a follower(s), now has every bosses follower.

High Role Raiders - any raiders that spawn are Boss Followers.

PMCs - a raid with a ridiculous amount of PMCs.

Raiders - not many PMCs as default, but mostly Raiders.

Scavlands - a raid with a lot of Scavs.

Sniper and Raiders - a lot of sniper Scavs, a lot of Raiders, rare PMC sightings.

The Goons - 100% spawn chance for The Goons on their respective maps.


Fins AI Tweaks difficulty presets. 5 included presets slightly modified from the default fins preset.

Default - Default preset that FIN made slightly modified. Every other preset is based off of this preset.

I'm too young to die - Bots should take a second or two to aim at you and miss several of their shots

Hey, not too rough - AI is getting past boot camp and might cause a little damage, but nothing a Chad cant handle.

Hurt me plenty - My favorite preset, reminds me of playing online. Get your butt kicked or survive victoriously, its up to you.

Ultra Violence - Don't even try.

PMCs can now use ANY ammo from the pool.

PMCs will now use ANY helmet or armor, leaning towards Class 4 equipment.

Raiders have high quality guns and only high tier ammo.

Scavs have low quality gear, ammo, and weapons.

Everything should be plug and play if the instructions are followed.

To install:

1. Install Fins AI Tweaks and Lua Spawn Rework how those respective authors instructions are written.

2. open the Fins ai tweaks folder from this download, select your preset from one of the 5 folders. right click ~> copy on your selected preset

3. paste in the folder users/mods/zfin-AITweaks/config. replace the existing file called config.txt

4. open the Lua Spawn Rework folder from this download, copy the patterns folder and the config.txt file

5. paste inside users/mods/Lua-SpawnRework/config. replace all when asked.

load the server and play.

  • Version 2.1.1

    Added configs for Fins AI Tweaks with 5 different difficulty configurations. Check overview page for config descriptions.

    Added difficulty configs for Fins AI Tweaks 1.24.3 which is completely and 100% OPTIONAL!! Only if you want to use the difficulty configs (makes AI easier or harder) If you dont want to use them, then ignore the FINS AI Tweaks folder.

    Please keep your settings at 'As Online' or no bots will spawn

    Added Quiet Raid config - a few more PMCs than a dead raid

    Adjusted Boss Spawn rates on all configs so they spawn at the start of the raid instead of randomly.

  • Version 2.1.0

    Updated to newest version of Lua's SpawnRework which is required for this mod.

    I will keep this mod the same version of LSP.

    Newly configured default file.

    Added Foster Parents config (any boss that has a follower, now has all the other bosses followers with him.)

    Added Boss Variety config (every boss on the map at once. Including Cultists, The Goons, and Rogues, on their respective maps.)

  • Version 1.0.5

    Fix for 2x Bosses

    Added 100% Bosses config

  • Version 1.0.2

    Updated all configs to reflect online Boss spawn values

    Adjusted max bots alive to 24 to help with stuttering/performance.

    Added 3 new configs (Cultists, Dead Raid, and The Goons) any ideas for configs should be relatively easy to add.

    if you downloaded 1.0.1 pls redownload this, there was a quotation missing in the config file.

  • Version 1.0.0

  • Installed FAIT+FAIL+Lua Custom Spawn Rework and these configs on SPT 3.2.1 SPT 3.2.0.

    Went into FAIT and disabled FAIT spawns, as per Lua's readme. (edit: Yes the config will of course disable FAIT spawns.)

    For FAIT I use "Hurt me plenty".


    Playing on Factory as SCAV: Lots of SCAVs usually spawn, but only 1 or even 0 PMCs (tried over 10 raids) and used Trainer+Wallhack to verify how many spawns there are.

    PMCs sometimes don't attack me playing as SCAV, I can walk up 1m in front of them and they do nothing. (about 50% of all raids).

    Using only FAIT+FAIL without Lua's Spawn Rework I get much more PMC spawns and more action going on.

    What am I doing / understanding wrong? ;(

    • mod is only for 3.2.0 at the moment.

      mod configs come with fins spawns disabled already you shouldnt need to disable spawns if you installed correctly.

      i dont ever play as a scav so idk much about them

      whatever settings you have in FAIT will be overridden by FAIL...having said that I use both (FAIL and FAIT) and I get an even amount of scavs/pmcs.

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    • Thanks for your answer.

      Sorry of course I mean SPT 3.2.0 (there's no 3.2.1 yet). And yes, you are also right: after overwriting FAIT's config with the one of this package, of course FAIT spawns are disabled.


      whatever settings you have in FAIT will be overridden by FAIL

      Well, it's not completely ignored. By FAIL's Readme:


      FAIT will use FAIL's AI Template, instead of it's hard coded one.

      Both work in conjunction.

      Playing as SCAV, I see USECs who don't even attack me. Only after I start shooting one of them, all of them become hostile towards me. No idea what's going on. I deleted FAIL+FAIT+LuaSpawnRework completely and started over again. Still the same issue, I even took a video which I might upload later.

      I will try without LuaSpawnRework, only using FAIL+FAIT vanilla to see if the behaviour persists, which would mean it has nothing to do with your templates.

  • not sure if im the only one who gets this, but windows is detecting a virus from this mod

    • I use window 11 with Bitdefender and I'm not detecting any virus.

    • im using windows 10, that could be it but idk, not a big computer guy

    • its a Google Drive link....

      The more you know: anything you upload to Google Drive gets put in their Data Center, which is vigorously monitored 24/7 for trojans/viruses.

  • Hi badaim, I have tried all the configurations of this mod and I think it works very well. However BigPipe doesn´t spawn in any config and any map, I only find Knight and BirdEye, do you know why that happens? I have 100% spawn chance.


    • Same here. Idk what it could be. Sometimes I get two Birdeyes and one Knight but no Big Pipe. I will fiddle a little more.

    • Ohh I see, I thought it only happened to me. I'll be waiting to see if it can be fixed, thanks for your work

    • I tried putting a zz in front of LSP so it loads last but that didn't work.

      I also tried putting bigpipe as the only escort to no avail.

      success also didn't occur when I split up the escorts

      tbh idk why its doing this. I did some googling and on another site several folks mentioned the same issue. Idk if its a vanilla AKI issue or a mod causing it.

  • I think the lower settings are little bit undertuned.
    Even in "Hey, not too rough" they behave like spinbot from cs go but they cant hit shit XD
    I was standing like 2m from pmc and he hit me twice before he run out of ammo hahaha :D

  • This mod should be called " You got Tarkov'd"
    Absolute mad configs, I don't remember when was the last time I have survived a raid with this.

    challenging, good stuff!

  • For the terms of having randomization enabled, they all have 1 next to it 1-10...1-100....1-9000...what's the range for that?

    • the 1 is a spawn weight. so if you want a certain config to load more than other ones change the 1 to a 2 or a higher number. 0 disables that preset.

      keeping them all at 1 would make pure randomization

  • i cant download it it says file is in bin

    • try again i just uploaded a new version and I removed the old versions.

    • thanks but i cant get any 100 boses and goonse spawn every raid i uploaded fin default and lua all files but nothing happens

    • I'd love to help but I guess 'nothing happens' is pretty vague. I just ran two raids one each with 100 Bosses set as the config and the next one with The Goons and everything worked as it should.

      Do you have the required mod(s)?

    • maybe I didint install it properly or don't know how to do it.becouse for now I just paste default for fin and for lua there is patterns I just put 100 and goons and it says 1.or I done something wrong ?probably I don't know how to install it properly

    • if you have fins or lua spawn rework already....delete that folder to start fresh.


      Lua Spawn Rework install like a normal mod. put archive contents in users/mod

      FINS AI Tweaks install like a normal mod

      download my mod, install to respective folders.

      play. try a config once before you change any numbers if you dont know what youre doing.

  • Hi mate, is there any tips for spawn all bosses at same time? Because i tried change "together" to random and evenly, they are spawning one after another and only if i kill first boss, then second etc

    • i uploaded new version that should make the bosses spawn all at once instead of concurrently. i didnt notice that happening in the old version but I never really looked for it either.

  • Hey. Would you be able to do some configuration for beginners / weak players ?

    • Yeah no problem what did you have in mind? Like just a few duos runnin around or no scavs or just a few scavs?

      I cant really change the difficulty with this but you can if you use Fins AI Tweaks

    • What I mean is that I am quite a weak player and shooting still makes it difficult for me. In general your "default" configuration is ok even I like it, but the difficulty level of the bots in general is high (too difficult for me). I like to play looter-shooter games, but here the bots (all of them) give me a lot of resistance. I think that if they made the level easy then maybe it would be easier for me to play. By the way, I like EFT very much and I don't want to give up that's why I'm writing about it here. I think you will help me to some extent.

    • Yea I know what you way to do that is too use Fins AI Tweaks. I made a couple of AI difficulty presets. Testing them now, should be up within the hour.

  • Having issues w/ it on my end! I replaced the Lua spawn confic with this one, and everytime I load the game it hits me with

    Lua-SpawnRework - Spawn Pattern "badaim - Raiders" doesn't exists, Check the config file, Mod Disabled...

    Or a different one, like The Goons or cultist. Anyone got any ideas how to fix? Trying to fight the goons on singleplayer to test out that GL

    • delete your LuaSpawnRework folder

      re-install the download from luaspawnrework so you have a fresh clean install

      copy everything from this mod and put it in the folder named 'config' inside LuaSpawnRework


      it sounds like maybe you only installed part of the mod.

      the patterns didnt get installed

    • Think that did it! So I got the thing working and all, it pops up and all that. /But/ I'm not seeing the bosses! I got The Goons on 2 and I'm trying out Customs, don't see them at their spot though.

    • you could change the default pattern to The Goons and change use random patterns true to false.

      or you leave everything as is and change all the presets to 0 but keep Cultists at 1.

      Also, in the server window it will say which preset is loaded. looks for something like this

      (Lua-CustomSpawnPoints: Custom Spawn Points Bot: 1137, Player: 7, Boss: 0

      Lua-CustomSpawnPoints: Default Spawn Points Bot: 157, Player: 245, Boss: 15

      Lua-CustomSpawnPoints: Successfully Loaded 2 Presets for "bigmap, interchange"

      Loaded spawn patter: badaim - 100 bosses. Good Luck <~~~~~~~

  • so to get it to do a default spawn of 100% bosses do i just move the badaim - 100 bosses down to default under the trigger waves?

    • yes, go to your LuaSpawnRework folder

      for example:

      D:\SPT-AKI\user\mods\zLua-SpawnRework\config <~~~~

      open the config text document change this:

      "default_pattern": "badaim - default",


      "default_pattern": "badaim - 100 bosses",

      dont forget to change "use_random_patterns" to false

      if you wondering what the 'z' is in there for, I put that there so that LuaSpRw loads last, specifically AFTER the Fins AI tweaks.

    • so can you use multiple presets at the same time?

    • yeah you can, the config comes that way in the download. but you can disable presets that you dont want to use as well.

      keep use random presets set to true

      disable the presets you dont want by changing the 1 to a 0 (zero) behind each preset.

      Conversely you can increase the weight or chance for that preset to load more often but putting a 2 or higher number in place of the 1

    • awesome thank you for the awesome mod

  • Tough to know if it's working....I set it to default cultists 100 (keep in mind I barely know these enemies, they seem very elusive and also only at night which I never play) and it seemed like regular scavs spawned to me...then I got shot in the face lol.

    • Yeah they only spawn at night and dont make any sounds when they move.

      You will experience scav and PMC waves because the Cultist 100 config is identical to the Default config except instead of 20% spawn chance, its 100%, obviously.

  • Just wanted to let ya know it still says 3.1.1 instead of 3.2.0

  • hey m8 sorry to blow up your comments but im getting an issue where the "Loading profile data" screen on start of the game load forever after i put put your mod into the config folder of LUA Rework I'm running the 2x Boss Chance Preset

    heres the error :

    Error: Unsupported issue: Expected "," or "}" but "f" found. (please open an issue at the repo)

    Error: Unsupported issue: Expected "," or "}" but "f" found. (please open an issue at the repo)

    at runFixer (C:\Games\SPTarkov\node_modules\json-fixer\index.js:91:16)

    at fixJson (C:\Games\SPTarkov\node_modules\json-fixer\index.js:103:21)

    at doubleCheck (C:\Games\SPTarkov\node_modules\json-fixer\index.js:29:44)

    at fixJson (C:\Games\SPTarkov\node_modules\json-fixer\index.js:105:10)

    at doubleCheck (C:\Games\SPTarkov\node_modules\json-fixer\index.js:29:44)

    at fixJson (C:\Games\SPTarkov\node_modules\json-fixer\index.js:105:10)

    at doubleCheck (C:\Games\SPTarkov\node_modules\json-fixer\index.js:29:44)

    at fixJson (C:\Games\SPTarkov\node_modules\json-fixer\index.js:105:10)

    at fixingTime (C:\Games\SPTarkov\node_modules\json-fixer\index.js:113:11)

    at checkJson (C:\Games\SPTarkov\node_modules\json-fixer\index.js:146:12)

    • i just noticed that myself. Its gotta be a typo in that specific config, missing a punctuation somewhere or an extra letter somewhere.

      I'll upload a fix for that in a little while.

    • Thanks man appreciate it big time

    • I believe the 100% bosses preset doesn't have any set spawn locations for 3.1.1 after looking it over a few times

    • it doesnt need any specific locations. you can set them if you'd prefer to one specific area, if left blank, the game will do it on its own like cultists at night.

      if you compare to the other files/configs, they dont have specified spawn locations either.

    • ah i see now thanks for clarifying mods great

  • Question about the way that boss spawns are listed on Default. Should bosses spawn with their appropriate goons and all that, or will it be random? I'm not familiar with the new version of Spawn Rework and the readme hasn't been updated.

    • i dont use the Lua default config myself, i kept that in there in case someone wanted to make their own preset off of the default one

      but your question did make me wonder some things, specifically if bosses will still spawn with their squad. so i did a test

      i adjusted factory day settings to only Reshala and for his escort I chose followerSanitar.

      I did find Reshala, he spawned right away and so did Kardiolog. I made myself invincible for this task to get as many kills recorded as possible. I did get several dozen kills but none of them turned out to be a Zavodskoy.

      so to answer your question, no, if you specify the boss and the escort(s), only they will spawn.

      heres what i had:





      "normal, hard"

  • does 2x Boss chance preset include the goon squad?

    • Or the cultists or do i need to add those onto a preset for them to have increased spawn chance?

    • 2x boss chance doesnt have cultists or the goons. I can add that in the next update, coming in a few minutes.

      Its tough to make the game do cultists AND the goons. sometimes it does two goon squads and no cultists.

    • Awesome thanks a ton gonna try it out now, is there anyway I can set it so a single boss will always spawn out of the pool of bosses for a map ? (Ex: random chance to spawn Goons OR Reshala and his boys on customs guaranteed)

  • Could I ask what the three new presets are like?

    • sure:

      the Cultists preset has 100 chance for cultists

      the The Goons preset has 100 chance for Big Pipe, Birdeye, and Knight.

      the Dead Raid preset has the chance for very few pmcs to spawn, and very few scavs. similar to a dead raid online.

    • Sounds awesome!

      Cultists still only spawn at night on the specific maps, right? I'm pretty sure it's hard-coded so mods can't just add daytime cultists, which is a shame.

    • I know me too. We can dream!!!