Goblin King 1.1.1 - FOR VCQL 1.4.3

Need meds early game? Storage? Or to be able to buy your own presets directly? Goblin comes directly from El Paso to provide you with your needs. For a price of course. He also has a job for you.

Goblin King


Suggestions welcomed. Please feel free to notify of me of any bugs, issues, or general feedback in the comments or support thread. I'll do what I can to help you get everything working. Enjoy and thanks for playing my mod.

  • Version 1.1.1 - FOR VCQL 1.4.3

    - No major changes with this release. If you already installed GK and have everything working you will not need to download this...yet.

    - Removed old VCQL -please download the new version here - VCQL

    -HOTFIX - I admit nothing.

  • Version 1.1.1-3.7 - HF8

    Version 1.1.1

    HOTFIX1 - Presets should be available again.

    HOTFIX2 - Preset prices are now back to the flea prices. *courtesy of alexkarpen for figuring it out and SurVivalEve for relaying this info to me.*

    HOTFIX3 - Goblin's IFAK now has it's own model.

    HOTFIX4- KAC SR-25 Goblin custom paint added.

    HOTFIX5 - Restored RockaHorse and SSH_ to the usec and bear PMC name list. Added WTT members to the Rogue name pool.

    HOTFIX6 - Corrected handbook IDs

    HOTFIX7- Desoxyn custom model added (Textures courtesy of Tron)

    Fixed item ID mix-ups causing issue with Realism Compatibility. GK should now be fully compatible with Fontaine's Realism. -Hopefully

    HOTFIX8 - Fixed With The Beretta, Puttin All the Holes in Your Sweata! Rogue kills should now tick properly.


    -Just fixing typos and various little things that most haven't yet noticed....i hope.

    -Updated for 3.7+ *Link no longer set to private - kek. my b folks. my b*

    *Known Issues*

    • Type Error has returned when no weapon builds are present in the profile - this is nothing game breaking. just annoying. It looks like this


  • Version 1.1.1

    Version 1.1.1

    Just fixing typos and various little things that most probably won't even notice.

    Giving myself :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:

    Totally unoriginal

    Not Made From Scratch

    Def a Port

    Small pp energy <---LMFAO who did dis?

  • Version 1.1.0hf3

    Updated for Rogue Justice

    Fixed type error.

    Hotfix 2 - Someone in the posse came sprinkled voodoo dust on the mod fixing the type error

    on the weaponbuilds when deleting your profile. You now no longer have to clear temp data...mongrels.

    Hotfix 3 - Corrected info on quest rewards. Secure cases should now show the correct LL.

  • Version 1.0.9

    Version 1.0.9 - The Secure Cases Update

    Hotfix 4- Updated for VCQL 1.4 - Gracias, Sweatllama.

    Hotfix 3 - Not entirely sure what I broke with my last hotfix - but I fixed it :P Ignore that last hotfix. It's not with us no more. This is the new hotfix 2.

    Hotfix 2 - Fixed parameters that I believe was breaking "From the Beretta, Puttin All the Holes in ya Sweata"

    Hotfix 1 - Corrected quest typos, and mismatched quest tasks. Gracias to lankyboi2k9, and Sylvie for bringing these to my attention.

    -Updated Some quest dialogue
    -Fix bugged items.
    -Goblin no longer sells the vanilla secure cases. The vanilla options of the secure cases have been replaced with 7 new custom cases that will unlock
    as assorts through the quests Goblin offers.

    -New Quests

    3 - It's Me Belt, Turkish?
    6 - Master Race
    10 - He Said to Them 'I am He'
    19 - Charlie Don't Surf!
    30 - From the Beretta, Puttin' All the Holes In Ya Sweater

    -New Secure Cases

    - Micky's Tactical Lunchbox 2x2 + 1+1+1 - Unlocks from 3


    - BSG Sloth Box 3x1 + 3x3 - Unlocks from 6


    - Abolito's Prison Wallet 3x3+ 1+2x1+2x1, - Unlocks from 10


    - Coyote Stash 4x3 + 2x2 - Unlocks from 12


    - Goblin Secure Box 4x4 + 3x1 + 3x1 - Unlocks from 14


    - DHS Locker 4x4 + 1x4 + 1x4 - Bundle Done - Unlocks from 19


    - Cerberus 6x4 + 4x2 - Need to Redo Textures - Unlocks from 30


  • Version 1.0.8goat

    Version 1.0.8fixed

    HOTFIX 1 - included db folder from groovy no weapons patch for convienence. - My bad folks. I didn't really clarify you needed this from the punisher zip.

    HOTFIX 2 - Fixed the server crash issue when using the no weapons patch.

    HOTFIX 3 - Fixed some quest typos and location description issues.

    HOTFIX 4 - Temporary fix to the Unlock after Collector config options. - Quest Rewards level requirements remain their default values until

    I can figure out why it cant find the condition type. -Goblin will still unlock as reward for "the collector" quest completion.

    -Added the Trader to the enum - Gracias DrakiaXYZ.

    -Fixed the QuestAssort error by removing future goodies - they'll be back but better.

    -Huge thanks to Dirtbikercj, GrooveyPenguinX, DrakiaXYZ, Chomp, and IHateChoosing for assisting with the troubleshooting on this.

    -As well, thanks to all my players who provided the error reports to help us get to the bottom of it, as well your patience and candor is

    greatly appreciated. Te quiero todo.

    -Included No Custom Weapons patch. - Use this if you do not have SamSWATs Benelli M4 and Massivesoft's Vector .308

  • Version 1.0.8

    Version 1.0.8

    Should still be compatible with older versions of AKI. Delete your old GoblinKing folder if already installed.

    Make sure to follow install instructions in the readme or info page for Goblin King.

    -Updated for AKI 3.6

    -Updated QuestZoneAPI (Update provided by Dirtbikercj)

    -Updated Mod Functions for future use.

    -Patched Rogue Justice to remove JustNUCore dependency. - GoblinKing and JustNUCore should not conflict with each other (requires further testing.)

    -Fixed "One Batch, Two Batch..." to provide players with the Old Hand Scythe required for quest completion.

    -Updated some quest rewards.

    -Updated models for:

    Tio's Chest,

    Abuela's Pill Box

    Treasure Bag

    Morpheus Glasses

    -Added Items

    -Goblin Corps Beta 1 Gas Mask - Available immediately.

    -Lego Head - Available immediately.

  • Version 1.0.7

    Version 1.0.7

    -Added third Punisher quest. "Alabama, Alabama, We will aye be true to thee!"

    ⮡ SR-25G Added as a quest reward and assort unlock

    -Added fourth Punisher quest. "What You Know You Can't Explain, But You Feel It."

    ⮡ Morpheus Glasses added as reward and assort unlock

    -Added fifth Punisher quest. "One Batch, Two Batch, Penny and Dime."

    ⮡ Added Castiglione Tuxedo as a reward and assort unlock

    -Fixed some typos and errors in quest dialogue for various quests.

    -Added new items to the config.

    -New Quests and New items have not yet been translated, however among the listed supported languages the text will default to English until translations become available.

  • Version 1.0.6

    Version 1.0.6.

    HOTFIX -

    ⮡ Goblin King will now look for the correct Punisher Boss folder.

    ⮡ Fixed the quest rewards for "You Gonna Shoot Me, Frank?" from giving some random number in the billions to some random amount between 847,458 to 1000000 Rouble. Some weird shit where when I had the reward value set to 1million it was giving 180K additional - My guess here is there is a multiplier either tied to the reputation value OR it's mod -> I'll make further adjustments if need be based on feedback.

    -Updated for 3.5.8

    -Updated for Boop's Quest Zone API 1.1

    -Updated for Virtual's Custom Quest Loader 1.3

    -New Quest Line For GrooveypenguinX's Rogue Justice: Punishing Tarkov Mod

    ⮡ Only two quests are currently available. More to come in future dailyish updates.

  • Version 1.0.5a

    HOTFIX 1 - Fixed the starting ammo for Shotgun Boogie. Quest should now give you 12/70 8.5mm Buckshot instead of 5.7 SS190

    Compatible with 3.5 and up. Confirmed working on 3.5.7

  • I can't finish "When Igor Met Sergei"

    I have been up and down Dorms with a complete keyset for dorms and the "Check the Dorms" part of the quest won't trigger. Where do i have to go?

    • 3 story dorm, 2nd floor, big room with the ammo crates. Go to the table where the candles are.

  • you can buy a weapon case from goblin for 1.1million and sell at flea market for 5 million, this mod is still unbalanced

    • Of all the things to complain about being unbalanced in this mod....this is what you go with? Lol. Fair enough amigo, fair enough.


      The idea is to provide the weapon case early game. I've made no edits to the flea price for it. Seems to have created a bit of an overlooked exploit.


      Do not sell the weapons case on the flea.

  • Used to be an awesome trader mod but now it's linked to Punisher mod an uninstall. it's just annoying! Really do not like Punisher mod showing up constantly in my raids using SWAG.

    • :thumbup:

    • Am happy as I turned off Punisher in SWAG config, then in the Punisher config I changed all percent to see him down to 0 apart from streets which is at 20%. I also changed the amount of consecutive raids completed for him from 1 to 5 too, plus I also reduced his health to one shot him!

      I'm not that good at SPT at the best of times let alone with the punisher showing up constantly doming me every other raid :)

      Goblin trader I love, thanks for him.

    • giphy.gif

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  • i installed this and it removed my ability to purchase lab card from priscilu will i get that back after progressing through his quest???

    • This shouldnt remove anything from other traders. Thats said the labs card unlocks in GKs assort through his quest line as well.

  • can i change the currency from the presets from Dollar to Roubles

  • hi , i instaled the trader and the boss , all works but i dont get any missions ..

    when i extracted i do not see any mission files..

    best regards

    • Sounds like you're missing the Quest Loader from virtual. There's a link to it in the versions description and on the info page.

    • found the problem, in the compressed file is missing the folder with the missions ...dont know why..

      but i fix it by downloading it again ...

      can you consider make it whitout the punisher mod and is tasks ?

      thanks in advance

  • how can i change the sub task in the mission When Igor Met Sergei visiting dorms ? i found the mission in VCQL but i dont know what to change exactly.

    cant complete the dorms subtask dont know what i am doing wrong. i'm near/on the crates on the 2nd floor of the 3 story doorm and nothing is happening.

    i have this msg if it helps in the console

    [Exception] : MissingMethodException: System.Collections.Generic.List`1<EFT.Player> EFT.GameWorld.get_AllPlayers()

    (wrapper dynamic-method) EFT.GameWorld.DMD<EFT.GameWorld::OnGameStarted>(EFT.GameWorld)

    EFT.TarkovApplication+Class1157.method_1 (Comfort.Common.IResult error) (at <f7f3726f1deb4e1fabfff17fea715bfa>:0)

    Comfort.Common.CallbackExtensions.Succeed (Comfort.Common.Callback callback) (at <48b1db9873f04ce8b3bad0c383343f52>:0)

    EFT.BaseLocalGame`1+Class1286[T].MoveNext () (at <f7f3726f1deb4e1fabfff17fea715bfa>:0)

    UnityEngine.SetupCoroutine.InvokeMoveNext (System.Collections.IEnumerator enumerator, System.IntPtr returnValueAddress) (at <ca21460feb9c47d0ac337b9893474cc6>:0)

    UnityEngine.DebugLogHandler:LogException(Exception, Object)

    Class327:UnityEngine.ILogHandler.LogException(Exception, Object)

    UnityEngine.Debug:CallOverridenDebugHandler(Exception, Object)

    • Your mods are breaking the QuestAPI. (9/10 this is because you downloaded a waifu trader that included an old version of the quest api. The only API you need is the one that comes with GK)

      I also do not provide support for editing my quests.

  • How do you complete the quest "When Igor met Sergei"? I only have to check dorms but I've been to both buildings ran all of the floors and I didn't get the sub-task completion. Thanks

    • Your quest API is likely broken. Most likely due to you having multiples versions of it. Only use the API that comes with Goblin King.

    • I only have the Goblin one

    • K.

      1. Are you certain you are actually stepping over the location? (Its near the candles in the big kitchen room with all the ammo crates - in the dorm with 3 floors)

      2. If yes post what mods you have, and BepinEx/plugins.

  • TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'weaponBuilds')
    at GoblinKing.getPresets (F:\EFT\user\mods\GoblinKing\src\GoblinKing.ts:216:52)
    at GoblinKing.createAssortTable (F:\EFT\user\mods\GoblinKing\src\GoblinKing.ts:295:32)
    at Object.action (F:\EFT\user\mods\GoblinKing\src\GoblinKing.ts:125:82)
    at StaticRouterMod.handleStatic (C:\snapshot\project\src\di\Router.ts:50:63)
    at HttpRouter.handleRoute (C:\snapshot\project\src\routers\HttpRouter.ts:79:62)
    at HttpRouter.getResponse (C:\snapshot\project\src\routers\HttpRouter.ts:44:30)
    at AkiHttpListener.getResponse (C:\snapshot\project\src\servers\http\AkiHttpListener.ts:150:38)
    at IncomingMessage. (C:\snapshot\project\src\servers\http\AkiHttpListener.ts:75:43)
    at IncomingMessage.emit (node:events:513:28)
    at endReadableNT (

    • It may have conflict with a weapon mod,but idk which one exactly

    • Nah, this is normal for new profiles when there are no user presets made yet. It's nothing game breaking - once you make a weapon preset (which will then show up in Goblin's assort) the error will disappear.

    • My new installed 3.7.6 game get into Infinite loading at pic page,cant get to the main menu
      this was the only fault message in server cmd,so i consider it as the reason

      Anyway thx for answering,maybe the reason for the game wont start properly is that i got 70 mods,and i have to figue out which one cause this one by one.


    • Wherever you have SPT installed there's a log folder. there will be a file in there called error log. This will show the error happening within the client causing the infinite loading

  • Tell me how to increase the spawn of the punisher for 9 days I can't find it at the factory bosses are included and I don't mess around I still have nothing in bartar on his armor, that is, not how not to buy it, please name the folder where to change the spawn at least I can't find it myself

    • Do you use SWAG?
      If so, SWAG can set his spawnchance manually.

      If you DON'T use SWAG,
      mods/PunisherBoss/src/progress.json stores his spawnchance, which is updated every time you boot the server and exit a raid. It updates dynamically, so if you set it to 100, then boot the game, his chance will be set to 100 FOR THE NEXT RAID, and will change depending on circumstances of the raid.

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    • Dis^

  • Bonjour, comment puis-je vous aider à réaliser une traduction en français ?

    • Any translations you want to contribute can be sent to me through DMs.

      Gracias, amigo.

    • No problem, ;) Is there a place where I can find the text for items, dialogues, and quests to have material to work with, or should I go with what I find in the game ?

    • You can use the locale files to get all the text.

      For the quests


      For the items


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  • i can't place the TNT bricks in the fck them kids quest I'm at the right location and the place interaction does not pop up

    • I'm stuck on this one too. The suitcase one and the computer room on 1st floor.

  • Greetings. I have to ask for guidance :saint:
    I can't find the computer room on the first floor in the lab, where I have to place the explosive. I think I was in every room with a computer but couldn't find the right spot.

    • check the zip - theres pics of these locations.

    • ahh nice, I didn't copied that in my game folder and forgot about it

    • Speaking of this task. Do I need to have yellow keycard to complete it?

  • Thanks for the reply. If you can, you can tell me in more detail where this file is located, I can't understand or I'm just being stupid and answer the question, that is, you don't have to mess around, but just kill enemies so that the punisher appears and he treats the bosses thanks for the answer

  • Hi, I can't complete the quests related to Frank, I simply can't find him, help or tell me how to find him in the logs there are no conflicts except for the trading platform (through a translator) thank you for your help and understanding!

    • Punisher won't just spawn by default.

      Assuming you're not using SWAG you'll need to successfully complete raids in order increase his chance of spawning - the server terminal should tell at the beginning and end of each raid what the spawn chance is.

      Groovey also has a Json file included where you can manually edit the spawn chance.

  • a very small minor issue thats sending my ocd into orbit is when i click on quests, the quest picture is just spinning loading circle, is there a simple fix on my end lol

  • Is there any guides for the quests? I'm stuck on Igor and the stems. It says to check dorms, but i didn't find anything?

    • I have not made a guide for all the quests.

      Its in the three story dorm on the second floor where all the ammo crates are.

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    • Ah, with the quest description I thought I would be looking for a body or in the marked room. (Edit, I checked the second floor and no go. It may not be spawning for me)

    • I reinstalled both mods, and i'm not able to find anything related to the quest? Am I just blind?

    • Same here, I've searched everywhere in the dorms section and i cant find anything.

    • clearly not everywhere.

  • cant seem to get the quests to work, iv got the goblin king trader in and i can buy the stuff he sells from lvl 1 but i have no quests available, is this an issue with VCQL

    • Likely, since VCQL is what loads the quests. I'd say make sure it's installed and actually loading.

    • from what i can see its loading, dunno whats going on, i saw a guy leave a comment on VCQL saying the same thing, maybe we're both dumb lol XD

    • ...actually- hang on a second. LOL.

    • Redownload and copy the folder for virtual's over.

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    • For Me at Least (On 3.7.6) this fixed it. Appreciate your work, dedication, and assistance.

  • Can't get the mod working. I keep getting this error:

    The application had a critical error and failed to run

    Exception produced: Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, open 'C:\SPTarkov\user\mods\SWAG\config\bossConfig.json'


    Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, open 'C:\SPTarkov\user\mods\SWAG\config\bossConfig.json'

    at Object.openSync (node:fs:601:3)

    at Object.openSync (pkg/prelude/bootstrap.js:793:32)

    at Object.readFileSync (node:fs:469:35)

    at Object.readFileSync (pkg/prelude/bootstrap.js:1079:36)

    at PunisherBossMod.proceedWithSWAGPatch (C:\SPTarkov\user\mods\PunisherBoss\src\mod.ts:161:42)

    at PunisherBossMod.checkSWAGCompatibility (C:\SPTarkov\user\mods\PunisherBoss\src\mod.ts:149:22)

    at PunisherBossMod.preAkiLoad (C:\SPTarkov\user\mods\PunisherBoss\src\mod.ts:96:14)

    at PreAkiModLoader.executeModsAsync (C:\snapshot\project\src\loaders\PreAkiModLoader.ts:419:53)

    at PreAkiModLoader.load (C:\snapshot\project\src\loaders\PreAkiModLoader.ts:62:24)

    at processTicksAndRejections (node:internal/process/task_queues:95:5)

    I've installed by the READ ME, and nothing. Any Ideas?

    • Sorry, just figured it out.

      For anyone having this issue, just go into - User\mods\PunisherBoss\config\SWAG_compat

      and change it to false.


  • Goblin kings Ifak barter is exploitable. It's super easy to get the barter items for it and can sell for nearly a million roubles. Needs to be either removed or rebalanced.

    • Woops - That was supposed to be changed ages ago... Fixed. Just the same - All the barters can be edited within the config so you can make things as difficult or exploitable as you wish.

    • Haha thank you lol. I want ZERO exploit XD

      Really appreciate it! Looking forward to the update!

  • Hey so i cant complete any quests that require me to interact with something in a raid, like placing TP-200 or checking dorms. I browsed the comments and saw you saying something about not to have multiple questAPI's, but i have no idea as which i need and which i need to remove.

    For user mods i got:


    Virtual's Custom Quest Loader

    For BepInEx i got:

    P.S. I have no idea how to copy all my mods in so i dont know if i have a mod that contains some type of quest thingy. I just wrote those with quest in the name.

    • Just remove the ones that say Boops. And leave the ones that come with Goblin King.

    • It works now, thanks alot!

  • Having an issue with one of the quests called "fuck them kids" where I can't to find some of the locations. Specifically the "center of the computer room on the 1st floor".

    Maybe have a basic map showing where the general locations are? Labs is a big place and I keep getting clapped by AI hiding under the stairs or just far enough behind a wall where the game's audio doesn't function properly. I don't want to resort to going into the raid without any AI just so I can finish this.

    Excellent mod otherwise. Especially with the Punisher mod.

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    • There is a folder packaged with the mod containing pictures of the locations for this quest. Hope it helps.

    • Oh damn. Thanks. :)

  • I can get the punisher boss mod to work, but when I attempt to install and overwrite all files with the bepinex/user folders for this mod and launch the server, I receive the error: "Mod required to be installed. Error Parsing Mod Load order."

    How would I go about fixing this?

    • as of the most current versions Goblin King shouldn't be overwriting anything in Punisher.

  • i have an issue, Ai can't hit me even i stand for them to shoot, all the bullet missed me, i have only this mod installed, Anyone know anything about this please help

    sorry for my bad english, not my main language tho

    • hmm. not entirely sure the cause of that. This mod doesn't mess with bots in anyway.

    • my mod list only have 3 mod is:



      Virtual's Custom Quest Loader


      Pls help, i like this mod but something went wrong

      here clip game play, im in scav, but same with PMC

    • Have you verified that this isn't happening when the mods aren't installed? Because like I said, I wouldn't even know where to begin troubleshooting this. Nothing in Goblin King, Virtual's Quest Loader, or The API touch bot behavior.

      This is either being caused by the aki install itself OR you have a plugin altering bot behavior installed.

    • thanks for the suggest, i think i find it myself, thank you for your time

  • So, how does this function with SPT-Realism?
    I have installed (to my knowledge) everything correctly, as everything is working and showing up as intended.
    But, I get into an issue as soon as it tries to refresh the Goblin Trader and then also other traders.

    It keeps giving me an error message, saying something along the lines of:
    ''aki-traders failed to run successfully''
    ''Cannot read properties of undefined (reading '_parent')

    Edit: Figured out the issue. Disabled the ''Random Trader'' settings in SPT-Realism and the error went away.

    Everything works as intended.

    • I have the same problem.

      By modifying all LegoHeads to Lego_Head, you can be compatible with the "Randomize Traders" feature of SPT-Realism.

      I hope the author sees it.

    • Where do I find this setting in Realism?

  • Anyone know how to get more quests? I am level 20, but says I need 0.50 rating for level two but of the 4 quests I completed I am only at 0.40.

    I completed:

    Tell them all what I came to do

    When Igor Met Sergei

    Ya Gonna Shoot Me, Frank?

    It's Me Belt, Turkish.

    I can't seem to get anymore quests to appear. Any Ideas?

  • Nice mod but Im still asking myself what the fuck is a Mexican doing in the norvinsk district?

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    • He's Mexican- American if that helps.

      We out here, amigo.

  • I know this is my 2nd comment but I have another issue on top of the one I'm still having. Frank won't spawn on Factory, he just doesn't want to.

  • My trouble is finding where to find the dorm for the Igor quest (I forget the name of it). I've checked both dorms buildings twice and nothing came up for either of them.

    • You go to the second floor of the three story dorm, down the hallway to that open area and there is room full of the green wooden crates on the left. Walk up to those and it should be completed.

    • That room doesn't seem to work.The one in between 210 and 211, right?

    • Should be, though I think you have to walk up to a stack of the crates on the left side of the room.

    • And that I did; I walked around the entire room and jumped up and down. If it means anything, I do have all quests enabled so I've got the one where I need to place the Surv12 kit around the same area. If it means restarting, so be it.

    • I reset my save file and it still doesn't work, the only other quest I have for GK is the one to kill Frank. I'm still confused as to what to do.

  • I having trouble with the quest Fuck Them Kids as I can't seem to find the spot where I'm supposed to place the TNT. I've searched what I believe are the right areas but no graphic saying "Plant" ever pops up. Everything else for the mod works but this quest is the only issue for me.

    • Theres a folder in the zip with pictures of the locations.

    • Thanks

    • One thing though, I go to the right spot but no prompt to plant the explosive pops up?

    • You sure you have the explosive material in your inventory?

    • Yes, i have a better back pack mod on so maybe that might be messing it up? I'll try it with the explosive in my rig as that isn't affected by the mod.