SERVPH's Tarky Menu (SPT 3.3.0)

All in One C̶h̶e̶a̶t Debug Tool for SPT.

A simple debug menu

A mod that allows the user to change many of the features and abilities of their character as well as other characters.




Download the zip

Extract the file named Tarky-Menu.dll and SERVPH_API into the SPT/BepInEx/plugins folder

Use the F12 keybind to open the menu to play with the options and settings :)

Also, Big thank you to nexus4880. A long time friend that has put time aside for me to help me with this little menu and teach me how reversing EFT works. This menu probably wouldn't have ever been made if he didn't help me with it. Much love to u Nexywexy <3

  • This mod is alright, found an issue though. For some reason, when I try using the T-7 thermals, the thermal part just disappears despite having all of the settings disabled on the mod.

    Hope you can fix it, as this mod is very good

    • That's right, I have the same problem. I checked for a long time before I found out

  • Love this mod, great features. I appreciate the work you have done. Currently there are SCAV-PMC interaction issues that were introduced in SPT-AKI 3.2.5 / 3.3.0. Do a SCAV run, and you'll find the the PMC's do not always agro you like they should. There are reported issues to the devs on the SPT-AKI site/forum/threads. They introduced PMC logic changes in 3.2.5/3,3,0. Version 3.2.4 and prior do not have these issues, and is a much more stable version. Any chance you would/could get this to work on 3.2.4? Thanks in advance.

    • If you need a custom version, Just message me on discord and I can build a version for 3.2.4.

    • Thanks you so much, I will try and contact you now. I'm not too proficient with Discord. Is this your Discord (in which case how do I find it?) or the [SPT Pub] discord? I could use so help with where and how to initiate contact. Thanks again.

    • Thanks for getting back to me. I'll wait to to hear from you on the updated 3.2.4 version.

  • Ok menu works fine in 3.3.0 but some of the features I guess are not working like turning power on and teleport crates to you or I am doing something wrong so just wanna bring some feedback.

    Keep up the good work very neat mod tbh !

    • TP Crates is only for if u see an airdrop, U can just teleport the Airdrop to you. As for power, I honestly forgot what it was for, Im p sure its for interchange but idk if the power actually turns on or if I make all of the doors have power. Either way, Ill look into it later.

    • Yeah power must be for Interchange anyway I've found another mod for that still working.

      Airdrop crate teleport seems like doesn't work.

  • menu is still not working, could i get a hand?

    • What version of SPT are you on, And what version of the menu are you installing?

  • hey man, can you add ESP function also?

    i really want to try to use esp for "debuging" pog bot's ai.


    thanks ^^

    • When I learn the basics of how to draw on screen then sure. But its not something that I really care to learn right now.

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  • my menu is just not working and i made sure i got the right version but nothing is showing up, i could be just dumb

    • What version are you playing on currently?

  • :thumbup:

  • Playing on 3.2.5, I'm not understanding the Jump Height setting. I've set it to 2, 10, even 100000 and it doesn't appear to affect anything. Am I dumb or does it not do anything right now?

    • You need to toggle strength Control in order to activate it. I dont have it automatically set.

      Keep in mind once u toggle the strength controller off those values will still be set.

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    • Yup. Turned that on, immediately created sub-orbital USEC. 10/10 would conduct manned space flight again.

      Can confirm, am dumb.

  • Just recently was looking for mods to bring back OG nade throw and remove visor visuals, this is great stuff. Would it by any chance be possible to add a toggle to have permanent tac. device accuracy buff without actually using one?

  • Downloaded (nice) and I'm having the same issue as extrenz.

    very limited settings

    • What is your SPT Version currently on?

  • where ?(


    ? 1
    • You aren't using the correct version of the menu.

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    • Witch version is the correct one?

    • I can't understand it. I installed both versions and both were with incomplete menus.

    • This only happens when the GClasses don't match up with your games files.

      Currently there are two versions released.

      Tarky Menu 3.3.0

      Tarky Menu 3.2.5

      If you aren't playing on those SPT versions then you cannot use the menu as the classes wont match the ones in the menu.

    • At first I thought that your mod started to lead to a permanent bug with hands are busy, in addition, periodically my character ran when I just pressed W without Shift, and I deleted the mod, hoping that this nightmare would stop...

      why am I not even surprised that this continues ?

      well, but bots now behave like bosses

  • nice mod would like to see an infinite raid timer option or an option to pause raid timer

    • SVM, it has literally everything you need. Including the timer extender

  • This is amazing! What really is interesting is Unlock All Doors! Is there any way to make a sub option of percentage per map. For example, whatever map I am on, if I enable Unlock Doors and then 30, it would unlock 30% of the doors randomly?

    • It could be a thing. I'm deathly afraid of math though so. It won't happen.

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    • Randomly unlocked doors would be pretty great, simulate a raid other players brought keys to I guess?

      If it's really a math thing maybe you could make "some doors unlocked" an on/off toggle rather than a player-input percentage, and just put a random on the unlock function.

      Unless that was a cheeky way to say you just don't feel like doing it in which case that's fine too

  • Is it possible in version 3.2.4? The number of menus is insufficient.

  • Damn scav said u cheater


  • chetah

  • Very nice.

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  • Great work


  • very nice

    good stuff, the only mod I found to revert to old (quick) nade throw animation and get rid of face shield visuals

    Reply from SSH_ ():

    Thank Nexus#4880 for the quick throw nades. And the face shields I learned a long time ago when I started making this :)

  • pretty good

    bring some very good idea and so easy to use !


  • Great mod now we dont have to hack everything whit our banana brains!!

    great mod but it doesent have wall hacks whit wall hacks this would be 5 stars please add it !!

    Reply from SSH_ ():

    U dont need ESP when u can teleport everyone to u ;)



    memes aside, very nice mod for cheating lil pricks like meanimedance2