Arknights Music Mod 1.0.0

"Welcome to Rhodes Island Doctor."

I decided to follow up my GFL Music mod with this one. Includes the majority of Arknights tracks, ep's, and songs from Ops. this is compatible with every version of 3.2.

Please let me know if the link doesn't work or if you need help with installation. instructions are the same as for the GFL mod. I do have plans for potentially two more music mods, one for Touhou and one for another mobile game PGR but those will be in the future. have fun jamming in the menu xd (also if a modder could make musical headphones mod, you earn a cookie) ayayaayaya Update: Mod updated to 3.3.0. mod should work with no issues.

(ignore this shilling unless interested, go check out the Arknights Anime while your at it. it's actually really good)

UPDATE/EDIT: sorry ya'll forget to allow access via the folder for the mod. this has been fixed sorry for that mistake. Let me know if it still doesn't download for anyone.

  • Hi!
    Long pause between tracks in menu
    How solwe it?

    Thanks for great music!

    • the Pause isn't something I know how to deal with sadly. sometimes the music will skip tracks and this usually is the cause of long pauses. Short of adding an ogg music file, i am unsure of how to solve it. will ask around however. and thank you!

  • Apolgies everyone I forgot to allow access to the file. thought it was avaible for everyone already. This should be fixed now. sorry about that. Please let me know if it isn't.

    • Hey! Total noob when it comes to modding Tarkov. Do I grab the BepInEx file and replace it with the one in my SPTarkov folder?

      Also, huge fan of Arknights. Bagpipe is best girl.

    • yes.

  • Sir, google drive looks locked on access

    • should be fixed now try to download again.

    • Now it works. Thanks for the sharing your mod!