Goblin King 1.1.1

Need meds early game? Storage? Or to be able to buy your own presets directly? Goblin comes directly from El Paso to provide you with your needs. For a price of course. He also has a job for you.

Goblin King


Suggestions welcomed. Please feel free to notify of me of any bugs, issues, or general feedback in the comments or support thread. I'll do what I can to help you get everything working. Enjoy and thanks for playing my mod.

  • Version 1.1.1

    Version 1.1.1

    Just fixing typos and various little things that most probably won't even notice.

    Giving myself :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:

    Totally unoriginal

    Not Made From Scratch

    Def a Port

    Small pp energy <---LMFAO who did dis?

  • Version 1.1.0hf3

    Updated for Rogue Justice

    Fixed type error.

    Hotfix 2 - Someone in the posse came sprinkled voodoo dust on the mod fixing the type error

    on the weaponbuilds when deleting your profile. You now no longer have to clear temp data...mongrels.

    Hotfix 3 - Corrected info on quest rewards. Secure cases should now show the correct LL.

  • Version 1.0.9

    Version 1.0.9 - The Secure Cases Update

    Hotfix 4- Updated for VCQL 1.4 - Gracias, Sweatllama.

    Hotfix 3 - Not entirely sure what I broke with my last hotfix - but I fixed it :P Ignore that last hotfix. It's not with us no more. This is the new hotfix 2.

    Hotfix 2 - Fixed parameters that I believe was breaking "From the Beretta, Puttin All the Holes in ya Sweata"

    Hotfix 1 - Corrected quest typos, and mismatched quest tasks. Gracias to lankyboi2k9, and Sylvie for bringing these to my attention.

    -Updated Some quest dialogue
    -Fix bugged items.
    -Goblin no longer sells the vanilla secure cases. The vanilla options of the secure cases have been replaced with 7 new custom cases that will unlock
    as assorts through the quests Goblin offers.

    -New Quests

    3 - It's Me Belt, Turkish?
    6 - Master Race
    10 - He Said to Them 'I am He'
    19 - Charlie Don't Surf!
    30 - From the Beretta, Puttin' All the Holes In Ya Sweater

    -New Secure Cases

    - Micky's Tactical Lunchbox 2x2 + 1+1+1 - Unlocks from 3


    - BSG Sloth Box 3x1 + 3x3 - Unlocks from 6


    - Abolito's Prison Wallet 3x3+ 1+2x1+2x1, - Unlocks from 10


    - Coyote Stash 4x3 + 2x2 - Unlocks from 12


    - Goblin Secure Box 4x4 + 3x1 + 3x1 - Unlocks from 14


    - DHS Locker 4x4 + 1x4 + 1x4 - Bundle Done - Unlocks from 19


    - Cerberus 6x4 + 4x2 - Need to Redo Textures - Unlocks from 30


  • Version 1.0.8goat

    Version 1.0.8fixed

    HOTFIX 1 - included db folder from groovy no weapons patch for convienence. - My bad folks. I didn't really clarify you needed this from the punisher zip.

    HOTFIX 2 - Fixed the server crash issue when using the no weapons patch.

    HOTFIX 3 - Fixed some quest typos and location description issues.

    HOTFIX 4 - Temporary fix to the Unlock after Collector config options. - Quest Rewards level requirements remain their default values until

    I can figure out why it cant find the condition type. -Goblin will still unlock as reward for "the collector" quest completion.

    -Added the Trader to the enum - Gracias DrakiaXYZ.

    -Fixed the QuestAssort error by removing future goodies - they'll be back but better.

    -Huge thanks to Dirtbikercj, GrooveyPenguinX, DrakiaXYZ, Chomp, and IHateChoosing for assisting with the troubleshooting on this.

    -As well, thanks to all my players who provided the error reports to help us get to the bottom of it, as well your patience and candor is

    greatly appreciated. Te quiero todo.

    -Included No Custom Weapons patch. - Use this if you do not have SamSWATs Benelli M4 and Massivesoft's Vector .308

  • Version 1.0.8

    Version 1.0.8

    Should still be compatible with older versions of AKI. Delete your old GoblinKing folder if already installed.

    Make sure to follow install instructions in the readme or info page for Goblin King.

    -Updated for AKI 3.6

    -Updated QuestZoneAPI (Update provided by Dirtbikercj)

    -Updated Mod Functions for future use.

    -Patched Rogue Justice to remove JustNUCore dependency. - GoblinKing and JustNUCore should not conflict with each other (requires further testing.)

    -Fixed "One Batch, Two Batch..." to provide players with the Old Hand Scythe required for quest completion.

    -Updated some quest rewards.

    -Updated models for:

    Tio's Chest,

    Abuela's Pill Box

    Treasure Bag

    Morpheus Glasses

    -Added Items

    -Goblin Corps Beta 1 Gas Mask - Available immediately.

    -Lego Head - Available immediately.

  • Version 1.0.7

    Version 1.0.7

    -Added third Punisher quest. "Alabama, Alabama, We will aye be true to thee!"

    ⮡ SR-25G Added as a quest reward and assort unlock

    -Added fourth Punisher quest. "What You Know You Can't Explain, But You Feel It."

    ⮡ Morpheus Glasses added as reward and assort unlock

    -Added fifth Punisher quest. "One Batch, Two Batch, Penny and Dime."

    ⮡ Added Castiglione Tuxedo as a reward and assort unlock

    -Fixed some typos and errors in quest dialogue for various quests.

    -Added new items to the config.

    -New Quests and New items have not yet been translated, however among the listed supported languages the text will default to English until translations become available.

  • Version 1.0.6

    Version 1.0.6.

    HOTFIX -

    ⮡ Goblin King will now look for the correct Punisher Boss folder.

    ⮡ Fixed the quest rewards for "You Gonna Shoot Me, Frank?" from giving some random number in the billions to some random amount between 847,458 to 1000000 Rouble. Some weird shit where when I had the reward value set to 1million it was giving 180K additional - My guess here is there is a multiplier either tied to the reputation value OR it's mod -> I'll make further adjustments if need be based on feedback.

    -Updated for 3.5.8

    -Updated for Boop's Quest Zone API 1.1

    -Updated for Virtual's Custom Quest Loader 1.3

    -New Quest Line For GrooveypenguinX's Rogue Justice: Punishing Tarkov Mod

    ⮡ Only two quests are currently available. More to come in future dailyish updates.

  • Version 1.0.5a

    HOTFIX 1 - Fixed the starting ammo for Shotgun Boogie. Quest should now give you 12/70 8.5mm Buckshot instead of 5.7 SS190

    Compatible with 3.5 and up. Confirmed working on 3.5.7

  • Version 1.0.5

    • Config file restructured and added new options (old config files are no longer compatible)
      • the optional patches (Unlockable Trader and Realism Patch) are now settings
      • prices of the Goblin items can now be configured
    • Rebalanced Trader offers (adjusted prices and quantities per restock)
    • Rebalanced some quests
      • "When Igor Met Sergei" - reduced amount of injectors
      • "One, nothing wrong with me. Two, nothing wrong with me. [...]" - reduced amount of PMC kills with Grenades
      • "Too Legit" - reduced amount of Gluhar's follower kills
    • Quest objective changed for "Take a sip from the cup of death…" and "Reckless? I hit just where I was aiming."
    • Fixed a bug where quest rewards were not displayed correctly
    • Fixed a bug where some quest zones were generated too small
    • Fixed a bug where some quest start and reward items were incompletely generated
    • Fixed a bug where mods were loaded in the wrong order
  • Version 1.0.4

    Version 1.0.4 - (Huge thanks to tip for cleaning up the code.)

    HOTFIX - Russian locales for quests 16-20 added. Thanks Djanbolt!

    -Goblin's offerings can now be seen at the flea market

    -Added/Fully implemented a 5.56x45mm Sludge ammo pack (120 pcs)

    -Will be unlocked after the Quest "Take a sip from the cup of death…"

    -Will be available at Goblin - Loyalty level 1

    -All items can now be found in the correct category in the Handbook

    -Removed error message on server start when no presets are present (wasn't game-breaking)

    -Toggle wether or not Goblin King is unlockable via config now instead of patch. - (You still need to install the virtual's quest loader patch if you want the quests attuned for end game)

    -A lot of changes under the hood such as internal structures revised and cleaned up

    -Results in a much smaller download (from ~40MB to ~2,2MB), among other things

  • NO SUPPORT WILL BE OFFERED FOR THOSE ATTEMPTING TO EDIT THE QUESTS USING DirtbikerCjs TarkovTools. Questions regarding this will be ignored. It has a documentation for a reason. Figure it out, or ping CJ in SPT-Mod Dev - He told me to tell yall you have his permission :P

    Also, on a happier note. After 3.7 will be the final content update for Goblin King as a stand alone mod. Goblin is moving on to bigger and greater things as most of us do when we're productive. Thank you all for playing.

  • ModLoader: Error when loading async mod: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'equipment')

    TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'equipment')

    at DRIP.copyBotItemWeighting (D:\SPT361\user\mods\ColetteBlackpaw-drip\src\mod.js:383:67)

    at D:\SPT361\user\mods\ColetteBlackpaw-drip\src\mod.js:208:22

    at loadItems (D:\SPT361\user\mods\ColetteBlackpaw-drip\src\mod.js:58:9)

    at processTicksAndRejections (node:internal/process/task_queues:96:5)

    at DRIP.addRetextures (D:\SPT361\user\mods\ColetteBlackpaw-drip\src\mod.js:189:9)

    at DRIP.postDBLoadAsync (D:\SPT361\user\mods\ColetteBlackpaw-drip\src\mod.js:80:9)

    at async Promise.all (index 0)

    at PostDBModLoader.executeMods (C:\snapshot\project\obj\loaders\PostDBModLoader.js)

    at PostDBModLoader.onLoad (C:\snapshot\project\obj\loaders\PostDBModLoader.js)

    at App.load (C:\snapshot\project\obj\utils\App.js)

    Unable to generate flea offers for trader Tupitsa, no assort found

    • once i installed goblin king drip stopped working

    • This is an issue with DRIP. not GK. Try checking their support.

  • Hello,

    Thanks for the mod. Your Github link on the description page is broken. Says 404 not found.

    Also how do I convert the currency from USD to Roubles?

    Thank you.

    • You can edit all the barter options in the included config file

  • please update to the new virtuals quest loader ...

  • How to change loyalty level? i can't find it

    • The loyalty level of what?

    • I think he meant loyalty level of Goblin king

  • Hi! First of all, thanks for your work i really enjoy this mod!

    I have just one problem, but it's not technical issue. I'd like to lower selling value of Goblin's ifak. In my case, it goes to therapist for about 1M roubles, but the cost of barter with goblin is about 100k to get one. It is unnecesary money making machine for me and i'd like to set the price on somewhat reasonable level. Can you please guide me which parameter in which files should i edit to set selling price for about 80-100k? I've found parameters like stash cells needed, usage time or HP Resource but i can't figure out which parameter has impact on items price or how it works.

    Best Regards

    • All the barters can be edited in the config.

  • What level does the quest

    unlock at? Looking at the readme it says Level 29, but I still don't have it yet.

    EDIT: DISREGARD, I completely missed out on a bunch of quests due to not finishing Back Door from Mechanic

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  • Is there anyone who can make a mod for ready to go preset for all gear? Headset ,Helmet with all attachments ,glasses ,weapon and second weapon or even pistol (if we want to)? Everything on the GEAR tab basically :love:

  • i need help .How to change the buff duration from the Abuelo's Lighting Juice stim ?The items.json is only showing the Pain duration buff.

  • Can't get the "Check the dorms" objective to complete. I've been to the 2nd floor ammo crate room but nothing. This is my load order.

    • You have the quest API loading twice. Delete Boop's Quest Zone API folder.

    • Just tested what you said and still no luck...

    • Is the plugin installed?

    • Yes, did a full reinstall of the mod and still nothing changed.

    • The only thing I can think of is a mod conflict of some kind. Though I'm not entirely sure where it would be.

  • why can't i find frank castle on factory i have all the mods installed did i do something wrong or am i missing something

    • His spawn chance is tied to a progress file. Survive more raids and he'll show up. You can also edit this chance in the file if you wish. Check the punisher's mod page for more info on that.

    • does better spawn plus interfere with this because i made his spawn 100 percent and still have not seen him. is there a minimum of raids survived before he spawns

    • Better spawn plus might. Im not entirely sure. I do know SWAG and donuts support it.

  • Please, is it possible to rewrite the quest to use only vanilla bosses? Dependency to the other mod that is currently broken with SWAG + DONUTS combination is not a good idea.
    And mod author wont make a compatibility patch whatsoever. Please, just make it possible to end the quests without that PUNISHER for the love of god

  • why is there only about 9 tasks before none apear anymore?

  • Can't get "go to dorms" to complete, and the punisher hasn't spawned on factory day, I've ran probably about 50 raids and nothing, only Tagilla spawns. I've seen his armor in the fence inventory, so I know he's out there somewhere. (hopefully)

    Order is with quests on top. As mentioned with other comments.


    Forget the Punisher thing, I'm just dumb and didn't read the "read me"

    ONLY ISSUE is just the go to dorms thing not completing

    • You sure you're going to the right place in dorms? -> second level in the room with the ammo crates.

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    • I went through all rooms (or so I think), I will give it another shot tonight and check that one specifically. I believe I know which one you're talking about. I MAY have skipped over it by accident. I'll shoot a comment back to ya if it completes or doesn't. If it doesn't complete I'll send a screenshot (or two) to verify I'm in or not in the right room.

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    • Well, it was in a place I didn't expect to check lol. Everything checks out. Thanks for your feedback bud!

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  • I'm getting this error with the Trader, He's inf. Restocking and immediately

    Scheduled event: 'aki-traders' failed to run successfully.
    Cannot read properties of undefined (reading '_parent')
    TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading '_parent')
        at RandomizeTraderAssort.randomizeStockHelper (C:\Games\SPT\user\mods\SPT-Realism-Mod\src\traders\traders.js:321:49)
        at TraderRefresh.modifyTraderAssorts (C:\Games\SPT\user\mods\SPT-Realism-Mod\src\traders\traders.js:539:37)
        at TraderRefresh.myResetExpiredTrader (C:\Games\SPT\user\mods\SPT-Realism-Mod\src\traders\traders.js:513:40)
        at TraderAssortHelper.result.resetExpiredTrader (C:\Games\SPT\user\mods\SPT-Realism-Mod\src\mod.js:123:38)
        at TraderController.update (C:\snapshot\project\obj\controllers\TraderController.js)
        at TraderCallbacks.onUpdate (C:\snapshot\project\obj\callbacks\TraderCallbacks.js)
        at App.update (C:\snapshot\project\obj\utils\App.js)

    Load Order:

    {"order":["aaaQuestAPI","ACOG4Life-OpticRework","ArtemTrader","Jeovani","GoblinKing","potkanSCC-1.0.1","SPT-Realism-Mod","PunisherBoss","PunisherGear","PunisherHead","The_Dealer","Virtual\u0027s Custom Quest Loader","Skwizzy-NoDiscardLimit","scavequipplus","zExtra RM Ammo","zSolarint-SAIN-ServerMod","zzDrakiaXYZ-Waypoints","zzPunisherVoice"]}
    • It's being caused the the randomize trader assort in Realism. Goblin King isn't compatible with this setting.

  • I'm also having issues seeing the custom cases, specifically "the slow poke" after completing Master Race since I'm only at that quest so far.

    Here's my mod list:

    • Couple things. - Where are you're plugins?

      1. You do not the old version of questAPI. Delete Boops's Quest API v1.0.0.0 (Make sure you remove the "BoopsQuestZoneAPI as well)
        • You should be left with just aaaQuestAPI in the mods folder and the QuestAPI.dll
      2. You have several mods installed that are outdated
      3. If you have anything altering quest rewards, or tasks - They can likely break Goblin's assorts.
      4. Your install is broken/missing files. ( In my experience with this issue...this is most likely the cause.) -
    • Ok with your new post I think it's just because GK isn't at trader level 4.

      If that is so, certain quest info should probably be looked at.

      Also, for "I'm the Muthafuckin Mailman" quest, the MCR helmet has no texture. Not sure if this is intended.

    • ---See the pinned comment.

    • Nice catch. I'll add it to the fixes for the next update

  • I am having an issue where the lunchbox isn't in his inventory after the quest is complete. I also can't complete the Fuck them Kids quest as I can't place the explosives.

    • What mods do you have installed?

    • {

      "order": [



      "Virtual's Custom Quest Loader",

















      "Gilded Key Storage",





      "y1305 items preview",











    • I think your issue is you have GK loading after the quest loader.

    • Here's my load order as an example

    • That didn't fix the cases not being in his store

  • Anyone else have an issue where the custom cases arent appearing after quest completion?

    • Modlist?

    • Goblin King, Punisher, Armands Graphics, Modular NVG, UNSC Equipment, and SamSwat custom music. As well as all needed supporting mods as well, oh and Better Spawns Plus as well.

    • Ignore that, sorry i just now saw the pinned comment, my apologies.

  • DzIYP6c

    I get this error when I downloaded the current version of GK (1.1.0)

    • You need to update the Punisher mod.

      Likely you're using the old version, and it's looking for necromancy rituals that aren't there. ;)

      Edit* make sure you delete the old punisher mod files before installing the new one. These folders Punisher Boss, Punisher Gear, and zzPunisherVoice.

    • My punisher mod is up to date. I even deleted it and reinstalled it and still getting the same error. The punisher mod itself is out of date and still showing as a 3.6.0 mod. Maybe that mod itself needs an update, otherwise I have no idea why I'm getting errors on the currently new GK update.

    • If you're using the latest of both mods, Punisher Gear shouldn't be calling for the .StolenNecroCode.

      This is a patch from the previous version of Goblin King. So the only way PunisherGear would be relying on that file is due you installing an old version of Goblin King. 1.1.0 doesn't have this patch, or the NecroCode function, since it's no longer needed.

    • So is GK 1.1.0 not the latest version? Because that's what I have downloaded?

    • Update - GK 1.1.0 is completely broken and breaks the punisher mod. 1.0.9 HF4 is the most current version that works.

  • Hey there! I've recently downloaded GK and the punisher but i'm running in some trouble adding the punisher to swag. https://imgur.com/IJX7HaB https://imgur.com/uj1MzBG

    • If you're using the newest version of swag you only need to enable it via the config

  • Any plans to make the trader more compatible with SPT Realism Mod's trader/barter changes? Having a lot of these great items available right off the bat—especially medical items like surgical kits to remove any incentive to buy them from Jaeger/Therapist feels a bit cheap to me; not to mention Goblin's IFAK. The prices for the cases are more than reasonable although I'd recommend putting some of them at higher loyalty levels. I want PAIN. AGONY, EVEN. I want to be LUCKY to see those stims up for sale. Yeah, maybe I'm just a masochist, lol.

    Loving the quests so far, by the way. ^^

    Edit: Didn't see the RebalanceItemsForMoreRealism in the config, gonna try enabling that to see how it looks. >_>"

    > This seems to have fixed the Goblin's IFAK. However, in the details for the item, the light/heavy bleed resource requirements are now more than the total resource pool of the item, which is 12/12; light and heavy bleeds are noted to require 10 and 75 HP respectively. Additionally, fractures don't require any resource consumption.

    • I can't provide full details or an ETA. But stay tuned my man.

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  • Can you help me?
    I collected all the stims, and now say "check the dorms"
    I run trough all the floors, but no use.
    What i have tot do?!?

  • on this last version did you removed the feature to buy the weapon's presets ? they don't show anymore on the trader ?( .

    • Not that I recall -

      External Content youtu.be
      Content embedded from external sources will not be displayed without your consent.
      Through the activation of external content, you agree that personal data may be transferred to third party platforms. We have provided more information on this in our privacy policy.

    • nvm , was something conflicting idk what i did but its now working again :D

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  • did the place to visit on customs change for when igor met sergei? because it seems wherever i go it just doesnt finish

    • It hasn't changed. Make sure the quest api is first in your load order - use the order.json to make this easier. As well verify that the QuestZoneApi.dll is in the BepInEx/plugins folder.

    • maybe im just doing this wrong, where exactly do i go?

    • all right yea i think i got to do the order thing, do i need to have all the mods names or can i just have the quest thing? and followup do i type them as in [insertmodnamehere] or ["insertmodnamehere"]

    • Here is mine as an example

  • After updating to the latest version of mods. Rogue Justice and GOBLIN KING 1.1.0 gives an error. Screenshot below.


  • I'm getting this error on the server startup when I installed the newest version.


    It's on a fresh 3.6.1 install and I installed all mods one at a time and ran the server each time. This is the last mod I've installed and I made sure to install the new Punisher right before. Ran it with just Punisher installed and everything was fine. Then added newest Goblin King and got that. Some dependency I'm missing or something?

    Thanks for all the updates by the way. This is for sure one of my favorite custom traders.

  • not good

    • skill issue.

    • ah yes. i sure would like to use some mods, oh wait i need 37 different mods i dont want to get one mod to work. way to go mr coder man

      ? 1
    • You need one mod. And thanks for confirming your issue is following basic instructions.

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  • hello, not a single link to the Rogue Justice: Punishing Tarkov mod (including on github) works. Where can I download it from?

  • So this will become a long Post. Sorry for that. First of all, i really love your Mod. Great Idea and the Items are awesome. But for the life of me i can't get your Quests to work. Killing Tagilla was the only one that worked for me. Now im stuck with "When Igor Met Sergei", the Customs Doorm Trigger is not working. And i also can't find Frank Castle on Factory (even when raising the Spawn Chance to the Moon).

    Just to make sure im not an Idiot.

    1. Installed Punisher Boss Mod

    2. Installed JustNuCore

    3. Installed Goblin King

    4. Used the No Wepons Patch from your Folder

    5. No Realism Mod installed so no extra Setting needed, right?

    Using A.K.I 3.6.1

    I sometimes find Tagilla on Factory so the Boss Trigger is working. Do you have any Ideas?



    Thanks Dude for your Support and your great Mod <3

    • 1. Installed Punisher Boss Mod

      2. Installed JustNuCore <--Don't need this. Goblin King has this function built in - and patches Punisher when you install it.

      3. Installed Goblin King

      4. Used the No Wepons Patch from your Folder

      5. No Realism Mod installed so no extra Setting needed, right? <-Correct.

      The likely issue is your load order. Make sure "aaaQuestAPI" is the first mod load order (use the order.json file to force this.) Also verify QuestZoneAPI.dll is in your BepInEx/plugins folder.

      With Punisher - If you're using any mods like SWAG+DONUTS or any thing messing with spawns, make sure you config them to include Punisher otherwise it's likely he wont spawn.

    • Thanks Dude for your quick response. I was able to fix the Quests by removing JustNuCore and reinstalling both Mods (Goblin+Punisher). But Frank didn't spawn. So i had to remove BetterSpawnsPlus (like you suggested in your last Part) to make Frank spawn. But now the Problem is, as soon as he spawns, my whole Game starts lagging/Freezing and is crashing and if you shoot, it's like a Video where you put the Speed to 200%, really weird. 40+ Mags are empty in less than one second (no Joke). Never had those issues before.

    • I'd make a video of that happening and share it with GrooveyxPenguin.

      Never seen that happen before but my guess is it would be something graphical or with the physics when he shows up.

    • Thanks Dude again. I removed Sains 2.0 also and The Punisher spawned without Lags and Errors and was happy to kick my ass multiple Times. So all working now.

  • Bloodhound kills with the rhino isnt tracking for me

    • ive killed prolly a total of at least 12 with each revolver and nothing has changes

    • Ill dig into this tomorrow.