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SamSWAT's ARTILLERY SUPPORT, but a little better...or not ?

So, the first question that everyone asked themselves is why there are only 200 shots ?

I don't understand much about programming, and even less about the development of BepinEx plugins.
Therefore, I made every effort to simply increase the number of shells to 20,000, and the radius of destruction to 500 meters.
Then I came to the conclusion that the projectile falling strictly down is pretty stupid, then I figured out the positioning and added the ability to adjust the direction of the projectile falling according to the cardinal directions, now it makes sense to take a compass with you.

Enough words:

(this is a 30x29 VOG with reduced speed and a red tracer)

Mod works exactly the same as the original, place the file in a BepInEx/plugins, launch EFT and you need any of the available smoke grenades...then it's a matter of fantasy.

  • Use the direction of the fall, a small radius and a small number of projectiles to effectively destroy enemies inside buildings.
  • Use a large radius and the maximum number of shells to arrange a hell in Tarkov.
  • Use a large radius, maximum number of shells and a low rate to play Russian roulette.


I said that I don't understand much about programming, right?
I do not know for what reason, but this ultimate ability is only available for one raid, in the next raid, the rescue shells carrying democracy are no longer available:(
if someone understands this more than me, there is an archive with the source code for you, good raids for everyone.

May the Force be with you