Arokar - Tacticool Replacers 3.2.0

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Retextured weapon mods.

I mostly only updated the mod to 3.1.* / 3.2.* with some slight modifications.
I've offered Arokar to upload these themselves, but they seem to be quite busy atm.
I will remove these if and when they're able to upload them on their own mod pages, or if prompted to.

Original mod: Tacticool Replacers

Replaces some of the ugly colours that some of the weapon mods have.

The F1 AR15 Pistol Grip with the yellow rope is now red.

Goliaf AK74u Handguard is now black with red bolts instead of bronze.

HK polymer Magazine was green and was changed to black.

The Rechnagel Shade Mount for the aimpoint was tan so I matched it closer to the colour of the aimpoint collimators.

KGB AK Pistol Grip was changed from bronze to black.

Pufgun Magazines have been changed from yellow to black.

MMW Fal Magazine was Tan so I changed it to black.

(There will be no anime retextures for this mod)

Install Instructions:

unpack the Rar and copy Tacticool Replacers into your mod folders.

Should have no conflicts.

  • Version 3.2.0


    • Ported from JS to TS
    • Compressed the bundles with LZ4 (saves a few MBs... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)
    • Redone/moved around some stuff

    Replaces specific existing weapon mods.

    • HK Polymer Mag (from Green to Black)
    • Rechnagel Aimpoint Shade Mount (from Tan to Black)
    • Goliaf AK74u Handguard (from Bronze to Black)
    • KGB AK Pistol Grip (from Bronze to Black)
    • Pufgun Magazines (from Yellow to Black)
    • MMW Fal Magazine (from Tan to Black)
    • F1 PC2 AR15 Pistol Grip (changed rope from Yellow to Red)

    Install instructions.

    unpack my rar file, copy the Tacticool Replacers into your mods folder. Easy.


    Let me know in the comments if there is anything wrong with the mod. animehappyhopanimehappyhop

  • Adding new stuff to Arokar mods won't be a priority of mine as I'm focusing on keeping their mods alive till they might come back someday and take control over the reins again.

    That said, I'm still going to take suggestions in consideration whether I'm willing to fulfill those or not. It will all depend on my mood/motivation/time.

    Cheers! <3

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  • Cool changes, if you ever feel up for it, would love to see the DVL-10 in Black!

  • changing the pp19 puffgun mag and fal polymer mag to black is great, they always bug me the most espically the FAL mag as the design looks nice the but color clashes with the fal and RFB's other attachments