Featured Item Info 3.1.6

Please be patient as people update their mods for 3.5.0
There is no value in asking modders to update their mods - they're most likely well aware and spamming mod comments with requests won't change anything.

Modders - we encourage you to report people that annoy you either through DMs or with repeated comments asking about updates - Staff will happily hand out warnings to offenders.

Massive QoL mod that shows all useful information in item descriptions (prices, barters, crafts and profit calculation, quests, hideout, armor stats, etc) and recolors all items based on MMO-like rarity with international support.

Full international support is here

Русский, English, Spanish, Korean, French, Chinese, German and Japanese are fully translated now, other languages just use their proper in-game item and traders names.

Pick your language in config.json or hide the announcement with HideLanguageAlert flag.

Check out my other single-player focused economy overhaul mod - Softcore

Compatible with Realism mod.


Rarity Recolor

This feature clears and changes background color on EVERY item in the game based on MMO style rarity tier-list with colors that make actual sense. Tiers are based on trader level you can purchase or barter the item. Barters are considered +1 rarity level. If item is unbuyable, calculates rarity based on item in-game per-slot value and uses thresholds set in tiers config. Banned on flea market items are given highest rarity - overpowered. The tier list:

  • Common (grey background, bought with level 1 traders OR under 10k per-slot value)
  • Rare (blue, level 2 trades for currency and level 1 barters OR under 20k)
  • Epic (purple, level 3 and level 2 barters OR under 30k)
  • Legendary (dim yellow, level 4 and level 3 barters OR under 40k)
  • Uber (bright yellow, level 4 barters only OR under 60k)
  • Extraordinary (bright green, super valuable items worth over 60k per slot)
  • Overpowered (bright red, banned on flea market)
  • Custom (dim red, not used by default).

Can add tier name to Prices Info module. Add custom item rarities in config.


Mark Valuable Items

Marks most valuable items by adding symbols ★ and ☆ to item names and inventory icons based on item per-slot value (configured by thresholds in config) when sold to traders OR fleamarket AVG price.


☆ - good item - item value per slot is more then 10k when sold to vendors, or more then 15k on flea market

★ - best item - item value per slot is more then 20k to vendors, or more then 30k on flea market

Use really high values in config if you want to disable certain type of highlights, eg flea ones.

Option to always mark banned on flea items as best with a ★.

Bullet Stats In Name

Adds bullet stats to bullet name (damage / armor penetration). Calculates total damage for buckshot rounds. VERY usefull in raid, because bullet name is shown when check magazine action is used.

5.45x39mm PP gs (44/36)

Description modules:


Prices Info

Basic module that adds prices information to item description, includes avarage flea price and best trader to sell to. Option to hide flea price and rarity tier display.

Flea price: 61703₽ | Ragman's valuation: 37386₽

Barter Info

Adds information about how you can buy the item from traders, their levels, price or resources (barter resources short names are used and total sum is based on AVG flea prices)

[T H I C C item case] Bought @ Therapist lv.4 < ★Defibrillator ×15 + ★LEDX ×15 + Ibuprofen ×15 + ★Toothpaste ×15 | Σ ≈ 12877545₽

New feature:

Recursive search in barters!

[HK 416A5 low profile gas block]

Bought @ Mechanic lv.2 < 2,912₽

Bought ∈ HK 416A5 @ Peacekeeper lv.4 < $978 ≈ 111,535₽

Production Info

If item can be crafted, adds information on resources and total crafting sum per item based on flea prices.

[9x19mm AP 6.3] Crafted ×150 @ Workbench lv.2 < ☆Hawk ×2 + ☆Pst ×400 | Σ per item ≈ 1686₽

Crafting Material Info

Shows if item is used in crafts along with other materials and profit delta based on flea prices only (this messes up calculation on some crafts that can be done insanely cheap using trader materials or items obtained from other crafts). This is a guideline for crafting profits, not a rule.

[SSD drive] Part ×1 > Secure Flash drive ×3 @ Intelligence Center lv.2 < … + ★GPX ×1 + ☆GPhone ×1 | Δ ≈ 16234₽

Barter Resource Info

Shows info if an item can be traded for something with traders along with other resources. Calculates total sum of all resourses (based on flea prices) and delta between buying the final item directly on flea or from trader. Positive delta = profit, negative = don't bother, buy it directly if you can.

[Ibuprofen painkillers] Traded ×15 @ Therapist lv.4 > T H I C C item case < … + ★Defibrillator ×15 + ★LEDX ×15 + ★Toothpaste ×15 | Δ ≈ -9777545₽

Quest Info

Adds information if the item needs to be handed in for a quest. Marks find in raid quest condition with a checkmark with an option to add this checkmark to an item name.

[CMS surgical kit] Found (✔) ×2 > Ambulance @ Jaeger

Hideout Info

Shows if item is needed for hideout construction.

[Secure Flash drive] Need ×3 > Intelligence Center lv.2

Armor Info

Adds armor stats for armor level (useful for Realism mod), effective durability calculation, material quality and per repair degradation.

[BNTI Zhuk-6a body armor] Armor class: 6 | Effective durability: 94 (Max: 75 x Ceramic: 1.3) | Repair degradation: 17% - 22%

Container Info

Adds slot efficiency calculation for rigs, backpacks and containers (number of internal slots / item size)

[WARTECH TV-110 plate carrier rig] Slot effeciency: ×1.92 (23/12)


Headset Info

Adds headset actual audio stats with pseudo compression boost calculation. In theory, more compression and lower ambient volume = better (BSG headset rarity tiering supports this theory), but it seems for me, in practice, it's not always the case in-game. Higher resonance means harsher sound and boost at filter frequency.

[Peltor ComTac 2 headset] Ambient Volume: -5dB | Compressor: Gain 10dB × Treshold -25dB ≈ ×2.5 Boost | Resonance & Filter: 2.47@245Hz | Distortion: 28%

Spawn Info

Shows pseudo spawn info based on BSG handbook data. Mildly useful, not representative to real spawns, can be safely disabled.

  • Version 3.1.6

    • Fix for weird max armor durability display with Realism
    • Bump for 3.5.2
  • Version 3.1.5


    • Try-catches for safety
    • Bump for 3.5.1
  • Version 3.1.4

    No features, other than proper Japanese translation by Midori

  • Version 3.1.3

    Hotfix for bugged armor in recent Realism update

  • Version 3.1.2

    • Fix for recursion calculation due to TS update
  • Version 3.1.1

    • Fixes for empty icon names in Japanese and Korean languages (they now use alt marks listed below)
    • New feature: configurable value marks (beware, not all Unicode characters supported!) and added alternative, more subtle icons for marking valuable items, instead of stars ★☆, uses circles ●○, enable it in config with MarkValueableItems.useAltValueMarks flag.
  • Version 3.1.0

    • New feature: option to add Item Value that uses plain BSG handbook/traders data to price module.
    • Proper USD/Euro calculation.
    • Major code refactor to TS standards, thanks to Terkoiz himself who blessed the code!
  • Version 3.0.3

    • German and Japanese translations, thx to Cold!
    • Fix for finding best trader that changed in 3.5.0 (e.g. fixes calculation for info items that Therapist no longer buys)
  • Version 3.0.2

    Stable release for 3.5.0

    • Dollar and Euro ratios updated to 0.13
    • Added quest names to 0.13 quest-only crafts and resources
    • Fallback value-based recolor is working better then expected, it stays as default and out of beta stage, but removed tier names from price string to differentiate.
    • Added configurable value thresholds for fallback recoloring, updated config description
    • Ammo boxes proper fallback rarity calculation
    • Restored default LEDX and Bitcoin custom recolorings
    • Added new custom only rarity (brown color)
    • Added default recoloring of secure containers (for my Softcore upcoming update)
  • Version 3.0.1

    • Updated for 3.5.0! Consider it to be an alpha, not properly tested.
    • RarityRecolor redone, since SPT AKI 3.5 removed clientitems file I used for determining unknown rarities, I added "experimetalValueBasedRecolor" option. It's a quickfix option that colors unbuyable and unknown items based on their slot value. Might actually be an even better feature then before...
    • 3.0.1 hotfix for Fence removal
  • Being new to SPT if I'm reading this thread correctly the folder odt-iteminfo-3.1.6 goes in my mods folder of SPT/user/mods/ODT-inteminfo-3.1.6

    Do i need to do anything else? I can't seem to get it working.

    • Are you using more than one mod? If so you also need to update your "order.json" file.

      For example I'm using this mod alongside SVM and my order.json file looks like this:

      "order": ["ODT-ItemInfo-3.1.6","ServerValueModifier"]

    • there is absolutely no need to update order.json for iteminfo.

  • Excellent, must have mod !

    I was just wondering if it is possible to show the total value of a gun (all pieces attached) in the vendor evaluation instead of the value of just the gun main piece. Then you could attach the gun rarity to its most valuable piece (or in my case, total gun item value) and it would give a better idea of the gun's worth . For example, the starting M4A1 Standard is worth 37 419 to mechanic (with Realism mod) but the shown mechanic evaluation is 10 302, witch is the price of the gun without any pieces attached (basically just the firing assembly piece and carcass that gives the gun his name).

    Thank you, this mod is a golden standard !

    • No, this will require dynamic recalculation, and this is not how this mod works (it modifies static language tables on launch).

  • Any way to change the colors to only look for sell value and banned flea market items?

  • essential mod, just think of it as bringing a shopping list, than making a softcopy or manually typing in-game note.

  • Would this work with 3.5.3 or were there significant changes made between 3.5.2 and 3.5.3 that would cause issues?

    • I don't have an opportunity to test it right now, but by the looks of the patch notes, it should work just fine.

    • Ive been running both this and softcore since 3.5.3 release both work fine and are must have mods for me now.

  • I'm very new to modding this wonderful game, in your zipped folder there is another folder and inside that one there is: config, src, .gitattributes, package.json, and a read me. I can't seem to figure out what goes where. I don't think the main folder you get once zipped goes in user/mods/.... or in BepInEx/plugins.... so where does it go good sir?

    • yes, main folder should go like this /user/mods/ODT-ItemInfo/package.json etc

  • Any chance we could get an indication for quest keys?

    • Good idea, will think about it, thanks!

  • what version of mod for spt-aki 3.2.3

    • Try 2.5.1

  • Love this addon, thank you!

    Just a little issue buzz me however. Could you do something regarding the weapons mods background colors that are turned red by the game? (receivers, gas tubes and maybe some other stuffs)

    • What mods specifically? I'm not seeing this behavior, red shows only for hardcoded BSG blacklist

      Are you using latest version?

    • Here are some weapons mods and weapons that doesn't have required mods that are red. And yes I have the latest version of SPT AKI and your addon.


    • Ah, this, that's not me. This is EFT way of telling that the weapon is partial and is not complete.

    • Yeah, I know, I was wondering if you could make it not red and keep displaying your color instead.

  • https://gyazo.com/61ad5792aa1dee17fa59b12e74d8ebc3

    Getting this error, is it game breaking or safe to ignore?

  • why the hell didn't i realised i needed this the whole time.

    Lovely work

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  • Hello, I translated this mod to Japanese

    I dont need credit, but if you want to check if im a japanese pls visit my twitter


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    • It already had Japanese translation done by Cold, was it not good enough?

    • I didn't know it was already supported and translated it with the old version.

      But I looked at Cold's translation, and I think he used a machine translation service.

      My translation is more native and natural!

    • Thank you so much then!

    • Released new version with you translations, thanks!

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  • I love this mod so much :D

    When I change the language to Japanese, some of the labels on the item icons are not displayed.

    When I double click on the icon to view the details, everything is fine, including the item name.

    This is very inconvenient, especially for ammo, as I cannot identify the name in the list of icons and have to open the details each time.

    • Published new 3.1.1 release that fixes that, thanks for bug report!

    • Thank you for your quick fix!

  • I dont know if this is just dumb in my part, but would it be possible to add tags to keys showing which map they are for? im simply terrible remembering key names and what map they were meant to be used, ofc this is just an idea, since im a noob but definitely not 100% needed

    • BetterKeys mod does exactly that!

    • oh must have missed this mod! thank you so much

    • BetterKeys also recolors keys based on map instead of value like ItemInfo (but check ItemInfo config file, it has instructions on how to enable BetterKeys recoloring if you prefer it).

  • I watched you code. It's 1000% more awesome nice refactor. animeokay

    • Praise Terkoiz in his infinite knowledge! :D

      Happy 1
  • update moment 8)

    • It's mostly "under the hood" update to make things easier in the future.

  • I don’t know why but I have many grey items that used to be different colors. Normal or do I need to reinstall?

    • Read changelogs, SPT 3.5 removed old coloring file I used for determining rarities , now a different algorithm is used.

    • Sorry I missed that!

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  • So, Would it be possible to make it enlarge the info panels automatically? So you don't have to scroll wheel or manually enlarge the panel?

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    • This would require client side modification I'm not capable of doing.

      Even this mod in itself is a miracle, I'm NOT a programmer like at all.

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    • Me either lol, your mod is great, Thank you.

  • can u make it compatible with 3,5 ?

    • Compatible as of monday

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  • Hey man -

    Got this when launching the SPT server.

    Looks like you forgot to declare fence in \ODT-ItemInfo-3.0.0\src\mod.js after Skier on line 32

    • Download the hotfix. Sorry bout that.

    • No worries, it was simple to fix on my end. Thanks for resolving it so quickly, great mod!

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  • For some reason PPBS Igolnik ammo is shown as grey since the update from 2.3.1 to 2.5.1.

    In the description it now says Common, on 2.3.1 it was marked as Overpowered with red background.

    • It shows red for me. Any traders mods, or blacklist removal ones? Have you updated the config for 2.5.1?

    • I have a tradermod, GoblinKing, loading before this mod, and SVM unblocking blacklisted items after this. For v2.3.1 it shows red, when using 2.5.1 it shows grey background.
      I'm not sure what you mean with updating the config, I deleted the ItemInfo 2.3.1 folder and placed the 2.5.1 folder from here into mods.

    • Could not replicate it even with Goblin and all SVM options on.

      What it shows in description? Maybe, somehow, it became part of the preset Goblin sells and II thinks its buyable at level 1?

    • Thanks for helping me resolve this, found the culprit. It was the CAR mod:

      It had an Igolnik in the chamber.

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  • Completely remove my current 2.2.0 version and install 2.5.0 version, but I'm getting this error

    • Uploaded a 2.5.1 hotfix, try it

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    • It works. Appreciate the hotfix!

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  • Is there a way to make it not color just keys. I like the map based colors for keys from Better Keys, but like the item value color on items from this mod.

    • hm. I'll make a bit later an option to ignore configurable baseclasses.

    • Awesome, thank you.

    • new release with this feature published!

  • hey im semi new to computers so i was wondering how do i install the mod i downloaded it and extracted the zip but idk if im supposed to put it in a certain file orr what so if you could help that would be amazing.

    • Install it like this, in .\sptarkov\user\mods folder (just make sure you put the mod where your SP Tarkov installed):


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    • thank you for the help that worked but i have 2 more questions 1. do i do the same for other mods and 2. whats the the difference between the filled in stars and the hollow stars on valuable items

    • Yeah, other mods should be put in \user\mods folder too, unless it is a client type mod, which have .dll file in it, then it should go in .\sptarkov\BepInEx\plugins folder, just put the .dll file in there if you see one in the mod.

      Stars are explained in mod description:

      Mark Valuable Items

      Marks most valuable items by adding symbols ★ and ☆ to item names and inventory icons based on item per-slot value (configured by thresholds in config) when sold to traders OR fleamarket AVG price.


      ☆ - good item - item value per slot is more then 10k when sold to vendors, or more then 15k on flea market

      ★ - best item - item value per slot is more then 20k to vendors, or more then 30k on flea market

      Use really high values in config if you want to disable certain type of highlights, eg flea ones.

      Option to always mark banned on flea items as best with a ★.

    • okay again thank you for the help

  • Where I must install or put the files?

  • Really awesome! Wish it would be in the attributes though instead of the description like in Faupi-MunitionsExpert.

    • This will make it ugly, frustrating, chaotic, and absolutely, 100% unusable.

  • Awsome mod ! Especially needed for SPT Realism mod users ... would it be possible to create a config to use trader sold price classification for colors (kinda like internalerror_'s Color Coded Prices) ? That would make this mod universal ! I rather have rarity tied to trader price then trader tier ...

    Keep up the good work !

    • Not going to make a separate release for this, but you can easily customize it yourself by changing if conditions in mod.ts at if (config.RarityRecolor.enabled) block. Eg - change

      else if (itemRarity == 1) {
                              tier = i18n.COMMON
                              item._props.BackgroundColor = tiers.COMMON
                          } else if (itemRarity == 2) {
                              tier = i18n.RARE
                              item._props.BackgroundColor = tiers.RARE


      else if (traderPrice <= 10000) {
                              tier = i18n.COMMON
                              item._props.BackgroundColor = tiers.COMMON
                          } else if (traderPrice <= 20000) {
                              tier = i18n.RARE
                              item._props.BackgroundColor = tiers.RARE

      etc, and remove other unnecessary checks like

      else if (itemRarityFallback.includes("Common"))

      on the last tier make more-than

      traderPrice >= 100000

      if condition, or whatever threshold you would like

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  • Plzz make a russian language

    • Переключи язык в конфиге :)

    • I had an old version of the mod, thanks.

  • please tell me its working on 3.5.0 , client version

    • I don't have 3.5.0 set up, also mods are disabled for alpha builds

  • Sirve para 3.5.0?

  • Great mod

    I'm leaving a review to recognize the quality and awesomeness of this mod! I hope you continue to update it as Tarkov gets updates! This mod has helped me a lot as a newer player! :):thumbup:

  • Saved my life

    This mod saved me from being mauled by a BEAR

  • Best item value mod

    I downloaded this mod after trying to learn items myself then testing a few others. This mod takes everything I could want and more. 11/10 highly recommend

  • When you're too lazy to think about those funny economics


    i just love it, its a must have for me