Weight Tweaker 1.1.0

Allows you to change the upper and lower limit of weight capacity of your PMC. UNLIMITED TANK BATTERIES!

Some of the values provided in the config are a little vague, but the first two values are:

baseWeightLowerLimit (Yellow Overweight value)

baseWeightUpperLimit (Red Overweight value)

These are the most important, if anyone can clarify what the other values are, lmk.

Of course, you are limited by backpack size, but you can always decrease carry size if you're a masochist. :evil:


Drop the CreamCheese-WeightTweaker folder into user/mods/


If you're using another mod that changes weight values, IT WILL CONFLICT.  ;(

If you want to overwrite another mod's changes, please change the filename of the mod in your mods folder to:


This essentially puts priority on loading this mod last. As long as the folder is alphabetically last, then it should work! I can't guarantee that this will work all the time depending on what mods you're running.

Please note that this mod will alter changes made by other mods if this mod loads last. For example, if you're running the SPT Realism Mod, you will be changing the weight set by the Realism Mod first, not the default Tarkov values. Hope that makes sense.

  • Very good mod. Guy actually knows what he's doing. Definitely a must download

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