SPT Local DB Website AKI 3.2.4

Mods made for AKI 2.3.1 or older are NOT compatible with 3.0.0.
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This is the DB Website we all know ... but ran locally as a mod !

SPT Local DB Website

This is the DB Website we all know ... but ran locally as a mod !

Disclaimer: this mod uses 100% of the DB website UI code, so any bug existing in the website will be there too. Please don't hesitate to report them to me.


What does it mean for you ?

  • It is always up to date: it is synchronized with your local SPT installation data. To update the items in this website, you just have to update your SPT installation.
  • All changes to any item from other mods are also visible in the interface. What you see is the result after all mods changes.
  • It is faster since there is no need to call any remote server.
  • There are No internet cost: since it runs on your machine

How to install

  1. Download the zip from the blue button above or from the Gitea repo
  2. Unzip the file
  3. Place the resulting "spt-local-db-website" folder in your SPT "user/mods" folder (same as any other mod)
  4. Start the SPT server as usual
  5. Open http://localhost:6969/db-website in your favorite browser


This mod is incompatible with other mods that change the HttpServer. This is irrelevent starting with version AKI 3.2.4 thanks to the new Listener architecture.

  • Ngl that's cool, feels like a futureproofing.
    I refer to the website due to easier look for stuff and therefore I got a question, can we expect the update for the website on sp-tarkov domain?

    • Hey !

      Thanks for the comment !
      Since I reuse the code I wrote for the sp-tarkov domain DB, it should be the same way to look for things.

      What update do you mean ? if you mean update to the latest official items, it should already be in place. That is the only update we can do on it. The sp-tarkov domain wouldn't however be able to have some capabilities this mod has, for example your local changes (changes made by mods you installed) wouldn't be visible in the SPT DB website.

    • Was talking about website specifically and yeah seems like it's up to date, my bad, should've checked beforehand by using IDs rather names.
      Might as well rant about namings of certain items like gingy keychain or signal pistol being confusing, but those are BSG to blame.

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  • Another Useful Tool

    Another tool to make modding more efficient and enjoyable!

    Reply from Shirito ():

    Thank you for the warm review ! ^^

  • Can be used as a good debug tool.

    It allows to browse not only vanilla AKI items but also modded ones.

    Reply from Shirito ():

    Thanks for the review !
    Hopefully, this will be the first step of something bigger.
    Stay tuned for new mods to come ! (no ETA though :D)