Now PMC bots will have EOD account color & icon.


Self explanatory, really.
Should work with all bot mods.

  • Does this mod still work? or does it need to be updated

    • outdated, and a similar feature is already in vanilla SPT

  • Asked in the discord and was told that it is a feature in 3.5.x but its not all PMC bots just SOME. Any chance we will see an update so that we can get the EoD for ALL PMC bots??

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  • love this idea any update to 3.5 planned?

    • its already a feature in 3.5, no need to update it

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    • How would I go about enabling this feature? O.o

    • enabled by default

    • 3.5 here and not enabled by default, weird

    • Same here it's not enabled.

  • Very simple, but very nice. Thank you.

  • mod is great, but some pmc have 2 name like : roger miller, is there a way to get the same thing as live (1 name only) ?

  • можно вопрос как установить его

  • Self explanatory? I have no idea what this "Now PMC bots will have EOD account color & icon." means. Would you mind explaining? Thanks in advance

    • you know how when you get killed by EOD player on live they have that fancy yellow name? yeah, that

      now you will never have to wonder if some random russian name was a bear or a scav

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    • Explain to me like i'm five.. what you mean EOD player?

    • ^ almost baited me to make a giant essay with pictures to explain.

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    • I think he means Edge Of Darkness player, i think players who own that version, have that fancy yellow crown and colour

    • correct

  • Wonder where you got this idea...

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    • in my sleep :)

    • Makes sense. I didn't know I had the power to contribute to your dreams.

      All jokes aside. Nice work man. Keep it up.