Preset Sharer 1.0.3

Mods made for AKI 2.3.1 or older are NOT compatible with 3.0.0.
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Share builds with your friends easily

To install drop the nexus folder (or the .dll within it, BepInEx will load all .dlls within any folders within the plugins folder) into your plugins folder.

The mod adds 3 buttons to the edit preset menu:

  • Publish: uploads the build you currently have open on the screen
  • Download: will bring up a popup which you put the code your friend gives you into and download
  • Zoom out: act surprised

When you publish your build you send a screenshot of the weapon as well. If you have data limits or a slow upload speed this can be disabled through the F12 menu. The name in the top left can be set but is not required, though in the future builds without a name will not show in the gallery. If you want to look at builds that are currently available go to and find one you like. Click it and a popup will come up. CTRL+C to copy the ID. Go back to the game and download as usual.

Going to the website right now will download >~30MB of screenshots. This is because of an oversight in my first version which didn't take into account how large PNGs are and the fact that some people play on larger resolutions.

The backend for this will be open sourced at a later date. If you choose to write your own backend feel free.

  • Version 1.0.3

    Optional update

    Added a button to get a random build. At the time of writing this there are 71 builds uploaded. Not sure how many are unique as that was a later implementation.

  • Version 1.0.2

    Optional update.

    Uploading will now send your PMCs name to the server. Will allow me to implement the ability to filter by uploader (if I ever get around to it.) You can also choose to upload anonymously through the F12 menu.

  • Version 1.0.1

    Please download.

    • Switched encode type from PNG to JPEG.
    • Added the ability to change quality of JPEG encoding.
    • Downscaled the image as some of you are on big boy monitors.
  • Version 1.0.0

  • Getting random presets works. But I cannot access the website and look at the presets. Is it only on my end or someone else having same issue?

    • doesn't work for you? Make sure you add the port. Also keep in mind only builds with a name will show up on there. As I said there were 70 at the time of uploading the new version which can be obtained through random preset.

    • I am able to access & view the preset build list with no issue

  • any chance in changing how this mod works by making the mod store presets locally on the aki's folder by creating it's own Presets folder?

    • You can already save them through the menu. The mod is targeted at sharing these builds with people.

    • save them trough the menu uploading them. Or what u actually mean locally if locally:/

    • "Store presets locally" meaning you want to save your preset, not share it, correct? If so this is already done through the edit preset menu otherwise I must be misinterpreting your request.

    • yes. not share it have a folder locally where they all are found on my pc. just now sure how as there aren't any guides or something that tell me where/ what to change or look for

    • In this case, no, this is not a "feature" to be added via my mod because it already exists. Press the "SAVE AS..." button on the top left of the edit preset screen. This saves the build to your profile (locally.) The "PUBLISH..." button will explicitly be for what it says, publishing. Though at a later date I will open source the server-side so others may host it for their own communities.

  • pictures in mod description arent working

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  • Sounds like a really good idea, unfortunatly the link doesnt seem to work so I guess the server which stores the presets is offline. Oh and I don't have friends anyway :(

    • I had it down so I can push an update to the server. Now you can browse presets at but it's going to send you ~30MB worth of screenshots. You can click on the image to copy the ID from there you import ingame like normal.

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  • Are people even using this at all? It seems dead and not alot of presets uploaded when checking the Index. O.o

    • Pretty much. ~20 downloads on the site with only a few uploads. I'd love to get more people to use it but I hate advertisements as much as the next guy. If we could have someone post it on the sptarkov/emutarkov subreddits to try to boost popularity maybe that'd be good? Overall I'm not too worried about it.

    • ok no worries, I've never use Reddit before so i wouldnt know how to do that at all sadly. I'll start using it and add some preset to see if that gets people to start downloading it XD

      Hopefully I don't mess it up somehow since I do that easily. Hehe

    • I personally like the concept. From a users point of view, one issue I see is with the lack of ability to see any details in the gallery. Not knowing what type of gun is uploaded, makes it impossible to know what is what without clicking on every one. If the upload process would allow a brief small desc to be added, that would really help from a users perspective. Just a thought.

    • Yes, I really like that idea.. Rather than a random ID name created.. Allow us to name the preset or put the preset under the right category.. Also a way to look up the custom builds rather than having to tab out to look it up.

    • When I get around to doing the gallery (thinking of completely redoing the backend) it will prioritize the builds with names. If you type something in the top left then upload then manually go to and paste what you get you will see the name is saved as I do plan on showing it in the gallery.

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