Props In-Raid Modding (PIRM) 2.0.1

Please do not ask when mod authors will update their mods to 3.9.0
Bothering mod authors will lead to warnings and repeat offenses will lead to eventual bans.

Want the weapon frame but not the other crap? Now you can. Also highly compatible with other mods as a client mod.

I don't like using Server Value Modifier since it sometimes causes conflicts with other mods. I prefer to have an individual mod for a feature i need so i'm sharing this with all of you in case you are the same. (i would have used fin's mod if it wasn't out of date)


1. Unzip this into your SPT-AKI/Bepinex/Plugins folder

If you guys enjoy my work and feel like buying me caffeine, here's my kofi.

  • Version 2.0.1

    SPT 3.9.0

    • Bug Fix for being able to put any items in helmet

    Note: If you have Allow all armor mod swapping, once you remove it from an item, all armor slots on that item will be unlocked until new game probably. So if you switch it back to off , those slots will still be unlocked. But for new items you haven't removed armor mods from, the setting will apply

  • Version 2.0.0

    Update for SPT 3.9.0

    Install to your base spt folder and it will unzip to the bepinex/plugins and user/mods

  • Version 1.9.1

    SPT 3.8.0 - 3.8.3

    1. Fixed the issue of weapon mods some times not recognized after removal and trying to put it back
    2. Fixed so armor plates can't be put into wierd spots like headgear.

    There is now an option in bepenix if you don't want to be able to swap any plates that are normally locked down. you can still swap plates though in raid without taking off armor

  • Version 1.9.0

    SPT 3.8.3

    1. Added the ability to remove/install all of the plates.
    2. Removed the requirement to take off armor during a raid to switch plates.
  • Version 1.8.0

    Updated for SPT 3.8.0

    Allows In-raid modding of weapon parts you normally can't remove without the use of a tool.

  • Version 1.7.2

    Updated for SPT 3.7.4

    i did not test this but should work

  • Version 1.7.1

    SPT 3.7.1 Update only

  • Version 1.7.0

    Updated for SPT 3.7.0 Only

  • Version v1.6.0

    Updated for SPT 3.6.0 and 3.6.1 Only

    I also should have fixed dropping attachments onto weapon now instead of in a specific slot (it will show red but still attach).

  • Version 1.5.4

    SPT 3.5.7 or SPT 3.5.8 ONLY

    It will only work on this version and it still has the issue where if you try to quick drop on the weapon slot (instead of detailed mod slots) you might get an error - i am still working on this.

  • Hi, great MOD again, and here is a continue report. The amor plate slot is known as a free space, when you unmoded a thing, such as a four-slot Mag, if there is no more space for it in backpack or chest system, it will go to the plate slot. Also I found that Grizzly in the plate slot also cause pushing and flying problem too, the plate can be placed into the slot in helmet, maybe need some restrictions. The feature is really cool as your pic shows below, just need to improve. Thanks for all the work you have done, it's really awsome MOD.

    • I think this is fixed in new version. let me know if otherwise

  • Ive got the same problem as blow. It is a interesting feature, but when you put foot&drinks in it, you can get fly high, push backwards or sidewards, this is really funny when you first get this, luckily Im in Factory building and cannot fly high more, LOL.

  • The new version lets you attach like, anything to helmets and armor slots of armor. I can put a bottle of vodka on the shroud mount of my helmet and see it between my eyes. It also pushes you backwards lol

    • We'll just call it a feature then. I'll look at it later. thanks for reporting.

    • But you can put everything in it, this looks like unreasonable, such like I can put another chest system in it, also a problem occured that the picture showing bug when a chest system in a amor slot when I did so above.

    • Can confirm i am having the same issue. I just added a Mossberg 590 shotgun to a helmet slot as it was highlighted to show it could attach.

  • Not sure if this is a feature or a bug, but I was unable to install a handguard onto my gun during a raid. For context I brought a default PP-19 into the raid and found a TRAX handguard, but I couldn't install it even after I stripped all my parts from the gun. However it does work when I got out of the raid and tried again, so I am not sure if this is intended or not.

    • are you using the latest version? 1.9.1 and what version spt

    • v1.9.1 your mod, v3.8.3 SPT. I was playing with the old version in which you couldn't reinstall gun parts after removing them from the same gun, so I downloaded the latest fix and everything else worked fine, I stripped the PP-19 bare and reassembled it without problem, just that the TRAX handguar wouldn't install in raid, haven't tested with other gun parts yet.

  • hey, i updated PRIM and now it allows to remove soft parts of armor, They become broken if done so, i use unrestricted plates and it conflicts with that too now. There was an issue with unrestricted plates with insurance, armor comes back without soft parts if you are allowed to change them. pretty sure your mode will have the same error

    Is there any way to disable soft part removal? Cuz i like changing plates a lot and PRIM in general

    • Don't use this with another plate mod. thats first mistake. second mistake, there is an option in the bepinex menu to disable being able to grab all plates (also written in version comments :P)

    • So use this mod and do what the unrestricted plate mod does using you setting ?

    • there are plates that you normally can't remove from some armors. the option in bepinex lets you remove that if you enable it.

    • Thanks! I deleted other mod and it's fine now

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  • You can take off items in raid but not put them back on anymore with this update.

    • Just noticed that myself, rolled it back to the last version seeing as I use other mods that make most armour redundant so being able to switch out plates in raid isn't worth losing the ability to put mods on weapons in raid

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  • I think this mod might be causing crashes and freezes as sometimes the ai spawns without a gasblock (usually on the m4)

    • well, do you use mods that have custom items? i don't think this mod would cause that issue. please look in your bepinex log.

    • i think i fixed it? it was between a lot of things. the gasblock was from miralyn's gun mods (ported), but sometimes it didnt show what it was that caused it at that time, just a generic looking error. i cleared my temp file cache so that seemed to fix it (kinda, itll sometimes crash right before it even loads up the raid).

  • is this compatible with wara's updated trader modding?

    • oof i don't know. possibly. let me know

  • tytytyty its a must have

  • Doesnt seem to work for me, still cant take my upper receiver off

  • Got a "weird" error:

    Could not load [dvize.PIRM 1.7.2] because it has missing dependencies: com.spt-aki.core (v3.7.4 or newer)

    When i said weird i mean i did upgrade to 3.7.4, i even did a clean installation of 3.7.4 and till.

    Any idea of what happened?

    Also happened to SAIN:

    Could not load [SAIN 2.1.7] because it has missing dependencies: com.spt-aki.core (v3.7.4 or newer)

    • In your bepenix/plugins/ folder , there is an spt folder that gets put there if you have spt 3.7.4 installed correctly.

      Remember not to replace your bepinex plugins folder completely when upgrading. you need that new spt folder

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    • That's seems to be the problem, i deleted the spt folder and replace it with the one from flash installed, problem solved!

  • A MUST HAVE MOD. best part of game to me is zero to hero scav run and this mod lets u. ive used it for years now. first on any playthru <3

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  • This in-game moddable gun mods...I absolutely cannot live without the ability to add and remove stuff in raid that I find it's just too much fun, so thanks for keeping this around!

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  • Just installed this for 3.7.0, and I'm not getting any errors, but it doesn't seem like this is doing anything for me. I'll keep messing with it to see if it's just an incompatibility error.

    • if you read the 3.7.1 patch notes, you would know that all plug-ins for 3.7.0 will not work on 3.7.1. But, all mods that go into your user/mod folder should work from 3.7.0

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    • I know that. I am not on 3.7.1. I posted this before it was even available. That's why I specifically said I installed it for "3.7.0".

    • worked fine for me on 3.7.0. Still does. Just make sure you downloaded the compatible version

  • The ralism mod saying: not compatible the in raid weapon modified.Testing the realism and this mod? Anybody?

    • Are you dropping the item into the weapon preview window with all of the mod slots?

      You might get that error if you are dropping directly onto weapon (which is the bug i mentioned).

    • No. I not trying the mod, because the realism guide say: "NOT compatible in raid weapon modding" mods. I just question, you and anybody testing this mod with realism?

    • eh.. i think it does work. make a back up of your profile first just in case and try.

    • deveagle, Did you end up testing it?

  • We are waiting for a new version for 3.5.7

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    • seconded

    • There is an alternative which is to use Fontaine's Weapon Modding Quality of Life. I just figured it was the same thing. If you still want this then let me know, but I'll think about it.

    • I prefer yours, I like to try and "build" guns as a scav, and this lets me do that, Fontaine's requires a multi-tool

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  • Will the 3.5.5 version work with 3.5.0?

    • No it won't. sorry.

      You can try using the 1.5.0 version change.


    I can no longer see any slots except the pistol grip on weapons, did I do something wrong?

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    • maybe wrong version of this plugin with your spt version.

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  • Why are all my items named "[PLACEHOLDER] bla bla bla". Did i do something wrong or does it interfere with other mods?

    • This shouldn't interfere with other mods. I bet if you remove this mod, you will still see that placeholder

    • Nope i tried the mod yesterday and delete it afterward and the text was gone ... any ideas?

      I play on 3.5.4 and used the newes (3.5.5) File, may that be a problem?

    • That is definitely the problem then. use the previous version

    • That worked :thumbup:^^

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  • what this mod do exactly ?

    • lets you fully take apart weapons while in-raid.

  • thx for quick fix! link works now.

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  • Link not found.

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  • link not found

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  • Great mod, just need an update for the new 3.5.5

  • Hello, I installed your mod, took an ORSIS rifle with a Schmidt BenderPM scope. I went into the shelter to the targets and wanted to set it up in the sense that when I look in the scope, it moves from side to side - I pressed F12 and changed the set values, and it turned out that when I looked into the scope (at the target) again, the ego didn’t shake so much from side to side almost stood still. And I thought cool now I can shoot at the bots from afar, the sight does not shake. And I went into the raid, but alas, there was my mistake with these values in the sense that when I aimed to shoot at the bot, if he stood still, it’s easy to hit, but he moves - and I’m in the sight behind him, but the sight does not move, you need to make an effort with a mouse (I set the values to 0 there) to catch up with the bot - I don’t have English

    I know and twisted these meanings at a guess. Can you tell me what values to change so that the sight does not shake so much from side to side.

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    • I think you commented on wrong mod :)

    • Hello - everything is fine, I set it up myself.

  • this mod is essential, thx for the update!

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  • Props, Hi, there is any chance to update mod to 3.4.1 version of spt??? i have trouble with guns generation on any bots, there is just a gun without all other attachments on it not even a barrel, handguard and pistolgrip

    • There was something else i was working on which is why i haven't updated this. I wanted to make a client mod where its compatible with all the changes the spt-devs made so just know that i'm working on something :)

  • After 6 raids, I can say that this mod in fact works with 3.4.1. Hopefully someone finds this helpful 8)

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  • Hi!

    I just want to let you know that i keep getting this message: "ModInRaid: Check isWeaponValid

    Weapon 576165642459773c7a400233 was generated incorrectly, falling back to weapon preset see error above". These messages pops up in the SPT-AKI server log window thingy, i got that message over 172 times during a 5 minute raid before i was killed and exited the game to check the log. I only get this message from this mod, as i tried removing and adding in the mods i use one by one to find out what caused it. I also noticed that some of the weapons that i loot from scavs or PMCs can't be sold to any of the traders for some reason, i end up deleting them to get rid of them from my inventory. Is this intended behavior from this mod?
    I have deleted my profile and started a new game without this mod to see if i still end up with random weapons that i can't sell. I'll leave a comment here if i find out that it is something other than this mod.

    • Yes that is normal because the in-raid mod breaks apart all of the requirements.. so tarkov doesn't know how to put it back together without that.

      You'll notice the same message even without my mod, it just happens more with my mod because of the requirements being gone on slots.

      in otherwords, totally normal man. The 2nd part though about weapons not being sold to any of the traders, that sounds wierd... You are saying even fence won't buy?

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    • Thanks for telling me it's normal! ^^

      regarding the 2nd part, turns out everything is just fine and has nothing to do with your mod.

      I went back and looked at the version i played before i downloaded 3.2.5, i was playing with an old mod that added a merchant called Operator. There i could sell everything in one place and i got so completely used to it, that i totally forgot how the merchants worked normally. (I swear MODs make Escape from Tarkov so much better than the base experience.)

      I apologize for my own forgetfulness. I am sorry if i caused you any unnecessary worries.

      Thank you so much for making this mod, i will go back to using it at once ^^

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  • Dear comrade!

    The mod causes problems with the flea market. Prices do not correspond to reality, a lot of errors in the log ..

    is there any way to fix this? (version 3.2.4)

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