KMC Core 1.3.1

Da core, which is required to run any KMC mods.


Check the ReadMe for more info.


  • Version 1.3.1

    AKI 2.1.X Compat

    More Stat/Locale/Price and Loyalty changes

    Loot Spawner Module Removed

    Future versions will be packed with respective mods

    7.92 Kurz Icon corrected (Kinda)

    New Models for .50 Beowulf

  • Version 1.3.0

    Loot Spawns actually fixed
    Requires Weapons 1.2.3 or higher to function properly

    Added 6.5 Creedmoor

    Added 8mm Mauser
    Sweeping Changes to Stats, Loyalty Levels and Prices
    Ammo boxes doe, more to come!

    Does *NOT* currently work AKI 2.1.0

  • Version 1.2.1

    The Loot Spawner Hotfix
    Exactly what it says on the tin.
    Shoud fix compat issue with other dynamic loot mods.
    Upgrade from 1.2.0

  • Version 1.2.0

    The Ammo Expansion
    +P and +P+ Rounds included for some calibers
    Vanilla Compatible
    World Spawns from some items on Customs

    Currently conflicts with Ereshkigal's AllOfficialKeys


    - Glaser Blue Saftey Slug
    ---9x19, 10mm, .40SW, .357 Sig and .380 Auto

    -Dagny Dagger (Armor-Penetrating Hollow Point)

    ---9x19, 10mm, .40SW, .45 ACP, .357 Sig and .380 Auto

    -FMJ Flat Nose

    ---9x19, 10mm, .40SW, .357 Sig and .380 Auto

    -FMJ Ball/Round Nose

    ---10mm, .45ACP, and .357 Sig

    -High Velocity Soft Point


    -Jacketed Soft Point


    -Jacketed Hollow Point

    ---9x19, 10mm, .40SW, .45 ACP, .50AE, .50BW, .357 Sig and .380 Auto


    ---.45 ACP

    -RIP and +P RIP

    ---9x19, 10mm, .40SW, .45 ACP, .357 Sig and .380 Auto

    -Red Tracer

    ---9x19, .40SW, and .380 Auto

    -Xtreme Defender

    ---9x19, 10mm, .40SW, .45 ACP, .50AE .357 Sig and .380 Auto

    -Xtreme Penetrator

    ---9x19, 10mm, .40SW, .45 ACP, .50AE .357 Sig and .380 Auto

    Current Ammo Chart is here

    Ammo Loyalty Levels and prices subject to change based on feedback

    --Huge Thanks to:

    TwistedGA for the sick Texture work
    Stealthsuit for helping me place worldSpawns
    Nerds like you that actually want to use content I've had a hand in creating

  • Version 1.1.3

    New stuff!!


    --Added .40 FMJ
    --Added Grendel Incendiary
    --.380 ACP added

    --.50 BW added for MCACW Expansion (.50 BW Requisitioned with permission from KCH Armory)

    -- Added .357 RIP and Green Tracer
    -- .357 GT is identical to FMJ but its a tracer
    -- All .357 Craftable at workbench using corresponding 10mm FMJ and the corresponding 9x19 round,
    (e.g.: Round Pliers + 10MM FMJ + 9x19 GT = .357 GT

    Other things I'm probably forgetting!

    _____Changes and Removals_____

    -Some fancy new custom bundles for our bullets thanks to TwistedGA
    *(not all of them are finished, more to come)
    --Grendel HE changed to Grendel Frag (Needs tweaks, pls gib feedback)
    -- .357 Grizzly HP Damage/bleed chances reduced, pen/muzzle velocity increased
    -- .357 FMJ damage increased, muzzle velocity decreased

    -- Slight Buffs across the board for 10mm, Grendel and .277

    -Removed duplicate pen chance probabilities from all Grendel rounds


  • Version 1.1.2

    -Corrected Grendel FMJ Weight

    -10mm FMJ now available at Gospozha LL1 (Craftable at Workbench 3)

    -.40 S&W FMJ now available at Gospozha LL1 (Craftable at Workbench 3)

    -6.8 TVCM AP Damage 68 >>> 72
    -6.8 TVCM AP Muzzle Velocity 1050 >>> 1103 (~30% increase vs .308 M61)
    -6.8 TVCM AP moved to Gospozha LL4 (Craftable at Workbench 3)

    -6.8 TVCM FMJ Damage 70 >>> 75

    -6.8 TVCM FMJ Pen 45 >>> 49
    -6.8 TVCM FMJ Muzzle Veloctiy 968 >>> 1024 (~23% increase vs .308 M80)

  • Version 1.1.1

    - Corrected Ammo Stats (Armor damage was represented as a 0 - 1)
    -Added .40 S&W FMJ
    -Added hideout crafts for some ammo, check em out and gib feedback! They all populate at the bottom, so no need to look for em!

  • Version 1.1.0

    -Remove Repair option from Gospozha
    -Move Ammo from KMC-Weapons to KMC-Core
    -Tweaked Stats for ammo, ammo chart is here

  • Version 1.0.2

    Change Log 1.0.1a --> 1.0.2

    [Fixed] Prices of STM handguards was completely off

    [Fixed] 15 Inch STM handguard was appearing as the 12 Inch

    -Le Kaiju

  • Version 1.0.1a

    Change Log 1.0.1 --> 1.0.1a

    [Fixed] File name set correctly as to not cause issues.

    -Le Kaiju

  • Do you plan on updating the mod at all along with any other mods in conjunction with this one?

  • Why does doge appear on non modded items?

    • usually happens when there's a duplicate CAB ID, the 25mm ring will be fixed in a new version, but idk what happened to the ultima as I've never used any part of it

    • Ahh ok. thank you!

  • if i tried to start the server, it just says "trader id DOC_TRADER not found, back to default refresh time of 3600"

    what should i do here

    • it's just an error, but it should work just fine.

    • its just that the launcher wont stop loading after i get that message

    • what do you mean?

    • but thank you nonetheless

      i thought it was something more game breaking than just a normal error

    • basically after the server thing loaded i launched the AKI launcher but it wont stop loading

  • 2.3.1, still working, great

  • I realized I posted this in gear instead of core- But anyway, I changed the Aki version in the package file and now its saying that it is missing a file. I kinda need help . .


    • did you delete the json or something

  • update will be? for 2.3.1

  • is there any mod your mods dont work with that you know of bc my game keeps crashing after i buy something from your trader

    • Unfortunately I'm not too certain as I don't really use other mods

  • awesome mod been enjoying it for a bit now but i was curious if the is a way to see the ammo stats, as in pen and dam of them?

  • imagine not updating


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  • any idea how to solve this ?

    Preparing to generate trader...

    Generating Trader "Gospozha"

    Trader was added: DOC_TRADER

    [ERROR] Trace:

    TypeError: Cannot set property 'DOC_TRADER' of undefined

    at KMCcore.Start (H:\Games\Escape from Tarkov\user\mods\KMC-Core\src\script.js:73:48)

    at Function.executeMods (H:\Games\Escape from Tarkov\obj\bundle.js:56046:28)

    at Function.load (H:\Games\Escape from Tarkov\obj\bundle.js:55994:15)

    at Object.load [as aki-mods] (H:\Games\Escape from Tarkov\obj\bundle.js:47446:15)

    at Function.load (H:\Games\Escape from Tarkov\obj\bundle.js:57116:27)

    at Function.main (H:\Games\Escape from Tarkov\obj\bundle.js:46143:9)

    at Object.177../Lib.js (H:\Games\Escape from Tarkov\obj\bundle.js:46148:9)

    at o (H:\Games\Escape from Tarkov\obj\bundle.js:1:265)

    at H:\Games\Escape from Tarkov\obj\bundle.js:1:316

    at Object.261.../Program.js (H:\Games\Escape from Tarkov\obj\bundle.js:55935:1)

  • Hey can you please update the KMC core mod for the 2.1.2 SPT-AKI. Love your mods and would love to use them on the updated version.

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  • I tried this mod a while back while using Bread&Butter and it worked great, since then I've switched to Fin's AI Tweaks and had to stop using this mod because of incompatibility.

    Has it been fixed, or does anyone know specifically why it wasn't working so I can tweak with files? I miss this mod, definitely in my top 3 mods.

  • Hey, in my game, if i try to buy smth. from this mods trader my game goes into an roughly 5 minute long cant-do-anything status with that loading circle at the bottom right. After that it gives me an error and sends me back to the main menu. Is this a known problem or did i do something wrong? Im playing on spt 2.1.2 and I have KMC Core, Gear and Weapons and multiple other mods installed.

    • I'm unsure why that happens, but there seems to be some sorta compatibility issue with the latest 2.1.2, since I'm working on 12.12 compatibility, I haven't taken a look at 2.1.2 stuff in a long while.

    • Ok, thank you for the quick answer!!

  • Any plans on compatibility with Lirikana's plate carrier system?

    • We plan to use our own plate system some time in the near future, so no.

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    • Well, will wait. Hope it would be cool

  • how Do I disable the new trader and new non battlestate calibers? I only want the black geiselle handguard. cheers.
    I do recognize and appreciate your work however

  • don't want to sound like a miysoginist or however you spell it but i dont like the idea of a new trader i would much rather have them weapons and gear on the traders for that stuff.

  • TypeError: Cannot set property 'DOC_TRADER' of undefined

    Is there a fix for this at all?

  • If your game crashes with trader level 2, this is how you can avoid it. Never browse "All" items with that trader.

    Choose the options below "All", which is "Barter" and so on. View them once at a time. Once you have viewed them all, you can safely view from "All" in that game.

    When you restart game at some point, you have to do it again.

  • After reaching lvl 2 loyalty with the trader whenever I open the trader game crashes. Is there workaround for this ?

  • So I figured something out with KMC. Whenever I go through and try to load everything from the trader, whenever you try to load the helmets it will crash the game. I think it has something to do with tarkov trying to load all the custom models. Thought I would bring this up to see if it might be helpful for yall to fix it

    • I have the same error, it crashes the game.

  • Running into a problem whit this Core mod. when i start the server, i get the error

    Mod KMC-Core 1.3.1 is missing package.json

    [ERROR] Invalid mod encountered

    if i did something wrong please let me know, any help is welcomed

    • Tried other mods and seem to be getting the same error with every mod ive tried? not sure where i went wrong

    • Sorry for the confusion, but i got it working.

    • Mind I ask how did you get it working, got the same problem here.

  • Cant level the loyalty for the merchant. For some reason I have to spend 750k euros for level 2 any, any reason why?

  • Love all the KMC Mods been using them for a long time, so thank you for all the work you guys do!

    I've run into an issue it seems with the latest AKI (2.1.2) - I understand that this and the Weapons and Gear mods are meant to be compatible with 2.1.X? For whatever reason I get an infinite loading screen (or what feels like it at least) when I drop these 3 into my mods folder. It just hangs on the first screen with the spinning circle in the bottom right, but, if I remove these 3 it goes straight from there onto profile loading and then the main menu.

    I've attempted some of the fixes on the FAQ just in case it had nothing to do with the mods and this point I'm not sure what could be causing this issue? Have tried with an existing and fresh profile as well as with no other mods installed. Would appreciate any help!

    • That load may indeed seem long. But the end will come (in a few minutes or a dozen minutes).

      I'm also experiencing infinite loading (not really infinite) on 2.1.1.

      I usually use this time (a few minutes or so) to watch youtube or look at aki's mods list on my sub-monitor.

      Again, the end will come.

      Please wait with merciful love. (In the meantime, my little uncle is working hard on the computer)

      I would like to thank Katto for making such a wonderful mod.

    • In that case...I shall endure :)

    • It's expected for the game to load slower with my mod because it's adding new assets that the game has to load, but I'm unsure how it's become so drastic as it wasn't a problem in the past. May be something unrelated to the mod, but we're still trying to see if there's anything we can do on our end

    • I understand - that's the only reason that I was curious if it was perhaps some sort of conflict or something since the previous versions never took that long to load. I'll re-install and report back.

      Thanks again!

      EDIT: Can confirm was just being an idiot. Game loaded fine after a couple mins.

  • i got myself the crash upon getting level 2 on the trader, hope this halps, this is just the bottom of the log, the rest is just ignorable stuff that is not an issue

    • will check it out, thanks for providing a log. Have you been able to get back on? or does it crash constantly?

    • after the first crash, i let the trader load everything before clicking anything and its, perfectly fine now. no more crashed upon the first, ill let u know if when i hit loyalty 3 if it crashes or not

    • One thing I noticed is that the game seems to crash whenever people try to scroll too fast when the icons are still loading. Maybe it's crashing since the game is trying to load too many things at once? Don't know why it's suddenly happening now though, since this was never a problem before.

    • I also had the exe force close when I scrolled too hard through the list of items for sale on Trader.

      The problem was that I was scrolling too hard when there were items that I hadn't yet examinated.

      The problem can be avoided by scrolling gently, like petting a small animal, and carefully examining the items one by one.

      Once all the items have been extracted, you can stroke them vigorously and they will still work fine.

      Of course, I'd like to see Katto fix this so that there is no problem with stroking the items too hard from the start.

      I have shared the information that there is a workaround.

      Thanks again for the great mods.

  • hi can you update for SPT-AKI 2.1.1 pls

  • Server: executing startup callbacks...

    [INFO] Importing database...

    ModLoader: loading mods...

    [INFO] Loading: JustNU - Core

    [INFO] Loading: BetterLasers

    [INFO] Loading: BetterLights

    [INFO] Loading: ClearVision

    [INFO] Loading: KMC-Core

    [INFO] Loading: KMC-Gear

    [INFO] CV: Applying tune ups!

    [INFO] CV: AN/PVS14 Monocular tuned!

    [INFO] CV: Armasight N-15 tuned!

    [INFO] CV: GPNVG-18 tuned!

    [INFO] CV: PNV-10T tuned!

    [INFO] CV: T-7 Thermal Goggles tuned!

    [INFO] CV: Thermal sights tuned to 60Hz and glitch free!

    [ERROR] Trace:

    TypeError: Cannot set property 'DOC_TRADER' of undefined

    at KMCcore.Start (D:\Games\Escape from Tarkov\user\mods\KMC-Core\src\script.js:73:48)

    at Function.executeMods (D:\Games\Escape from Tarkov\obj\bundle.js:56046:28)

    at Function.load (D:\Games\Escape from Tarkov\obj\bundle.js:55994:15)

    at Object.load [as aki-mods] (D:\Games\Escape from Tarkov\obj\bundle.js:47446:15)

    at Function.load (D:\Games\Escape from Tarkov\obj\bundle.js:57116:27)

    at Function.main (D:\Games\Escape from Tarkov\obj\bundle.js:46143:9)

    at Object.177../Lib.js (D:\Games\Escape from Tarkov\obj\bundle.js:46148:9)

    at o (D:\Games\Escape from Tarkov\obj\bundle.js:1:265)

    at D:\Games\Escape from Tarkov\obj\bundle.js:1:316

    at Object.261.../Program.js (D:\Games\Escape from Tarkov\obj\bundle.js:55935:1)

    Is there a fix for this?

  • With the newest version, this still haunts me:

    [ERROR] Trace:

    TypeError: Cannot read property 'Width' of undefined

    at Function.generateContainerLoot (E:\Games\SPTarkov 2.0.0\obj\bundle.js:55845:75)

    at Function.generate (E:\Games\SPTarkov 2.0.0\obj\bundle.js:51723:25)

    at Function.get (E:\Games\SPTarkov 2.0.0\obj\bundle.js:51764:31)

    at Object.getLocation [as aki-loot] (E:\Games\SPTarkov 2.0.0\obj\bundle.js:47350:52)

    at Function.getResponse (E:\Games\SPTarkov 2.0.0\obj\bundle.js:56235:62)

    at Function.sendResponse (E:\Games\SPTarkov 2.0.0\obj\bundle.js:56463:29)

    at Inflate.cb (E:\Games\SPTarkov 2.0.0\obj\bundle.js:56498:22)

    at Inflate.zlibBufferOnEnd (zlib.js:153:10)

    at Inflate.emit (events.js:315:20)

    at endReadableNT (internal/streams/readable.js:1327:12)

    • Welp, turns out it was AdjustItemsSpawnInContainers in Andrudis QoL all along :/

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    • Same here.

  • hi i have a infinte loading screen when going in a raid with this new version, but no trace of error in the server, but it work fine with an ancient version of kmc core can't figure why.
    Maybe you have a idea, and i will look on my end and if i found why i come back to you ;)

    • Same here as well. Can't load past main splash screen and get to main menu, no trace errors but just indefinitely loads .


      Seems something is wrong with my install and it isn't related to this mod. You can ignore my comment

    • Couldn't find the exact issue, but deleting all the files in "user\mods\KMC-Core\db\locations\bigmap\loot\dynamic" did worked for me, it's weird because the only mod i had when i looked for the issue was this one

      but at least it's a work around

    • weird, could've swore we fixed the dynamic loot issue, will see what the problem is if possible. Do you have any error logs?

    • damn sorry i fixed the error so coudn't get it back .

      But after fixing this i just thought why not testing aki 2.1, so i did a clean instal with it and i managed to make all mods worked including all the KMC one, in fact it's really easy, you just need to have in all package.json this phrase :
          "akiVersion": "2.1.0"

      and also a version written like this for exemple

          "version": "1.1.1" it won't worked if you don't have 3 dots . and 3 numbers .

      So yeah KMC mods works perfectly fine with aki 2.1

    • This is most likly related to weapons deativated in the weapons mod config file. I had _props crashes until I noticed that Glock pistols are supposed to spawn on customs. Once I reactivated them in the config the raid just started fine. This might also apply to people not using the KMC Gears mod, since a lot of stuff from there is supposed to spawn on customs.

  • I have got an error since I updated the weapon mod and the core this is what I am getting

    TypeError: Cannot read property 'Foldable' of undefined

    at Function.getSizeByInventoryItemHash (F:\Program Files (x86)\AKI\Escape From Tarkov 2.0.0\obj\bundle.js:45382:43)

    at Function.getContainerMap (F:\Program Files (x86)\AKI\Escape From Tarkov 2.0.0\obj\bundle.js:45251:39)

    at Function.getStashSlotMap (F:\Program Files (x86)\AKI\Escape From Tarkov 2.0.0\obj\bundle.js:52400:28)

    at Function.addItem (F:\Program Files (x86)\AKI\Escape From Tarkov 2.0.0\obj\bundle.js:51095:39)

    at Function.buyItem (F:\Program Files (x86)\AKI\Escape From Tarkov 2.0.0\obj\bundle.js:54325:32)

    at Function.confirmTrading (F:\Program Files (x86)\AKI\Escape From Tarkov 2.0.0\obj\bundle.js:54371:30)

    at Object.processTrade [as aki] (F:\Program Files (x86)\AKI\Escape From Tarkov 2.0.0\obj\bundle.js:47785:28)

    at Function.handleEvents (F:\Program Files (x86)\AKI\Escape From Tarkov 2.0.0\obj\bundle.js:56278:66)

    at Object.handleEvents [as aki] (F:\Program Files (x86)\AKI\Escape From Tarkov 2.0.0\obj\bundle.js:47282:49)

    at Function.getResponse (F:\Program Files (x86)\AKI\Escape From Tarkov 2.0.0\obj\bundle.js:56211:57)

    I have no clue what this is at all

    • This error usually occurs when you have items in your profle that no longer exist. Did you have any of the old ammo in your guns or inventory before you updated?

    • yes I think

  • Cant download, file is in owners trash apparently ;(

    • Should be fixed now! Accidentally deleted it while cleaning the drive up.

      Haha 1
  • Error

    [ERROR] Trace: TypeError: Cannot set property 'DOC_TRADER' of undefined at KMCcore.Start (C:\Program Files\EscapeFromTarkov\user\mods\KMC-Core\src\script.js:73:48) at Function.executeMods (C:\Program Files\EscapeFromTarkov\obj\bundle.js:56092:28) at Function.load (C:\Program Files\EscapeFromTarkov\obj\bundle.js:56040:15) at Object.load [as aki-mods] (C:\Program Files\EscapeFromTarkov\obj\bundle.js:47451:15) at Function.load (C:\Program Files\EscapeFromTarkov\obj\bundle.js:57170:27) at Function.main (C:\Program Files\EscapeFromTarkov\obj\bundle.js:46148:9) at Object.177../Lib.js (C:\Program Files\EscapeFromTarkov\obj\bundle.js:46153:9) at o (C:\Program Files\EscapeFromTarkov\obj\bundle.js:1:265) at C:\Program Files\EscapeFromTarkov\obj\bundle.js:1:316 at Object.261.../Program.js (C:\Program Files\EscapeFromTarkov\obj\bundle.js:55981:1) i got this error from installing KMC Core,

    what seems to be the problem?

    P.s i dunno how to write this in the comment section, there's no option for me to add comment so here i am

    P.s.s i have use ur mod in the past and i like it a lot so the rating doesnt really reflect my view to this mod, i just need a fix that's all

    Reply from The_Katto ():

    I'm pretty sure this error has been submitted in the comments section and the help section of the mod often, and as I've said there: a fix is being worked on. We are planning to upload an update to both the core and weapons mod some time this weekend :thumbup:

  • The core mod to some wack ass banger mods

    This mod is the core for the other 2 katto mods, and is pretty fucking pog

  • A very sick mod and definitely a must have if you want some new content in your game.

    Like the title suggest this mod is a must have, especially if you're looking to try something unique for a modded wipe. The weapons alone in this mod are very diverse and equally devastating, there is something for every play style in this mod (except serial stabbing but I don't know if that's really a play style). The armors and clothing are also really diverse, they'll definitely save your butt, most important tho is that they're very stylish. Nothing quite like fighting for your life looking like a tacticool gamers wet dream. The creators of this are some seriously talented individuals, hopefully if i beg hard enough i'll get a bread magazine (artesano bread specifically so yum). i hungry

    peep the attachments that show some serious screenies of some of the coolies