Goblin King 0.9.8 -SPTRealismPatch

Need meds early game that the therapist wont sell? Need some storage? Replace your favorite gun? How about a job? Goblin comes directly from El Paso to provide you with your needs. For a price of course.


Languages: English, German (translation by IHateChoosing,) Russian (translation by Djanbolt.)

Requires Virtual's Custom Quest Loader.

For those who are using SPT-Realism by Fontaine check versions for an optional patch.


Originally from El Paso, Texas. Oscar Vasquez ended up in Tarkov during a supply drop off during the Contract Wars when his chopper was shot down by anti air missiles. Unable to get home Oscar decided to take advantage of the crisis in the region setting up a network of medical supplies, stimulants and storage. Don't be fooled by his cheery candor. Oscar isn't particular with how he gains product and will use any means necessary. Many question his true motive and goal in Norvinsk and his prices aren't exactly fair. This reputation has earned him the name "Goblin" and he was happy to embrace it.

Features So Far:

-15 Unique Quests * And soon to be more *

Trader who sells storage, basic medical supplies, stims, and your weapon presets (LL2).



Place the Aki_Data, BepinEx and user folders into your SPTarkov main folder (Where your Aki.Server.exe and Aki.Launcher.exe are located.)

Please see the images for mods confirmed compatible.



Repair price is in USD but is displayed in Rouble.

*Planned Updates*

- plan to add 5 more lore friendly and immersive quests for the Goblin King story designed with Trap's Path to Tarkov and Kobrakan's Immerisive Raids specifically in mind. <- Plan on waiting until 3.5 is stable and Kobrakan figures out the loot extracts for Immersive Raids.

- More Custom Quest rewards and items

Special thanks to Kiki, alexkarpen, GamerXL, Chomp, Virtual, JoshJ5Hawk, Jiblet and Boop

Suggestions welcomed. Please feel free to notify of me of any bugs, issues, or general feedback in the discord or comments or support thread. I'll do what I can to help you get everything working. Enjoy and thanks for playing my mod.

  • Version 0.9.8 -SPTRealismPatch

    This patch is a work in progress to make Goblin King's med items less like cheat items and more quality of life items for those who want to use this along with Fontaine's Realism.

    The following changes

    -Goblin's IFAK no longer restores health and has had it's resource use reduced to 12. It retains it's other properties though and cost.

    -Reduced the the stamina and health regens significantly from Abuelo's Lightning juice. Along with reduced the length from 3 minutes to 1 minute.

    Weight Carry buff has been reduced to 10 but retains its duration of 3 minutes.

    Suggestions are more than welcome. I've just started playing around with a Realism mod build so I'll likely be making more changes in the future once I'm fully familiar with all of Fontaine's changes.

    *This patch is optional, not required.

    *SPT Realism is not required for this patch to work, just recommended and why it exists.


    !!!Requires Goblin King 0.9.8 and Virtual's Custom Quest Loader (this shouldn't have to be said)

    Move the GoblinKing folder into user/mods, overwrite when asked.

  • Version 0.9.8

    *Update 0.9.8*

    -Changed Rival's Guise, Monkey skin, and Goblin's IFAK to barters by default.

    -Added Treasure Bag (3x2 - 10x6 Backpack) and Tio's Chest(1x2 - 20x16 Item Case)

    -Added barter currency to config for Rival's Guise, Monkey Skin, Treasure Bag, and Tio's Chest.

    -Added DurabilityThreshhold to config

    -Added Treasure Bag, Tio's Chest and Rival's Guise to quest assorts and will unlock in the assort table upon completing quest 1(treasure bag,) 7(Tio's closet,) 11(Monkey Skin,) and 15 (Rival's Guise.)

    -Fixed Quest 5 giving 10k Grizzlies as a reward.

    -Fixed additional quest parameters.

    -Further balanced Goblin's IFAK

    -Lowered drops rates a bit more.

  • Version 0.9.7c

    -I had forgot to include the client plugin for Boop's Quest Zones. This would explain why the zones weren't working for a lot of you.

    -Im sorry and this has been fixed (Hopefully)

    *Update 0.9.7*

    HOTFIX 4 1-27-23 - Quest 3 now counts PMCs instead of Scavs

    HOTFIX 3 1-27-23 - Included the correct config.json. The presets should stop showing up as barters now.

    HOTFIX 1 1-24-23 - Changed the preset pricing to go along with Ragfair prices (Thank you Jiblits!) You can still change currency type in the config, USD by default.

    HOTFIX 2 1-24-23 - Added Russian locales (Special thanks to Djanbolt)

    -Added Boops QuestZone API - (This is Included with Goblin King - Special thanks to Boop for this one - send them sexy feet pics)

    -Changed the zones for Quest 2 and 6 to custom zones not used in other quests. (Freebie: Quest 2's location is 2nd floor dorm where the crates are.)

    -Fixed Quest 12 where Goblin wouldn't accept throwables.

    -Disabled repair until I can resolve the bug where items are repaired even if you don't have the funds.

    -Lowered the drop rate for Goblin's IFAK.

  • Version 0.9.6

    1-6-2023 HOTFIX - German Locales added. Special thanks to IHateChoosing for the translations.

    1-7-2023 HOTFIX - Added currency type of the presets to the config so you can now choose what currency Goblin will sell presets in (USD by default)

    *Update 0.9.6*

    -Fixed broken quests causing the game to break upon unlocking.

    -Fixed some of the quest tasks from not completing

    -Fixed Goblin not giving the proper equipment for quests 8, 9, 10 and 14.

    -adjusted some of the stim values for balance.

    Everything was working last I tested, but as usual don't hesitate to let me know if something is broken.

  • Version 0.8.d

    -Fixed broken quest chain. Quest should unlock when they are supposed to now.

    -Fixed some quest rewards not showing up properly.

  • If the presets are showing up as barters. Redownload the mod, reinstall + overwrite.

    Somehow (we wont point fingers at anyone) the configs got mixed up. The correct config file should be present now.

  • ERRORS -

    Trader Not appearing? - You're probably using the BleedingEdge 3.5 alpha build which I haven't updated the mod for yet. Once 3.5 releases as stable I'll work on updating the mod.

    TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'resolve')
    at GoblinKing.getPresets (C:\Users\Rocka\Downloads\SPTARKOV\3.4.1\user\mods\GoblinKing\src\GoblinKing.js:191:36)

    This is non game breaking. This error just means you have no presets saved. Once you save some presets you wont see it anymore until using a new profile.

    Mod Virtual's Custom Quest Loader package.json main property points to non-existing file

    It means you didn't install the dependency: Virtual's Custom Quest Loader.

  • Is there any way to remove the Goblin IFAK's and all the other stims from bot inventories? Every PMC seems to spawn with them now

  • Will it ever be possible to put weapons and rigs in tios chest i bought two of them thinking theyd be a larger thicc but it has a lot of restrictions the thicc doesnt and i didnt know that beforehand thank you

    • I have plans to make more cases in a similar style and I'll probably make the barters scav junk boxes by default as that's more what Tio's closet is meant for just taking up much less space. You can change the cost of these items in the config as well as what item they trade for.

  • so where do you put the mod at now?

    • when you download the zip and extract it there will be three folders. move those folders into the main directory of your install.

  • Any way to make it so bots don't spawn with equipment from this mod?

    • Sure. Go into the GoblinKing folder and open src/GoblinKing.json in a code editor (I use Visual Studio Code, but Notepad++ and VScodium also work) search for the line

      //Do loot things?

      The numbers are the spawn chance values for each of the items. You can also just comment out or delete the line for the items you want to make no longer spawn.

      For the bots do

      //dead scavs

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  • So i killed Sanitar, handed in his bag and the meds... and i got like, 1000x Grizzly kits?

    • Struck jackpot eh? No seriously though, thank you for letting me know. This is will be fixed in the update I'll be releasing soon. For now, enjoy the spoils

  • Mod (Goblin king) is missing package.json

    I installed Virtual's Custom Quest Loader and it still dident work

    • The package.json files are all in the zip, in their mod folders.

      If Aki is complaining about one missing. Check to see if it's in the mod folder, if not just go ahead and copy it in from the zip.

      *Pro-tip* Make sure you are installing Virtual's Custom Quest Loader BEFORE installing Goblin King.

  • The Russian localization file is not in the archive.image.png

    • My apologies and thank you for pointing it out. I've gone ahead and fixed this in the zip and the Russian locales should actually be included now.

  • my preset are sold in barters with prices that looked like they might be in roubles

    is this supposed to happen?barter.PNG

    • Do you have any other mods installed, particularly mods thats change things for traders or prices?

    • i have one that disables the level requirement for trader loyalty and server value modifier that removes trades restriction ( amount buyable per restock )

      this is the error that appears if it helpsimage.png

    • That's strange. That error usually appears when there are no presets to fetch.

      The prices should be showing up in USD by default.

    • I got the same issue, it was working fine until I updated it to the newest version. (It could also be me adding some other mods into the mix as well.)

    • On the info page I have screen shots of 70+ mods that are compatible with Goblin King (as well as each other, obviously) it's the general setup I play with as well and the testing environment I use. You can use these screen shots to narrow down where the conflicts might be.

      My guess is that it's a mod making changes to traders/and or price values. The pricing is pulled from ragfair (see comment by Jiblet) so mods that mess with that might be causing it also.

  • I load up the game and i get this error

    Mod Virtual's Custom Quest Loader package.json main property points to non-existing file

    • You need to download and install Virtual's Custom Quest Loader, then reinstall Goblin King.

    • Thanks bro it works now

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  • When you copy the files over per the readme, boops .dll doesn't get put into the plugins folder, but the bepinex folder. is this intentional?

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    • No it wasn't intentional. You must have downloaded it before I noticed and fixed it. I fixed it in the zip but you can just move the .dll file to the plugins folder

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    • I moved it myself, thanks for responding though!

  • for when Igor meets Sergei I've cleared both dorms room by room and still didn't complete the task on 3.4.1is there any bypass?

    • This is where the location is. I've gotten a couple of reports of the locations not working but I haven't been able to replicate the problem. If you go here and it's still not working, make sure that all the correct folders are in user/mods/



      /Virtual's Custom Quest Loaderimage.png?width=1198&height=674

    • I have the 3 mods in my mods folder and it still doesn't work, what can I do?

    • Do you have any other mods?

    • yhea

    • What other mods are you using?

  • for when igor met sergei when i go into the specified room it does not work, any fix?

    • I'll have to check it when I get home. It should trigger once you walk into the kitchen area on the second floor.

      Are you using 3.4.1 or the 3.5 alpha?

    • im using 3.4.1, and i legit walked through both dorm buildings each for an hour

      nothing seemed to trigger it, and i went 3 raids trying

    • Download the update, I had forgot to include the .dll for Boop's.

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  • Hey mate, how do i go about removing the mod? I have just dragged the folders out from the user/mods but it gives me errors.

    • That will happen if you have any mod related items in your stash after the mod is removed.

      Reinstall the mod, then remove any items you have from the mod, like his IFAK.

  • Funciona con spt 3.5.0?

    • I have not tested it with the latest 3.5 build. My assumption is no.

  • did the area for igor meets sergei change?

  • I'm enjoying the mod but I wanted to improve the price of the preset weapons, so that rather than having a fixed cost of whatever is defined in the config file, it pulls a price from the ragfair service and then quarters it because those are insane.

    It's a bit of a botch and could be further improved, but it works for me for now

    Anyone wanting to do similar can open GoblinKing.ts and find the line:

    let price = (config||{}).Preset || 712;

    Delete or comment that out and replace with this:

    const RagfairPriceService = container.resolve<RagfairPriceService>("RagfairPriceService");
    const currency = "5449016a4bdc2d6f028b456f";
    const price = (RagfairPriceService.getDynamicOfferPrice(preItemsObj, currency) * 0.25);

    Keep in mind that this uses Roubles as the currency but you can do what you like there too. Personally, I cant stand having to trade in € and $, so I converted the whole mod to work in Roubles, but you do you!

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    • Interesting. I dig the preset pricing you set up

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    • There's a slight issue here that means I've increased the price a bit - basically: getDynamicOfferPrice(preItemsObj, currency) * 0.33); at the moment and might tweak further.

      Reason is that otherwise it becomes quite a cheap way of doing mail-order guns 8o

      E.g. Having recently started a zero->hero run, as soon as I got my workbench up in the hideout I was able to create a preset for any gun I like and it's immediately available really cheaply.

      It is really nice to have presets set up and available though, just not sure what the best solution to fair pricing is

    • Yeah with the balancing it's difficult to find that sweet spot. One of the reasons I kept it to USD as opposed to rouble. I'll probably play with the value some more as well, while I figure out why the zones aren't working for some people.

  • Amazing mod. Love the quests.

    Would be incredible if it had barter trades in addition to normal trades.

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    • I plan to set up the later quest rewards as barters vs normal trades once I get all the items made as it does seem more appropriate for balancing purposes.

      I've had some ideas to incorporate other modder's traders into the questline as well but I'll have to check with the modders before I do anything like that.

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  • Had to edit the target values for Norvinsk Project for Goblin King to take any kind of grenade (so I included all the thrown grenades, that share the parent you had listed)

    • That's how I originally had it prior to updating and it broke, so I tried the parent. I'm actually working on an update now so I'll test it some more with this in there.

      Appreciate the heads up.

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  • I wanted to ask how you go about making the monkey skin rig available for purchase? Is it connected to goblins quest progression? Thank you

    • Yes. Goblin will give the monkey skin to you as a reward for one of the quests and at LL3 (maybe 4)

  • TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'length')

    TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'length')

    at C:\Users\Dale\Desktop\SP Tarkov\user\mods\Virtual's Custom Quest Loader\src\mod.js:54:27

    at FSReqCallback.oncomplete (node:fs:188:23)

    Idk whats wrong some help if possible <3

    • This seems to be an issue with VCQL. Try deleting the VCQL folder and reinstall it.

    • Now im just not seeing any tasks or a picture for trader

    • What your mod folder look like?

  • honestly im just super lost, how do i complete when igor met sergei? it says "check the dorms" but i dont know what to check

    • Its one of the locked dorm rooms that you need a key to get into. Room 214.

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  • Killed Tagilla for the first quest and it didn't count. Any ideas? I am running SWAG variety.

    • When into my user profile and just set that quest to "3." Collected the reward and moved on.

    • could you share what was the id of the quest? I'm stuck on this part as well

    • You need to make sure you kill Tagilla during the daytime. Night time kills wont count.

  • I have this error when I start up the server, and in game I cannot progress the quest at all(kill tagilla). I have installed VCQL then goblin king in that order like the other thread suggested but I still have the same errors.

    TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'resolve')

    at GoblinKing.getPresets (E:\games\Escape from tarkov\user\mods\GoblinKing\src\GoblinKing.js:191:36)

    at GoblinKing.createAssortTable (E:\games\Escape from tarkov\user\mods\GoblinKing\src\GoblinKing.js:264:32)

    at GoblinKing.postDBLoad (E:\games\Escape from tarkov\user\mods\GoblinKing\src\GoblinKing.js:84:30)

    at PostDBModLoader.executeMods (C:\snapshot\project\obj\loaders\PostDBModLoader.js)

    at PostDBModLoader.onLoad (C:\snapshot\project\obj\loaders\PostDBModLoader.js)

    at App.load (C:\snapshot\project\obj\utils\App.js)

    at processTicksAndRejections (node:internal/process/task_queues:96:5)

    at process.runNextTicks [as _tickCallback] (node:internal/process/task_queues:65:3)

    at Function.runMain (pkg/prelude/bootstrap.js:1984:13)

    at node:internal/main/run_main_module:17:47

    • Can you provide the full server log? This error here is just saying there are no saved presets to fetch for the assort table. Theres likely another error being missed causing the issue.

      You can find the server log in /user/logs/

    • I apologize my system is in chinese so you see some Chinese letters, here's a fresh log from server start until I talk to the goblin npc.


      could it be this error?

      stripQuestAssort(): Assort for Trader: GoblinKing doesn't contain a questassort json, skipping removal of quest assorts

    • There doesn't appear to be any error. Can you describe what's actually happening? Are you killing Tagilla during the day or night?

  • ello, got a small problem: did the first two quests but now GK isn't giving me anymore quests. I am level 35 if that is important.

    • Some of Goblin's quests wont unlock until you've progressed though other traders questlines. I've marked which ones in the readme file included in the zip

  • im new to this type of thing and im havin a little trouble. non of the quest are apearing

    TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'resolve')

    at GoblinKing.getPresets (C:\Users\clayd\Downloads\New folder\New folder\user\mods\GoblinKing\src\GoblinKing.js:191:36)

    at GoblinKing.createAssortTable (C:\Users\clayd\Downloads\New folder\New folder\user\mods\GoblinKing\src\GoblinKing.js:264:32)

    at GoblinKing.postDBLoad (C:\Users\clayd\Downloads\New folder\New folder\user\mods\GoblinKing\src\GoblinKing.js:84:30)

    at PostDBModLoader.executeMods (C:\snapshot\project\obj\loaders\PostDBModLoader.js)

    at PostDBModLoader.onLoad (C:\snapshot\project\obj\loaders\PostDBModLoader.js)

    at App.load (C:\snapshot\project\obj\utils\App.js)

    at processTicksAndRejections (node:internal/process/task_queues:96:5)

    at process.runNextTicks [as _tickCallback] (node:internal/process/task_queues:65:3)

    at Function.runMain (pkg/prelude/bootstrap.js:1984:13)

    at node:internal/main/run_main_module:17:47

    • This looks like a version conflict. What version of Aki are you using?

    • 3.4.1

    • odd. make sure the version of Goblin King you're downloading is the .9.6 version.

    • yeah its the 9.6

    • Are you using any other mods?

  • is this supposed to add a new trader? because there isnt another one there but i can use him to repair my items

    • That's odd. What Aki version are you using? Currently this mod is only compatible with 3.4 and 3.4.1

    • whatever the newest version is, bleedingedge i think people call it

    • yeah, thats the alpha 3.5 build. I haven't updated that mod for that one yet as it's not stable.

  • Hi

    I really like your mod especially the quests and stims. I wanted to ask two things:
    The stim for healing and additional backpack (Juice i believe) is bugged for me. It gives me an max weight of 3219 and 300HP/sec which is utterly overpowered and doesn't seem to be intended.

    Secondly i wondered if i can delete the items from the loot table and have them be trader only?

    Thx in advance for any solution

    • Thanks for pointing that out. Should be fixed in the update. Also, not sure if it will break things, but to remove the items from the loot pool find these lines in the file GoblinKing.ts (This is in the GoblinKing/src folder) and remove them