ATLAS Clothes Port to latest aki 1.0.1

Due to JUSTNUCore, making clothes isnt too hard, so I decided to start porting these outdated clothes mods. All credit goes to ATLAS for creating the models and textures.


All credit for these clothes goes to ATLAS

Because of JUSTNUCore makign new clothes is simple enough for my bnasic skills to handle, so I decided to begin porting these outdates clothes mods that I thinka re still pretty cool. Of course I take no credit for their content, but I suppose it's there if you want it.

Hope you enjoy it, expect soem more uploads like this from me.

Also beacue I'm pretty sure no one else will do this so I might as well do it myself and share it for those who want it to.

Also also I couldn't get my hands on the files for the X99 because that version of the mod didn't exist for some reason.





  • my brother, please update to 3.2.4

  • Glad to see others are still porting these older mods, keep up the good work! :thumbup:

    With regards to the X99 suit, you can pull the Upper Body and Hands bundle files from this version if you can't find them in his original mods.

    • my goodness, what an idea - why haven't thought of that?

      Happy 1
  • Heck yeah more clothes mods

  • Es compatible con 3.5.0?

  • kush baran kush